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Oak Class

Oak Class 

"From little acorns, mighty oaks grow."


Spring Term 2021

Home learning Weekly Timetable






Zoom Catch up - 1:15pm 

(DoJo for details)

Alternative 'a' 

Cheeky Chimps

Spellings / Handwriting 

Labelling a bike

Y1: Taking away

Y2: RECAP crossing tens

Topic: History of bikes 

Art: Sketch your own bike & bike ride


Alternative 'y'

Acorn Adventures

Bike safety cloze activity

 Y1: Counting back

Y2: Subtract a 1 digit from a 2 digit

Science: Inventors - Macintosh 



Alternative 'ch' 

Cheeky Chimps

Bike safety brochure

 Y1: Counting back

Y2: Subtract a 2 digit from a 2 digit 

RE: The Good Samaritan 

Music: Talking about music and songs


Alternative 'ou'

Acorn Adventures

Book talk - Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Y1: Finding the difference 

Y2: Subtract 2 digit from 2 digit


ICT: Purple Mash computing skills


Phase 5 tricky words

Cosmic Yoga

Creative writing - What is Ivy's Show & Tell? 

Problem solving - 8 facts 

PSHCE: Friends 

Week 2 - BIKE WEEK! 

Mrs Armitage on Wheels story - read on YouTube

Power Point - Summary of Mrs Armitage on Wheels story 

Phonics Play login - Username: jan21 Password: home 

Handwriting resources - Curly Caterpillar letters 


Thursday 21st January 2021

Good morning everyone! What a wet and soggy day it was yesterday! I hope you managed to stay dry and warm... or did you put your raincoats & wellies on and jump in puddles? I managed to get very wet socks by the end of the day as I discovered by boots have a split in the soles! Oh dear... I must remember my welllies next time I leave my house!


Phonics: Today we are looking at the alternative 'ou' sound like in 'young'. It can make so many different sound this spelling so have a go at Acorn Adventures today to sort the words into the different groups. 

YouTube - Alternative 'ou' 

Acorn Adventures - 'ou' 

Book Talk: On Thursdays we do our Book Talk and today we are reading Mrs Armitage on Wheels. Remember the link to the story is just above the date this week so you can watch it or look at the pictures on the Power Point to help you find the answers to today's questions. 

Mrs Armitage on Wheels question sheet 

Maths: Well done to everyone for not giving up with this week's maths. Today I have chosen something slightly different and perhaps a little easier to help us recap what we already know.

Year 1 you are finding the related facts when given a calculation. So if I had 10 + 4 = 14....I could also write it as 4 + 10 = 14 or I could write it using subtraction.... 14 - 10 = 4   or   14 - 4 = 10. Always check your answers today to make sure you have written the calculations correctly. 

Year 1 video

Year 1 worksheet


Year 2 you are using your number bonds to 100 today. Look carefully at the pictures on your worksheet and make sure you understand what you are being asked to do before you give it a go. 

Year 2 video

Year 2 worksheet


PE: I have a gymnastics activity for you today taken from the Youth Sports Trust website. They have kindly put together some free resources for parents to use whilst home schooling. Take a look at this activity card today and let me know how you get on! 

Sequence Champions activity card

ICT: Today we are going to do some coding! We haven't done this for such a long time and I know it's something that is always very popular with the children when we get the laptops out in school. Log in to your Purple Mash and click on the bell at the top of your page which is your 'notifications'. You will see that I have set you some tasks, one being the Coding task for today using vehicles. You're task today is to learn how to make the cars move along the road at different speeds. There is a helpful video as well as instructions to follow - enjoy! 

Purple Mash

FYI- Parents, if your child particularly enjoys coding, we often use the website to teach coding through Minecraft! I know lots of the children have really enjoyed this in the past so it's an excellent, free resource which will keep them busy for hours! 

Hour of Code - Minecraft


That's all for today. I hope you have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning later on. Don't forget to check out our end of the day story at 2:30pm. 

Mrs W :) 




Wednesday 20th January 2021

Thank you for all your wonderful pictures, videos and messages about your science investigations yesterday. You all did such a fantastic job at finding out which material was waterproof. 

Today we have been kindly sent an assembly from Father David. Click on the link below...

Father David's assembly on generosity

Phonics: Today we are learning another sound that the letter 'y' can make when it is at the end of words. Watch the video below and listen out for words like 'sky'. Then play a game of Cheeky Chimps again today but this time, sort the 'y' words.

Alternative 'y' - YouTube

Phonics Play - Cheeky Chimps

Literacy: Now we know all about how to keep safe on our bikes, I would like you to create a leaflet all about bike safety. (I know Mrs Armitage could do with reading all about how to stay safe on her bike!)

You may wish to spend 10 or 15 minutes planning your leaflet first, deciding what to write in each section. For example, you may choose to have a section about 'What to wear', another section all about 'Checking your bike' and another section about 'Riding your bike'. Remember to include verbs, the 'doing' words that we learned about last week. We also know how to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Check your plan for spellings and then, when you are ready, copy your work onto the leaflet template in your neatest handwriting. This may be something you wish to finish tomorrow if you have been working hard this morning and need a break. 

Bike safety brochure activity

Maths: Thank you for your messages about how you are getting on with maths. It's not been an easy week with subtraction but you have all being doing so well! You have shown great perseverance and determination to do as much work as you can. Try today's work and let me know how you get on. 

Year 1 - today is part 2 of subtracting and crossing tens. You will be asked to think about 'how many more...?' by using subtraction to help you find the answer. So if I had 7 sweets and Mrs Abell had 13 sweets, how many more sweets does Mrs Abell have? We can use subtraction  to work out 13 - 7 = 6   You will also be using bar models and part whole models as a way of representing this. Again, pause the video whenever you need to discuss this with your grown up. 

