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Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Oak Class

Welcome. The Teachers in Oak Class are:



         Mrs Westbrook           and                      Mrs Abell


The Teaching Assistants in Oak Class are :-


             Mrs Reynolds         and                     Mrs Tudgay


Autumn Term 2018

 We are always busy learning & having fun in Oak Class. We have been settling in well this term, learning more about Ourselves. Over the next few weeks we will going back in time & finding out about the Great Fire of London as well as learning about fire safety in our own homes.

Click here to find out what an average week in our class looks like! 

Autumn Term 2018 'Time Travellers'

w/b 10/12/18

Christmas is well underway in our class. The decorations are up & we are gearing up to the end of term. DATES TO REMEMBER: Tomorrow, Thursday, is the school Christmas lunch. The children are all very excited about this! Fridays is non-uniform day with Christmas jumpers! Next Tuesday is our Christmas Party. Please remember a bag of party clothes for the children to change into after lunch. Wednesday is the last day of term with a visit from Father Christmas! All the Christmas cards will be handed out on this day so don't forget to get yours in the postbox before then. 

Topic / Literacy / Maths: Following on from our Autumn Topic, we have been reading the story of 'Pumpkin Soup' written by Helen Cooper. We have been thinking about the ingredients the characters used to make the soup as well as how they made the soup. We have started to write our own set of instructions ready for Friday afternoon when we will be cooking our very own pumpkin soup! Let's hope it's as tasty as the soup in the story!

Spellings & Reading over the holidays: I appreciate how busy everyone will be this festive period so there is no expectation for spellings or reading to be done formally. BUT please encourage your children to keep reading books from home, books about Christmas, any new books they may receive as presents... I know I will be away from home this Christmas time so as a mummy I know I will forget to write in the reading diary! But I will be packing books for us to enjoy together as a family. I do love a good snuggle under the duvet with a book at bedtime! 

That's all for now... Mrs W :) 


w/b 26/11/18

Can you believe it's the last week of November & on Saturday, we will be opening the first door on our advent calendars! Where does that time go? I hope all the Christmas shopping is well underway, parents...!

Literacy: The children have loved learning about hedgehogs this week! Our factfiles are almost finished & I have to say, I have been so impressed with how everyone's writing has improved this half term. It hasn't been easy learning how to write our letters in the precursive style but all the children have risen to the challenge & shown just what they are capable of. Not to mention the sentences, the information about hedgehogs & the interesting facts that have been written. We will be sure to share these incredible pieces of work with you all as soon as they are finished. 

Maths: This week has all been about time! We have been looking closely at the clocks in our classroom, asking 'How do we know what the time is?' We have discussed the 'hands' & where they point to. We now know that, 'If it is o'clock, the hand points to the top!' When it is half past, the hand moves half way around the clock. Ask your child to tell you what the time is at home. Use this game to help reinforce telling the time, or check out Purple Mash for some fun ways of learning how to tell the time. 

Spellings: To help the children learn more about time, the spellings this week are linked. Year 1 have the Days of the Week to practise as well as a few Common Exception Words for Year 1. The Year 2s have the Months of the Year split across two weeks. Please practise as many of these as you can at home, as well as some of the other key words linked to telling the time. This will be really beneficial for your children when they come to their maths lessons. Listen to this song to help you to remember the order of the months. 

Christmas Performances! Please check the newsletters, text messages & book bags for all the information about our Christmas Performance this year. We would not want you to miss out! It;s going to be such a great show this year, everyone has been working so hard!

That's all for this week. Stay warm & dry! Mrs W :)


w/b 19/11/18

This week, we have started to rehearse in the village hall for the Christmas Play. Such fun to be on the stage at long last! The children have been brilliant at projecting their voices, singing loudly & dancing their way around the stage. Keep up learning those words at home!

