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Fittleworth C. E. Village School


School Travel Plan




Fittleworth CE Village School is situated at the heart of FittleworthVillagein rural West Sussex.  Currently with a NOR of between 115– 125 we rely heavily on children from out of the school’s official catchment area in order to sustain our school at a level that is most beneficial to all of our learners.  In September 2017 approximately 55% of children travelled in from surrounding areas.  This area does not benefit from an efficient public transport system and children from out of our catchment area are not eligible for assistance with their travel except for in very specific circumstances. Our teaching staff all travel to school by car, but when there schedules allow they car share.

For the reason outlined above, the creation of an effective travel plan is a real challenge, but working on the principal that every little helps, we aim to promote and encourage safe, sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly options for all school users.


Travel Plan Working Party

 Graham Bloomfield      Head Teacher

Kathy Allum                Eco Representative

Eco School Council       2 pupils from each year group –

Liz Nicholson              Governor

Linda Ball                   SBM

Pupils                         School Council members


The Aims of our School Travel Plan


  1. To reduce the number of cars used for the school journey.
  2. To promote safe sustainable journeys.
  3. To increase the numbers of children walking to and from school.
  4. To make cycling an optional mode of transport for pupils in year 6.
  5. To raise the awareness of health and the environment.


How we encourage sustainable Travel


National Walk to School Week

The Walk to School campaign helps to raise awareness of environmental and health issues that affect us all. The Walk to School event is about creating a positive message to encourage families to make green travel choices more often, both for school and leisure journeys. The following are just some of the reasons why walking and other forms of sustainable travel can be good for you.


  • Research undertaken byEssexUniversityhas shown that children who walk to school are often brighter and more alert.
  • A 15-minute walk or cycle to and from school will provide your child with half of the recommended daily exercise intake.
  • Children who go to school in the car are exposed to more pollution than those who walk.
  • Children who walk to school with their parents at a young age are more likely to develop road safety skills more quickly.
  • Recent research indicates that children who walk and cycle to school are also more active generally so promoting active travel creates a real life benefit.


We take part in the May National Walk to School week and this year for the first time we will also be taking part in the International Walk to School Week in October. 

For the National Walk to School week we organise a Park and Stride Scheme every morning from St Mary’s Church Fittleworth, with a designated safe route to school.  By using St Mary’s and the safe parking that is available, it enables families who have to travel by car to take part.  It also helps to ease the congestion at the school gates.  It is an event that is always an enjoyable social occasion as well as being a very healthy way to start the day!

 School Trips and Residential School Visits

 We have an Educational Visits Co-ordinator and sustainable journeys are a key consideration when booking school visits. We hire coaches wherever possible to reduce the number of vehicle movements. For smaller groups when coach hire is not a viable option we ask parents to transport children but we ensure that each car has the maximum number of children that they are allowed to safely transport. We use public transport wherever possible, for example when Beech Class visited London they travelled by train and took a boat trip on theThames.

For local visits to the church or the common we always walk.  



















 Safety and Security


We work closely with our local PSCO and our neighbours at the Village Hall to raise awareness about issues of road safety and safe parking.  We ask that for the safety of our children all parents’ cars are parked outside the school gates.  There is no pedestrian access through the staff car park. We ask parents and visitors to use the main pedestrian entrance. By kind permission of Fittleworth Village Hall we are able to use their car park and ask that our parents and visitors are courteous in their parking.  There is additional parking available to the rear of the hall. Further, we encourage as many parents as possible to either walk their children to school or to park away from the immediate school vicinity and walk. This not only eases congestion but is also a healthy lifestyle choice.  We use our Prospectus to help us deliver this message to our new families. We also use our newsletters and our texting service to help us promote safety or alert our families to any problems there may be. 


When visiting locally we endeavour to walk whenever possible, for example to St Mary’s Church or if we have a group attending aForestSchoolsession.  These opportunities allow us to demonstrate to the children vital road safety skills.    




Every year the Road Safety team from West Sussex County Council run the Bikeability training course for our Year 6 pupils.  The training runs over 5 days and comprises level 1 and 2.  The training is designed to give the next generation of children the skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on today’s busy roads.

To get their Bikeability award, children are instructed on how to ride their bikes to the Government approved National Standard for Cycle Training, which sets out the training and skills that are essential for making safer cycling trips.

Level 1 – This is covered in a traffic free environment (front school playground).  When they have completed level 1 children taking part will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding that is required to make a safe road journey.

Level 2 – This is covered on quiet roads but with real traffic conditions.  By completing Level 2 your child will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding needed to be able to make a trip safely to school on quiet roads.


 Monitoring and Review


We will monitor and review our Travel Plan annually in the following ways: 

We will repeat our surveys annually

We will continue to take part in Walk to School events.

We will embrace new initiatives that might support this process.



Reviewed 2017