Year 1 video

Year 1 worksheet 


Year 2 - you are subtracting 2 digits numbers from 2 digits numbers today by looking at the ones and the tens. Watch carefully at how the teacher models how to partition the number using part whole models. We have done this before so make sure you remember and understand how to do it. In this video, the column method is introduced for the first time. Please only use this if you feel confident with what you are being asked to do and you understand it. We don't teach the column method until year 3 so we will come back to it then. Let me know what you think!

Year 2 video 

Year 2 worksheet


RE: We are going to be using the story of the Good Samaritan today for our RE learning. We will be thinking about how he was kind and generous to the injured man. Read the story together with your grown up and then have a go at answering the questions, perhaps as more of a discussion. There are some puppets and a picture you could cut out and use to help you to retell the story. 

RE - The Good Samaritan

Music: Finally, here is a lovely lesson all about songs and music. This is a great chance to listen to some of your favourite songs whilst thinking about what you can hear. Watch the short clip and then discuss what elements of music you can hear within your own favourite songs. Enjoy! 

BBC Bitesize - Talking about music and songs


That's all for today. I look forward to seeing all your lovely learning later. Don't forget to enjoy our end of the day story at around 2:30pm on the DoJo. 

Take care!

Mrs W :) 




Tuesday 19th January 2021

It was so lovely to see all your smiling faces yesterday on Zoom! It really made my day. You were all so brilliant sharing your work, sharing your weekend news and playing our game. Next week I will put together some questions for a short quiz. Maybe another week we could make a craft together or another activity. Let me know if you have any creative ideas. Thank you too for all your lovely photos and videos from yesterday. I saw so many of you enjoying your bikes and scooters. Many of you told me you have become more confident on your bikes already so well done! 

Phonics: Today we are looking at the letter 'y' and the another sound that it makes. Click on the video link below and then play Acorn Adventures today. 

YouTube - Alternative 'y'

Acorn Adventures - Phonics Play 

Literacy: I would you you to start by listening to our story for this week, Mrs Armitage on Wheels. Click on the link ABOVE today's date. The link will be there all week long incase you need to refer back to the story at any time. Now Mrs Armitage is not the most safe cyclist so we are going to help her today to know how to much safer when she is on her bike.  Bikes can be lots of fun if we know how to use them safely. I would like you to discuss with your grown up, what do I need to do to be safe on my bike? What do I need to do before I ride my bike? What should I wear when I am on my bike? Watch the short video which gives some suggestions about what we should do to be as safe as possible (Important to point out that in the video, they mention cycling on the right side of the road - in our country, we cycle on the LEFT side of the road, when we pass our cycling proficiency)  Then complete this worksheet, filling in the missing words. 

YouTube - Bicycle Safer Journey 

Bike Safety worksheet

Maths: Year 1 are subtracting today by counting back to 10 before subtracting the rest. Watch the video carefully today to make sure you understand what is being asked of you. It is essential that you know your number bonds to 10 today help you. Pause the video in the right places as you have a go at your sheet today. Remember to count along the number lines today to help out, rather than using other resources. 

Year 1 video

Year 1 Worksheet


Year 2 are subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number. You are going to be using the skills you revised yesterday to help you to jump back to the last multiple of ten. Watch the video carefully and watch what is happening. Pause it at any time to talk about anything you are unsure of. Then have a go at the questions when you are prompted. 

Year 2 video

Year 2 worksheet


Science: In our story for this week, Mrs Armitage on Wheels, was an inventor! She was always thinking of new and  creative ideas for gadgets that could be fitted onto her bike.  Over the next few weeks, I would like us to learn about some inventors and engineers, linked with our topic! Today, I would like us to find out about Charles Macintosh. If you were to go for a bike ride today in the rain you would need to wear something that Charles Macintosh invented...can you guess what it might be? Click on the Power Point below to read all about him and then have a go at today's activity. It is a science investigation that we tried in our class a while ago. Today you can carry out your own investigation using your own materials from home. Take lots of photos and I look forward to seeing them later on! 

Charles Macintosh PowerPoint

Rain coat investigation 

That's all for today. Keep reading, practice this week's spellings for a few minutes and maybe spend 5 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars today to keep your skills sharp! Remember to watch out for our end of the story story at about 2:30pm. 

Take care and I'll check in with you all tomorrow!

Mrs W :)



Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend! The weather was certainly kind to us and I managed to be outside on Sunday, enjoying the sunshine with my children. We even spotted the early signs of Spring with our daffodils shooting up! I hope you are feeling well rested and ready for another week of home learning. 

Phonics: Today we are learning another way of saying 'a', as in 'acorn'. Watch the YouTube clip below, pausing to practice writing any new words. In this video, Mr Thorne explains about the 5 vowels and he teaches us to spot these vowels in words when they make the long vowel sound. Then play the game 'Cheeky Chimps' on the Phonics Play website, focussing on the 'a' sound only. All login details are just above the date on this page if you need them 

YouTube - Alternative 'a' 

Phonics Play - Cheeky Chimps - 'a' 

Literacy: Today is Monday so I would like you to practise your news spellings and handwriting for this week. You could write your spellings as pyramids today, building up the words one letter at a time. eg b, be, bet, bett, bette, better. Use the handwriting sheet provided to remind yourselves how to use the 'whoosh in' when learning how to join. Remember to only join everything when you feel ready, there is no pressure to do this just yet. We are still learning! 

Year 1 spellings

Year 2 spellings

Handwriting sheet

When you have completed your spelling and handwriting practise today, take a look at this picture of a bike and have ago at labelling all the different parts. There may be many parts you haven't heard of before so only label the parts you recognise or want to label. 