Literacy: The children have been researching hedgehogs this week & have started to put their interesting facts under sub-headings. The first drafts in their literacy books are looking good & now the children are re-reading their work, making corrections & improvements where necessary. Next week, we hope to begin our final draft onto posters. They are going to look fabulous with big, bold headings & beautifully labelled pictures. Click here to watch a video all about how you can help hedgehogs in your gardens. 

Phonics: There were so many different ways of spelling the 'igh' sounds last week, that we have been carrying on with our sound investigation this week. As well as this, we have been practising our spellings every morning with our handwriting. Click here to watch this useful video showing how we write our letters in the cursive style. 

Maths: Year 2 have been investigating other fractions this week including thirds & three quarters. Year 1 have been practising counting in 2s, 5s & 10s from different starting numbers. Ask your children to start at a number between 0-10, see if they can count in 2s, 5s & 10s. It's not as easy as you might think! Click on this link to find out more about fractions & test your knowledge with some cool games. 

Science: Year 1 went on an Autumn walk on Monday. We saw so many beautiful signs of Autumn which inspired us to write a list in our science books. Year 2 have been thinking much more about how we can help to protect the environment. We know that there is a problem with too much plastic in the oceans which led us to think about what we can do to make a difference. The children all designed a poster to remind everyone to put their rubbish in the bins & recycle what we can! Lets hope this helps remind us all to clean up our local environment. This is a useful video all about recycling & why it is so important. 

Until next week....Mrs W :)

w/b 12/11/18

Literacy: It was a short week this week after the Inset day on Monday. Jill Atkins really inspired us last week when she shared her own book with us. It has been written like a diary entry by a little boy who witnessed the Great Fire. The children have worked extra hard, writing up their Great Fire of London diaries and they look great! There were some really lovely sentences, describing what the fire would have looked like, and what it would have been like to have lived through it. 

Phonics: We have been learning the 'igh' sound but spelt in lots of unusual ways. Ask your children to tell you which words they can remember... 

Maths: We have been finding a quarter & a half of shapes and amounts this week. The children were excellent at sharing objects into two equal groups when finding a half, and into four equal groups when finding  a quarter. 

Christmas! The Christmas Play is well under way & the children have done such a fantastic job at practising their words! Please check the Christmas Dates letter for when the different performances are taking place. This will be a show you will NOT want to miss!

NEXT WEEK! We will be starting our 'mini topic' all about animals that hibernate, in particular hedgehogs. We have been finding out about Autumn this term, watching to see which signs of autumn we can spot out of the window. The children have been so interested to find out more about why animals hibernate & we have been reading so many lovely books about hedgehogs. Ask your children to share some of their interesting facts with you at home this week. I look forward to writing our fact files next week..

That's all for now.... Mrs W :)


w/b 5/11/18

This week started well with our Big Buddy Workout! The children all took part & Mr Ruff even mentioned how enthusiastic & brilliantly behaved they all were. Good job Oak Class! Parents, keep collecting the sponsership money ready to bring into school before the deadline next Tuesday. 

Literacy: We have continued writing up our Great fire of London diaries this week. there have been some super sentences from the children. Next week we will write them up 'in best' ready to stick into our topic books. 

Phonics: This week has been all about the /ee/ family. Did you know we have found 7 different ways of spelling the /ee/ sound? Watch this video to find out more from Mr Thorne. 

Reading: We have read the next part of our e-book called 'The Messy Magpie'. Morris the magpie has been feeling guilty this week as he realises that his 'treasures' are actually pieces of rubbish. His actions have had consequences so he now has to put things right. The children have been predicting what they think will happen next in the story. What do we do when we know we have upset other people & we want to put things right again?

Maths: This week we have been learning all about sharing. Year 2s know that the formal name for this is division & they have been using the division symbol to write number sentences. We have been sharing everything from apples to cubes into groups of 2, 5 & 10. next week we will start t relate this to fractions & look at how to correctly write fractions. 