Labelling a bike

Maths: This week is all about subtraction. Year 1 you are going to be introduced to different ways of answering subtraction calculations. Today, is all about taking away. Watch the video first and use any practical resources you may have at home to help you to understand this idea of taking away. You could use counters, Lego pieces, Duplo people, milk bottle lids, pennies or natural resources such as leaves or sticks from the garden. Once you know how to do it practically, look at the Power Point and discuss it with your grown up. Do you understand the pictures that have been used to represent taking away? When you do, then try to complete as much of the worksheet as you can today. 

Year 1 video

Year 1 Power Point

Year 1 worksheet


Year 2, I would like you to recap on an idea we looked at last term. Before you can subtract from a two digit number, you must be able to recognise how to reach the last multiple of ten. Watch today's video as a reminder of how to do this. Have a go at today's worksheet. If you understand this, it will be a huge help for the rest of this week. Let me know how you get on. 

Year 2 video

Year 2 Power Point

Year 2 worksheet



After lunch... we have a very special activity happening at 1:15pm. I would like all of you at home to log onto Zoom for a live catch up with everyone in our class, for about half an hour! This will be a fun opportunity for us to have a catch up, maybe play a game together and wave to all our friends. I hope you can join us. All the login details are on the DoJo so ask your parents to help you to log in after lunch. 

History:  We are going to learn a little bit about the history of the bicycle today. Watch the video link below first and use the Power Point to discuss how bikes have changed over the years. What similarities do you notice? What differences can you spot? 

YouTube - The History of the Bicycle

Power Point - The History of the Bicycle

Art: This afternoon, if the weather is kind to us, I would like you to go out on your bikes for a short ride. Take a few moments today to sketch your bike, taking care to notice all those parts that we labelled this morning in our literacy lesson. 

That's all for today! I look forward to seeing all your lovely photos and hearing from you all. 

Take care, lots of love

Mrs W :) 



Friday 15th January 2021

We have made it to another weekend (almost!) and I have been so impressed with all your learning. Well done Oak Class. And well done to all the parents. Take some time to relax today by doing one of your favourite things. It might be a puzzle, a board game, watching your favourite film or wearing your onesie! Here's your learning for today and I look forward to seeing picture later on. 

Phonics: Lots of you are enjoying the games on Phonics Play so have a go at playing the Tricky Word Trucks game today. Parents, the free login details are Username: jan21 Password: home

Phonics Play Tricky Trucks game

Yoga: Here is a another lovely Cosmic Kids Yoga video to join in with today. 

YouTube - Cosmic Kids Yoga - Frank the Frog

Literacy: For your creative, independent writing today, click on the ink below to take you to the picture and question. 

Creative Writing picture stimulus

Maths: For problem solving today, click on the link below to read today's problem. You will be using your numbers bonds for this problem today. Remember to show me all your working out with all the possibilities. 

NRich - Pairs of numbers 

Art / DT: For our craft activity today, I would like you to make an aeroplane! You will need some lolly sticks, elastic bands, a peg and some blu-tac... but please don't worry if you don't have these bits at home. You can always follow instructions to make a paper plane instead!  

Paper plane instructions

That's all for this week. I do hope you have a really lovely weekend. 

Love Mrs Westbrook x


Thursday 14th January 2021

We had a lovely day of learning yesterday. It was so good to see so many of you enjoying the activities that were set including the RE. The rainbows of Hope looked fantastic. It really made us think about what we are hopeful for. I know I am hopeful to one day see my wider family again, go on a nice holiday and perhaps buy a new pet! 

Phonics: Today we are looking at the letter 'a'. We know it makes a short short in words like 'cat' but did you know that sometimes we can read it as 'ar' in words like 'path'. This is obviously dependent on your accent as some people will pronounce it differently to others. Watch this video this morning and discover which words use the spelling 'a' as 'ar'. Year 2, which of your common exception words have this sound?

YouTube - Alternative 'ar’ 

Literacy: Please take some time to finish your diary entries today. Is there any more detail you can add to make it even better? Perhaps you need to check your work and check your spellings. I often ask you to underline words that you know are not right but perhaps you don't know how to spell them. You could ask a grown up to help you to sound it out or think about another way it could be spelt. Remember you have your tricky words listed at the back of your spelling books to help you. 

If you finish your diary entry and you have some spare time, use the story to answer some of these questions as part of Book Talk today. Use the space on the sheet to answer the questions or answer them on a separate sheet of paper if you prefer. 

Word Document - Book Talk using 'Emma - Jane's aeroplane'.

Maths:  Year 1 are starting subtraction today. Begin by watching the video and listen to how you can use your number bonds to help with subtraction. 

Year 1 Video 

Year 1 Power Point

Year 1 worksheet


Year 2 are adding 3 numbers today. Watch the video and listen carefully. You will also be relying on your number bonds to help you when adding more numbers together. 

Year 2 Video

Year 2 Power Point

Year 2 worksheet


PE: This afternoon, I would like you to get your exercise clothes on and join in with this workout. Once you have some ideas for some funky moves, choose your favourite song and make up your own workout routine to it. You could perform it to your parents or your siblings!

YouTube - Kids 15 minutes fitness video

Music: If you have some spare time today, why don't you have a go at this music lesson on BBC Bitesize. It is a fun lesson all about sound effects and rhythm. I wonder how many things you can find in your house to use as percussion instruments today. 

BBC Bitesize - Sound effects and talking about sound

That's all for today. I look forward to seeing your work later in the day and I will post our end of the day story later too. 

Take care, 

Mrs W :) 


Wednesday 13th January 2021

Thank you for all your messages, photos and videos yesterday. You have been such busy bees at home, I am so impressed! I have awarded all the home leaners whose work I have seen with a DoJo and those in school are also receiving DoJo's for their continued effort and hard work. 

Phonics: We are learning the alternative 'ea' sound today. We know it already makes the 'ee' sound in 'bead', 'read' and 'eat' but today it makes the 'e' sound like in 'bread', 'head' and 'instead'. Watch the video below to hear some words using this sound and then finish your phonics session by playing Tricky Word Trucks. 

Alternative 'ea' - YouTube

Phonics Play - Tricky Word Trucks

Alternative Phase 5 Sound mat

Literacy: Today I would like you to listen to yesterday's story again and draw a story map. We do this in class by using a timeline to show the beginning, the middle and the end of a story. You could include pictures of the animals she meets along the way and label the places she visits. When you have your story map, use this to write a diary entry as if you are Emma - Jane. Remember to use 'I', add details about how you are feeling and describe what you can see. Reluctant writers may only want to describe flying over London as this is the most familiar place to us as we learned about this last term. The more enthusiastic writers among you could write more. Remember if you are writing a diary (a recount) you are describing your day in chronological order. What did you see first? Next? Then? Use the skills we used last week to complete today's task. You may also wish to do this over 2 days and finish it tomorrow. 

'Emma - Jane's Aeroplane' Power Point 

Maths: Year 1 are finding and making number bonds today. Click on the video below and use the resources to help you before you complete the worksheet. 

Year 1 Video

Year 1 Power Point 

Year 1 Worksheet


Year 2 are adding 2 digit and 2 digit numbers together. Watch the video carefully to help you to understand how to do this using this today's method. Use the Power Point if you need it before completing the worksheet. 

Year 2 Video

Year 2 Power Point

Year 2 Worksheet


RE: Today we are using the story of Noah's Ark to think about and learn about hope. Click on the link below to talk through some of these ideas with your grown ups today. 

Noah's Ark and the Rainbows of Hope 


That's all for today. I hope you have a lovely day of learning. Keep reading and practicing those spellings. I look forward to seeing all your lovely work later on today. 

Take care, Mrs W :) 




Tuesday 12th January 2021

Well done to all the home learners for your lovely work yesterday. And well spotted those children who noticed the date was wrong in my video! Oh dear.... silly me! I'll try harder tomorrow. Here's today's learning, and don't forget, I am awarding Home Learning DoJos to those of you whose work I have seen posted on your profile. 

Phonics: We are learning the alternative 'ie' sound today. Watch this video of a teacher explaining how we know this sounds already before introducing the other sound it makes. You may also want to play a game of Buried Treasure today to practice all of your Phase 5 sounds. 

YouTube - Alternative 'ie'

Phonics Play - Buried Treasure Phase 5

Literacy: Our grammar lesson today is capital letters and remembering when to use them correctly. We know we use a capital letter at the beginning of our names so we must use them at the beginning of names of places too. Watch the video of me reading the text for this week, 'Emma - Jane's Aeroplane' and then read the sentences I have written. Can you spot my mistakes? Write the sentences out again (either on the sheet if you wish or on paper if you don't have a printer) but use capital letters in the correct places. 

Word document - Correct my sentences 

Have a go at this proper nouns quiz when you have finished. 

A few parents have asked for more support with handwriting. Click on the links below for a powerpoint and some worksheets that your children could use to trace the letters. Please do not feel you need to complete this today! It's only for reference should you need it. 

Handwriting powerpoint

Handwriting sheets for tracing 


Maths: Year 1 are using their number bonds to add numbers together today. Watch the video, use the Power Point if it helps you and then complete the worksheet below.

Year 1 Video

Year 1 Power Point

Year 1 Worksheet


Year 2 are adding a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number. Again, watch the video, talk through the Power Point if this helps before completing the worksheet. 

Year 2 Video

Year 2 Power Point

Year 2 Worksheet


Science: We are thinking about the change in seasons today. Last term we learned about Autumn and the changes we saw around us. Things have changed again! What have you noticed when you go outside now? Are you wearing different clothes to what you were wearing last term? What about the trees and plants around us? Are you seeing the same animals around us? Watch the Power Point today and discuss some of the changes you can see around you. Make your season tree (winter tree) today. Use your handprint to create the tree shape, either as a painted handprint or draw around your hand if you do not have paint. Draw things in your picture to represent those changes you have discussed. 

Twink Power Point - Changes in seasons - Winter

I will post our end of the day story later today. Thank you for all your requests. I am adding them to my list! I look forward to seeing your work later today. Take care and stay safe!

That's all for today, see you tomorrow. 

Mrs W :)


Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning all you home learners. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Are you ready for another week of learning together? Hopefully you have had the chance to watch my short video on the DoJo explaining a little bit about today. Remember to show me all your lovely photos / videos later. 

Phonics: Today we are learning the alternative 'ow' sound. Watch this video below of another teacher showing you how to write the sound using the pre-cursive style of handwriting. Pause the video after each word and practise writing it yourself on a piece of paper or whiteboard. You could finish your phonics session by playing Dragon's Den!

Alternative 'ow' - YouTube

PhonicsPlay - Phase 5 - Dragon's Den  

Literacy: I would like you to practise your new spellings this morning. I would like you to write each word 5 times but use a different colour pen or pencil each time. Please try your best to use the pre-cursive style that I have begun to show you. 

Year 1 - Spelling pattern 

Year 2 - Spelling pattern revision plus Common Exception Words


Maths: We are moving on to Addition and Subtraction this week with problem solving on Friday. 

Year 1: Today I would like you to have a go at adding by counting on. We use number lines in our classroom so it may be worth drawing your own number line today and keeping it safe to use throughout the week. OR you could use a ruler up to 30. Watch the video, or you may prefer to use the PowerPoint to talk through with a grown up and then have a go at the worksheet. 