Christmas Play! Rehearsals for the Christmas play are well underway! The songs are staring to get stuck into our heads as we hum our way through the day. Please can I encourage your children to prioritise learning their lines in the next couple of weeks? Year 2s have speaking parts & the Year 1s must learn the song words. It's all good reading practise too!

FRIDAY! We have a visit from an author this week, Jill Atkins. She has had many books published & has even written a Great Fire on London story. She will be sharing this book with us this week & hopefully this will inspire us to finish our own diaries. 

INSET DAY: Monday 12th November. We will see you all back on Tuesday.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs W :)


w/b 29/10/18

Hope you have all had a lovely half term break. I spent the week with my family in Weymouth enjoying the sunshine on the beach & lots of lovely days out together. I feel well rested & ready for another busy half term!

Topic: We are finding out about what happened after the Great Fire of London. We have been re-designing the city of London, thinking about how we could make our buildings safer & our streets cleaner than they once were. 

Phonics: This week, we have been looking at the /a/ family, the long vowel sound, & all the alternative spellings for that sound. We have been focusing on -ay, -ai & the split vowel digraph a_e. Ask your children to give you some examples of different words containing each of these sounds. 

Literacy: We have been imagining what it might have been like to have seen the great fire of London our of our bedroom windows! We have begun to write our very own diary entries, like Samuel Pepys. We used our senses & have written sentences to describe what we could see, hear, smell & touch. 

Maths: We have been going times tables crazy in Oak Class this week! Year 1 can now count in steps of 2s, 5s & 10s. They have been counting pictures of objects & using the equipment in class to show their understanding of equal groups. Year 2 have been using the multiplication symbol to write their times tables more formally, thinking about how they can represent them using the equipment & using pictures. Ask your children to tell you what we know about 'arrays'...

Reading: We have been using an e-book this week called The Messy Magpie. It is a rhyming story that is teaching us more about recycling & the environment. 

NEXT WEEK! Keep an eye out for a sponsership form in your child's bookbag this week. As a school, we are supporting the NSPCC & all the good work they do to keep children safe. We will be taking part in Buddy's Big Workout on Monday 5th November. As part of the children's PE lesson on Monday, Mr Ruff will be getting the children moving with a range of different activities including fitness workouts & dance routines! Please sponser your child & encourage any other family members to sponser them too. We hope to raise as much as we can as a school & we really appreciate your support. 

Have a lovely week! Mrs W :)


w/b 8/10/18

Topic: This week, we have been using all that we know about The Great Fire of London to do some 'fire writing'. The children have been busy collecting adjectives to describe what we can see, smell, touch & see when we are thinking about fire. Check out our display in the Shared Area to read all our lovely writing. 

Phonics: This week we have been learning about the split vowel digraphs. a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e. See how many you can find this week in your reading books. 

Literacy: Our Gingerbread Man stories have been coming along nicely this week... the children have written a clear plan as to what they want to happen at the end of their stories & have been busy writing the full edits. I have been blown away with the quality of their writing, the original ideas & the effort that has gone into writing up the stories. 

Maths: Money, money, money! We have been reading, 'The Pet Sale' by Mick Inkpen to help us learn more about money this week. The little boy in the story wanted to buy all the animals in the pet shop & just about had enough money. Ask your children to show you different ways of making 10p or 20p. We have found so many in class! 

Reading: Please keep reading at home with your children. Thank you to all the parents who have spoken to me about helping with reading, please chat to Mrs Wilmshurst or Mrs Ball in the office first so we can sign you up as an official helper! 

NEXT WEEK: Monday we have a very special visit from The Rainbow Theatre. We have asked that the children come to school dressed up in their costumes & they can stay in these clothes all day. 

OUR CLASS ASSEMBLY! Wednesday 17th October 9am. You are all welcome to see what we have been learning this half term. The children are excited to share all their lovely work with you. 