Video - Adding by counting on

Teaching slides - Adding by counting on

Worksheet - Adding by counting on

Year 2: We are adding tens today. Use a tens frame like you did last week to help you today. You will find this easier if you draw lines and dots (lines = tens, dots = ones) Click on the video below and listen carefully first. You may wish you look through the PowerPoint with a grown up before you complete your worksheet.

Video - Adding tens

PowerPoint - Adding tens

Worksheet - Adding tens 



Topic: We are going to find out about the history of flight this afternoon. How many of you have been on a plane before? I bet you weren't the only ones queueing up to board the flight. There would have been a pilot, co-pilot, lots of air stewards as well as many passengers. But did you know that the very first plane to be invented carried only 2 people? Watch this PowerPoint presentation with a grown up, if you can, and carry out the Wright Brother's role play that's described on one of the slides. Don't worry about the timeline, unless you want to do it, as we have something else to learn today as well. 

PowerPoint - Twinkl - The History of Flight 

We are going to fly high in a planes now and look down to the ground below us. Remember your aerial maps that you did last week using Google Earth? I want you to look at these today as we learn about symbols on a map. Instead of drawing whole buildings, symbols are used as a quick and easy way of showing major landmarks. Work through the PowerPoint below and stop on the slide which asks you to look at a map of your local area. Draw a new map today using only symbols. Remember to add a key to show what your symbols mean. You could even make up your own map symbol if you wish. 

PowerPoint - Twinkl - Symbols on a map

As we come into land today, I want to remind you to keep reading. Send me a short video of you reading one of your school books this week, if you can. I will still be awarding DoJo's to those of you who have been working hard at home.  I will post our end of the day story a little later on so we can enjoy that together, whether at home or in school. I do hope you have all had a lovely day. See you tomorrow!

Love Mrs Westbrook x




Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning! Another great day of learning for everyone yesterday so well done! It was so lovely to see some photos of your afternoon exercise. I saw some wintery walks, a football game and even a pony walk! It's so lovely to see your smiling faces too so thank you. 

Cosmic Yoga: On a Friday with Mrs Abell, the children love their yoga sessions. Click below to join in with today's movement. 

YouTube - Cosmic Yoga for Kids - Safeguard the Handwashing Soap

Creative writing: On Fridays, the children are given a question to answer. They are then given about 20 minutes to half an hour to write independently. We will carry this on throughout lockdown as this has proved to be one of the highlights of their week! They can write anything they like and must try all their spellings on their own. As their teacher, it gives me the opportunity to see the progress they've made with their writing over the weeks. So ask your child this question today...

"What was the best thing you did over the holidays?"

The children should be encouraged to write in full sentences, not just write a one word answer and they should be able to give a reason for their answer. This week we wrote recounts on Tuesday and Wednesday so they should try to stick to this style of writing (first person using 'I', past tense and chronological order of events) Allow your child to verbally rehearse their sentences and then allow them some time to work quietly on their own. (We often have quiet music playing in the classroom during this time) If they ask you, 'How do I spell....?', just encourage them to sound it out and use the phonics they already know. Resist the urge to give them anything to copy! If they say, 'I don't know what to write next...' after only a few minutes, by all means ask them questions to get them going again! They may draw a picture when they finish. 

Problem Solving: On Fridays we will be solving a problem for our maths lesson. Today's problem is below. It involves 6 beads but you could use anything you have at home. The children will need a piece of paper with a very simple grid (a place value chart for the year 2s) so they can sort their beads into two groups. Tens and Ones. Record all the possibilities. This can be easily extended for those who complete it quickly by asking, ' What happens when you have 7 beads? 8 beds?' 

NRich problem solving - Six Beads

Art: Today we are making hot air balloons! It's very simple and very effective. You will need some paper, 4 pieces of coloured card, scissors, string, glue and half a toilet roll. Take a look at these photos of Mrs Abell making her hot air balloon at home. 


 First draw this balloon shape on to paper and cut out as a template. Fold your paper template in half. Fold a piece of coloured card in half and draw round the shape onto your cut. Cut this out. You may find it easier to decorate the card with patterns now before you stick it together.  

 Repeat step 2 with another 3 pieces of coloured card and then glue the back of each piece of card to create a balloon. 

 Stick the pieces of card together. 

 Finally, hole punch holes at the base of your balloon and attach pieces of string. Decorate your toilet roll half and attach this to the ends of your string. Tuh Dah! See if you can hang a lego or duplo person from your balloon. Take a photo and add it to your portfolio for me to see!

That's all for today. Keep reading and practising your spellings. Have a lovely weekend and I will be in touch on Monday. 

Love Mrs W :) 


Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning everyone. Well done to all the parents for yesterday. I was so impressed at how many of you engaged with your children with the learning. I was blown away by the photos and messages of all your work at home. Also, the children in school were amazing! They all had such  positive attitude towards their learning but we all agreed, we missed everyone being together. 

A few teething issues from yesterday that seemed to be a common theme with most parents was how to add photos to the DoJo! I think we cracked it in the end. So when you want to message me, that's fine as we have been doing it. But when you need to upload a photo of a video of your child's learning, please do not do this on our messaging site as I cannot comment or give feedback on the work here. If you click on your profile picture in the top left corner of your home screen, click on your child's monster and you should see a blue '+' sign where you can add a photo or a video with a title to say which piece of work it is. I will then be 'pending' until I see it. I can then 'approve' it and add a comment for your child that's personal to them or I can give targeted feedback. I won't do this every time but I will try to do it a few times in the week. This then keeps all the evidence of any learning in one place and it means I can give feedback. I do hope that makes sense! We have all been thrown in at the deep end with technology but I know it will get easier as the days go on. Please message me if you get stuck!  

A gentle reminder to be kind to yourselves and only do as much as you, or your child, can manage in a day. When I am at home with my own children, we often start slowly while we get our heads around the learning for the day. We will only work for half an hour to 45 minutes at a time before we all need a break! We tend to do the maths and literacy, reading and spellings until lunchtime. Then after one other subject in the afternoon, we will stop. Being at home is not the same as being in school. At home can seem more intense at times! Remember in school, your child will work independently as there are fewer adults to children so do try to get them started and give them some space to work alone while you work or do other jobs. It is healthy for your child to not become so reliant on your support all the time. I also appreciate not all the tasks will be completed every day so please just do what you can. 

I have noticed that the BBC are offering more resources online as well as TV programmes. As much as these resources can be useful (especially when parents need a break, lets be honest!) I wouldn't want this to distract from the learning that I am giving your child. What I post on here is as close to what they would be doing in school so it's important they don't miss out. I also need to keep a close eye on their learning, whether at school or at home so please do try to do as much as you possibly can. I will, however, occasionally use the BBC resources or other similar sites on some occasions if I think it might be relevant for our class. 

Phonics: Today we are learning the "Unicorn 'u'" sound. Click on the link below to watch this video. You will be practising all your phase 5 sounds in this video too!

YouTube - alternative 'u'

Literacy: We will be doing some 'Book Talk' today using our text for this week. In class we discuss the questions together as a class or with a partner.  Click on the link below to open a Word document which can be printed if you would rather write on it. 

On the Road with Mavis and Marge Word document 


Year 1 are finding one more and one less today. Although this may sound easy, children find it very tricky to do this in a context when they do not start from 0. Try to encourage not to count from zero each time to see whether they know what one more and one less is. 

Year 1 video - One more, one less.

Year 1 worksheet


Year 2 I would like to you revise how to use place value charts. We learned how to use these last term and we touched on them again on Monday but it would be good to get some more practise. Click below for the video and the worksheet for today. 

Year 2 video - Place value charts

Year 2 worksheet


P.E. Today is PE day in school with Mr Ryan so the children will be engaging in lots of exercise in the afternoon. At home, why don't you try an exercise video (Joe Wicks perhaps) or do your own choice of exercise. It may be a family walk, trying out your bike, scooter or roller boots outside or maybe you could choreograph a dance to music! Be creative this afternoon and send me a photo or short video of whatever you choose. 


That's all for today. I look forward to hearing from you all later. 

Love Mrs W 



Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning everyone. I hope you are ready for another day of learning. Below I have put some learning tasks that I would like you to complete today. Every day there will be phonics, literacy and maths as well as one other subject to complete. Then you can upload a photo of your learning to the Class DoJo for me to see. Once a week we will still have PE, this will be on a Thursday afternoon with the children who are still in school.

Please remember to keep reading (you could post a video to me of your reading?), practice your spellings and log on to Times Tables Rockstars to keep up those skills. Any lost login details, just message me. 


Phonics: In school, we use a very useful site called Phonics Play to access games, worksheets and planning. Please contact me directly if you would to be sent the login details so your child can access this learning at home. 

Today, I would like us to learn the "gentle 'g'" sound in 'giraffe' or 'George'! 

YouTube - Gentle 'g' 

Literacy: Today I would like you to use the verbs that you wrote yesterday to finish writing your a recount of your holidays. Why don't you colour in the verbs that you have written to show you have understood which words they are?

If you have finished your recount from yesterday, watch this YouTube clip of someone's journey in a real hot air balloon. It's 5 minutes long. You could write your own recount of a hot air balloon journey. Describe what you can see, hear and feel. Notice what the land below them looks like and remember your work with aerial maps yesterday... describe what the land below looks like from so high up in the sky! 

YouTube - Hot Air balloon ride

Listen to this story today of On the Road with Mavis and Marge. It's a lovely story about an adventure of two friends who use a range of transport! Let me know what you think. 

YouTube story

Maths: We are ordering number today. In class, we will be using flash cards of numbers and dice to generate our own numbers with a partner. We will then be using a number line to help us to put these numbers in order. You could try this at home today if you have a dice or any number cards. Use the White Rose Maths resources below to help support your learning today or print off the worksheet to use if you have a printer. 

Year 1 - Ordering numbers video

Year 1 - Ordering numbers worksheet 


Year 2 - Ordering numbers video

Year 2 - Ordering numbers worksheet


RE: This week is Epiphany. Click on the link below to learn what Epiphany is and why it is so important. I have also linked a worksheet you might like to complete to help support your understanding. There is a choice of sheet you can choose from to suit your child.  

PowerPoint about Epiphany

Fill in the missing words sheet 

Have a lovely day and I will check in with you all again tomorrow. 

Love Mrs Westbrook  xxx




Tuesday 5th January 2021

Phonics: We are learning the alternative pronunciation for 'i' today as "icy 'i'". Watch this YouTuble clip to explain this sound and practice writing some words using the icy 'i'. e.g. kind, child, mind, find, behind. 

YouTube - Alternative 'i' 

Literacy: We are writing recounts this week so today I would like you to write a recount of your Christmas holidays. Remember to use the past tense as it has already happened. We are also going to revise verbs in today's lesson. What is a verb? We will be completing the missing sentences. 

Verbs Power Point

Verbs worksheet

Maths: We are comparing numbers to 20 today. Year 2 will be using the symbols for 'more than', 'less than' and 'equal to'. 

Oak Academy Maths Lesson - Comparing numbers - Year 1  

Oak Academy Maths lesson - Comparing numbers on a number line - Year 2



Geography: We are exploring aerial maps today. We are learning about what a 'bird's eye view' is by using our Lego to make a building and then standing up to look down on it. What can we see? Can we see the door? Why not? We are going to use Google Earth to explore our local area and see if we can find our school. Type Fittleworth into Google Maps and draw a map of School Lane. Remember to include the shop, our school, perhaps your house if you can see it, the village hall and the forest. Next week we will look at symbols that are used on a map. 