Think that's everything for now. Enjoy the sunshine! Mrs W :)


w/b 24/9/18

Phonics: We have been learning 'aw', 'ir', 'ue' & 'wh' this week. Every day, we practise 'air writing' the sound using our finger pencils, then we read some words that have this sound in them. Finally, the children enjoy watching the Alphablocks, or Mr Thorne with Geradine the Giraffe, use this sound in a fun video. I have been so impressed with how well the children have remembered all our sounds to now. It is starting to show in their writing too!

Topic: This week, we looked more closely at like in the 17th century. The children found it fascinating that there would not have been a fire brigade in the same way as we now know the fire service! This started a discussion about our fire service & the children have so many questions, we thought who better to ask than the real THIS THURSDAY, we will be welcoming a real fire officer to our school. Let's hope they can answer our 'burning' questions....!! 

We also found out this week that The Great Fire of London started in a bakery. The ovens would have had a real flame inside them which wasn't put out properly. This reminded us of a traditional tale all about someone who didn't want to be baked...

Literacy: We have been going Gingerbread Man crazy this week, shouting, "Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!" The children have used adjectives to describe the Gingerbread Man, capital letters when writing the names of the characters & at the beginning of their sentences, if that wasn't enough to remember... full stops at the end of their sentences! Phew, good job Oak Class! I'm super impressed! All this will help us to plan & write our very own endings to this traditional tale. How else could this story end? Does the Gingerbread Man have to be eaten by the fox? Watch out next week, we may bake our own little gingerbread people. Let's hope they don't escape from the school oven! 

Maths: This week sees the introduction of our unit on addition & subtraction. Year 1s are investigating pairs of numbers that add together to make 10. Year 2s will be investigating number bonds to 20. The children are becoming more confident using the classroom equipment including Base 10, Numicon, number lines, multi-link & many many other small manipulatives. All these resources help the children to 'play' with numbers by representing them in many different ways. 

NEXT WEEK... Thank you to all those parents who have kindly donated cereal packets. We will be using those to help build our Tudor houses, ready for our Great fire of London display. Photos to follow! Letters should be out soon with the details of our WOW day...The Rainbow Theatre will be joining us for the day in a few weeks time to help us to fully immerse ourselves in what life would have been like in 1666. There will be an interactive performance where the children will be encouraged to join in with the acting, as well as workshops where we will all be learning so much more about the Great Fire. Dressing up is optional but it would make the whole experience that much more exciting if your child could come to school in costume!

Can I please encourage all parents to sign up for parents consultation meetings next Wednesday, from 1:20pm to 6pm. There are still a few appointment slots available so do not hesitate to grab me on the playground or speak to the lovely ladies in the office. These times are so important for us to chat through how your child has settled in this term. 

That's it for now... Mrs W xxx


w/b 17/9/18

It has been another busy week in Oak Class & we have all been working so hard... 

Phonics: We have started our daily phonics lessons this week. Every day we have been learning a new sound that will help us with our reading & spelling. We have practised joining our letters to make new sounds, in particular the double vowel sounds 'ai', 'ie', 'oy', 'ou' & 'ea'. We have been reading detectives & searching for these sounds in our reading books. 

Click Phonics Hangman to choose a sound.

Reading: We have been reading the story, 'This is the Bear' together in our reading groups. Y1s have been thinking about who the main characters are & labelling pictures of them in their Reading Response books. Y2s have been finding pairs of rhyming words. Ask your children to tell you what they enjoyed about the story. 

Click here to listen to the story. 

Literacy: We read Handa's Surprise last week & used it to discuss healthy food (linked to science) This week we described the fruits using adjectives & wrote captions for our favourite parts of the story. Ask your children which animal they liked best!

Try this matching pairs game using the fruits from Handa's Surprise. 

Maths: This week, Y1s have been writing their numbers in words, representing numbers to 20 using lots of different equipment & playing maths games. Y2s have been looking at 2 digit numbers to 100 & partitioning into tens & ones. They used Base 10 ('sticks & bricks') to help them to clearly see the tens & ones in each number. 

Y2 might like to try this Place Value machine game to check their place value knowledge. 