Keep reading and spend a few minutes practicing your spellings today. 



Monday 4th January 2021

Welcome back & Happy New Year! I hope you all had a well rested Christmas with lots of quality family time. Thank you to all the parents who so kindly gave presents to myself and the other adults in Oak Class. We were overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness. 


New Topic: Our topic this half term is 'All Aboard!' This is one of my favourite topics as we explore the history of vehicles. 

To find out about our topic, click the link below to see my planning for the half term. 

Spring 1 2021 'All Aboard!' Topic web 

History: Today we are going to be looking at the history of transport and creating a timeline. 


Maths: This week, we will be focusing on our number and place value knowledge. Today we are looking at a selection of two digit numbers and partitioning using a range of equipment. Which number is the tens? Which number is the ones? e.g 27 = 20 + 7. We will be learning how to record this using lines and dots to represent the tens and ones. Year 2 are taking the number 67 and finding different ways to represent it using bar models, part - whole models, place value charts and calculations. 

Literacy: This week, we will be starting our handwriting groups. In the Autumn Term, we focussed on forming all our letters correctly. Now, many of us are ready to begin learning pre-cursive handwriting. This is when we use the 'whoosh in' when we start each letter. This will help us to join all of our letters later on in the year. Today we took home a handwriting sheet to show the joining patterns to use when writing our spellings. 

Phonics: We have now learned all of our Phase 5 sounds, hooray! But... now we need to learn the alternative pronunciations for each of the sounds. We will begin by looking at "soft 'c'", "gentle 'g'", "icy 'i'", "obedient 'o'" and "uniform 'u'". 

Home Learning: Please keep practicing the spellings that are sent home every week. Encourage your child to start using their words in sentences in their spelling books. Also, please keep reading every day and record in the diary when your child has finished a book. We will continue to change the books twice a week and only move children on when they are confidently reading books with 95% accuracy. Please can I also encourage all children to be accessing Times Tables Rockstars regularly to sharpen their mental recall of these number facts. We do also use Purple Mash in school which is a fun learning platform for the children to be able to access curriculum related games and activities. Log in details should be stuck inside your child's reading diary.  




 Autumn Term 2020

Our Christmas Nativity is finally ready to watch, enjoy!


w/b 14th December 2020                                                   

Preparations for Christmas are well and truly underway here in Oak Class! We are so proud of our Nativity Play and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.  This week we will be making lots of Christmas crafts, calendars and cards as we countdown to the Big Day...


Maths: This week we will be learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes. We will use the shapes to create a whole range of Christmas pictures. Now how could I draw an elf using just 2D shapes?

Literacy: We will be writing acrostic Winter Poems this week, thinking of words relating to winter and Christmas. We will also be thinking of Christmas words beginning with all the letters of the alphabet! 

Spellings:  I would like everyone to practise some of the more difficult words from this last half term please. Check your CEW at the back of your spelling books too. I will highlight them when I see you spelling them correctly in your writing. 


Things to remember: 

Wednesday is our Christmas Lunch and Party day! Please remember to wear party clothes and bring a festive packed lunch if you are not having a hot dinner. In the afternoon, we will be making some Christmas crafts whilst listening to some party tunes and we will be playing party games in the village hall with Mr Ryan instead of our usual PE lesson. It's going to be so much fun! 

Friday 18th December is the last day of term with Christmas cards being handed out and a visit from Father Christmas! You do not want to miss out! 


I think that's all for this week. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and here's hoping we have a much happier, less dramatic New Year! 

Love Mrs W :) 





w/b 7th December 2020

This week we will be rehearsing and filming our Christmas Play. Please keep singing the s



w/b 30th November 2020

Topic: Our Tudor houses are nearly finished! We have worked hard on our designs and are just working on the finishing touches. They look fantastic already! 

Literacy: This week we will be using a text called, 'The House that Once Was', carrying on our mini topic of houses and homes. The story sees a little girl and boy in the woods and they find a stumble upon a house that is in disrepair. They begin to wonder who lived in the house? What happened in the house? Between them, they come up with several stories of make believe. We will be using this text to inspire our own story writing. 

Maths: This week are learning to tell the time. Year 1 will be sequencing events in chronological order, learning the days of the week and the month of the year. They will be learning how to tell the time to o'clock and to half past. Year 2 will be revising how to tell the time to o'clock and half past as well as learning how to read quarter past and quarter to. Use any clocks you have at home to practise telling the time. It always helps when children have some experience of what time looks like on an analogue and a digital clock. 

Christmas! You will have seen the song words for our Nativity play in your child's book bags. Please practise these as much as possible. The music can be found on YouTube if you type in, 'A Little Nativity'. If your child has chosen to read a line in our play, please help them to practise learning their words. We won't have an audience to perform to which will help with the nerves but we still need to speak loudly for the video! More information about costumes will follow at the beginning of this week. 

Phonics: This week's sounds are 'oe' in 'toe, 'au' in 'launch', 'ey' in 'key'. 

Y1 Spelling pattern (Y2 to revise): 'ea' in 'dream' and also in 'bread'

sea, dream, meat, each, scream, read, head, bread, meant, instead

Y2 CEW: after, fast, last, past


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or worries. If any family needs to self isolate or miss any school for any reason, I will be in contact to help support any home learning that may need to happen. 


That's all for this week!

Mrs W :) 




w/b 23rd November 2020

We have had a lovely week learning about diaries. We found out who Samuel Pepys was and why he is significant. We used the diaries we wrote last weekend to help us to imagine we were watching the Great Fire from our windows. I have been super impressed at how well the children have been able to use the past and present tense in their writing. Well done everyone!