Y1 might enjoy this game to match the number to their spellings. 

Topic: We started learning about the City of London, what it looks like now compared to what it looked like 350 years ago when the Great Fire of London happened. The children quickly saw how the houses used to be so closely built together, not leaving a lot of space to walk down the cobbled streets. The houses were not built using bricks but instead many houses were built using wood. What do these two differences alone tell us about why the Great Fire spread so quickly? 

The video & short game is a fun way to experience The Great Fire of London

Spellings: A reminder that the spelling activity books went home this week so that parents can better support their children with spellings. There is no pressure to do anything with these books but I have been encouraging the children to 'have-a-go' at home. Please keep these books in the bookbags so that I can take them home with me over the weekend to stick in next week's spelling pattern. 

Next week, we will be designing our very own Tudor houses to link with our topic. Please could parents start collecting SMALL cereal packets for us to use & then we can start building as soon as possible! 

That's it for this week! Have a lovely weekend... :) 

w/b 10/9/18

This week we have been learning about ourselves. In science, Year 1 have been labelling our body parts & thinking about what we can do with our bodies. Year 2 discussed animals & their babies, then wrote about how animals change as they grow. 

Maths: We have been thinking about numbers this week & all the different ways we can represent them. We had all the equipment out on the tables & explored different ways of making numbers. 

Literacy: We have drawn a picture of our families & labelled them. We have been concentrating on using capital letters & full stops. We have also been learning how to join our handwriting using a cursive style. 

This week, the reading books have been changed twice a week for every child. Your child will be given either one or two books to read each time but please remember to be reading a range of books with your child at home. Visit the local library or use books from home. Remember to sign the reading diaries every time your child reads so that, in school, we know we need to change the books. 

Parents meeting THIS FRIDAY after school for about 15 minutes. I will be properly introducing myself & my expectations for Oak Class this year as well as answering any questions you may have! For any parents who cannot make this meeting, I will print my notes for you & pop them in your child's bookbag. I can also try to catch you another time next week if you would prefer. 

NEXT WEEK:  Our Topic this Term is The Great Fire of London. We will introduce this great event next week by looking at what London was like 400 years ago. Please ask your children what they have found out. I will be sending home spelling activity books next week in the bookbags. Each week, I will introduce a new spelling pattern with a few suggested words for your child to practise. Even though it is not compulsory to complete any homework in Key Stage 1, I would urge you to encourage your child to engage with their home learning to enable them to better access what is being taught in the class. This will be further explained at the parents meeting this Friday. 

Until next week... Mrs W :) 

w/b 3/9/18 

WELCOME BACK! I hope you have all had a lovely summer break with lots of pyjama days, maybe some fun in the sun & plenty of rest. I can't wait to hear all about your holidays...!

This term, we will start by learning all about ourselves. We will be finding out how to keep our bodies healthy with the food we eat & the exercise we do. We will be learning about pets & how to look after them. We will explore our senses & compare humans to animals. 

The autumn days are beginning to set in now. As soon as the trees start to change colour, we will be exploring our outdoor areas, collecting autumn leaves, acorns, pine cones ... & anything else we can find for our autumn display window. 

After the first few weeks back, we will be using autumn colours to create our own fire pictures. We are hoping to have a visit from the local fire service to talk to us about fire safety. This will lead us nicely into our topic, 'The Great Fire of London'. 

Over the next two weeks, we will be doing lots of reading. The reading diaries will be coming home in book bags this week so you can all get busy reading every day! 

IMPORTANT DATE FOR YOUR DIARY! Parent meeting 'Meet the Teacher' Friday 14th September, after school. Please can I encourage all parents to attend this meeting. I will be outlining the expectations for Oak Class for this year, I will explain reading & guided reading, we will discuss home learning & extra activities that could be done to support your child at home. There will be time for questions & any queries you may have. Tea & coffee will be provided for a relaxed, informal meeting! I look forward to seeing you all there. 

Mrs W :)