A big thank you too to all you parents for your continued support and co-operation in helping to keep our children as safe as possible. Many children have been even more careful to remember to wash their hands, gel their hands and keep their distance from each other whenever possible. I know it is very difficult for children of this age to distance themselves from their friends (my 6 year old daughter is forever wanting to hug her friends!) but we do it to keep everyone safe so thank you. Many of us have vulnerable family members so its important we work together at this time. 

This week...

Topic: We are beginning to build our very own Tudor homes this week! We will be learning about what happened after the fire and how the houses and streets of London were re-built. By designing and making our own houses, we will get a better understanding of this historical event. Watch out for photos on Class DoJo!

Literacy: We are going to be using the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs to link with our science learning as well as our topic learning about houses. We will be using role play to explore the sequence of events and the characters of the story. Then by the end of the week, we are going to have a go at re-telling this traditional tale using our own words. 

Maths: It's fractions week 2! We will be finding 3/4 of shapes, objects and amounts. We will be problem solving using our knowledge of fractions. Ask your child this week to explain clearly how we write a fraction and what each number means. 

Science: We will be testing materials to see how they change shape by bending, twisting, stretching and squashing this week. Take a materials walk around your house this week and see which objects you can squash, squeeze, bend and twist! 

Phonics: We are learning the sounds 'wh' (in whistle), 'ph' (in phone) and 'ew' (in new and flew) 


Year 1 spelling pattern (Y2 to revise): me*, she*,  we*,  be*,  he*,  see,  tree,  green,  meet,  week

*some children have had these words already so will only get 5 words this week.

Year 2 CEW: cold, gold, told, hold. 

*Please keep practising these spellings with your child as we are still playing 'catch up' with so many.

And reading! It really does make such a difference when children are reading every day at home. We will only change your child's reading books on their changing days and when the diary has been signed by an adult. If your child wants to read the book again, then just make a note in the diary so I know to leave it in their bookbag. The aim is to encourage your child to develop a love of reading for pleasure! This means they will not be rushed through the colours; only moved on when I feel they are reading a new book with 95% accuracy, with no overt sounding out and with expression. When they are confident and enjoying their reading, I will introduce a book from the next colour.

Click on the link below to hear a Year 2 reader who is reading at the expected standard for their age. 

YouTube - Expected standard reading for Year 2. 


That's all for this week!

Mrs W :)





w/b 16th November 2020

We enjoyed a (virtual!) visit from a firefighter last week who answered some of our burning (!) questions! He also gave us a tour of the fire station and showed us the fire engines. We loved hearing all about the jobs he does as well as how hard he worked to become a firefighter. He is a hero, someone who helps save the lives of others and works to keep all of us safe. This helped to spark (!) a discussion about the Great Fire of London and how the fire may not have spread so quickly if there had been the fire service. We know that because of the Great Fire the fire service began so there is a lot to be thankful for! 

Topic: This week we are going to be exploring HOW we know about the Great Fire. A man named Samuel Pepys kept a diary as the events of the fire were unfolding. We will be looking at the recount in his diary and questioning how good a source of evidence it is. Click below to watch a short clip about the Great Fire and Samuel Pepys diary. 

The Great Fire of London animation - YouTube 

Literacy: Inspired by Samuel Pepys diary, we are going to learn how to write our very own diaries. Perhaps we will write about what we do in a day so that we can clearly remember what happened and how we were feeling. Our grammar focus is to be able to write in the past and in the present tense. Maybe this weekend, you could keep a diary and we could share these on Monday. Remember to write about what you are doing, what you have done and how you are feeling.

Maths: We will be using our knowledge of division from last week, to help us to learn about fractions this week. Starting with finding half of a shape, we will be cutting out our own shapes to fold in half. We will then be moving on to look at half of an object, such as a pencil, a book or a table! Then we will be relating this to finding half and a quarter of an amount. We will use whatever resources we can in the classroom to make it as easy to understand as possible. At home, why not use the items you have in your kitchen or in your bedroom to find half. When might we need to be able to find half of an amount? Click below to play this game of finding a half.  

Half or not half? Interactive game 

Science: Year 1 are going to be testing some materials this week! Which ones are waterproof and which ones are absorbent? Which material is the strongest? We will be using the story of the Three Little Pigs to help us with our investigation. Year 2 will also be using this story to discuss the suitability of different materials. Why do we use bricks to build our houses? Why do we not use sticks? Or straw? Click below to watch this video with these girls who are carrying out their own waterproof investigation. 

Is it waterproof? investigation - YouTube

Phonics: We will be moving onto the sounds 'oy' (boy), 'ir' (girl), 'ue' (glue, argue) and 'aw' (saw) this week. Click below to access PhonicsPlay for more games.

PhonicsPlay Speed Trials - Phase 3 revision 


Year 1 CEW = love, come, some, school, house.

Y1 Spelling pattern (Y2 revise): roast, coach, own, snow, grow, toe, goes, no, go, so, 

Year 2 CEW = child, children, because.

Art / DT: We are going to be making a good start on our Tudor houses this week, designing them and deciding which materials we will need. These will take us a few weeks to complete but I will post photos on the DoJo so you can see how they are coming along. 


That's all for this week! Keep reading and keep practising your times tables!

Mrs W :) 




w/b 9th November 2020

It's been so lovely to see the children back again after half term. I have been so impressed with how enthusiastic they have been with their learning and how hard they are trying. Please do keep up reading every day at home, remembering to sign the diary so I know when their books are ready to be changed. And keep encouraging your child to practise their spellings. We are doing so much in school too so anything you can be doing at home will help your child make even better progress!

Topic: We are ordering the main events of the Great Fire of London this week. What happened on the day the fire was discovered? How did it spread so quickly? How many days did the fire last? And how was the fire put out? Ask your children about the Great Fire this week and see what they can remember. 

Literacy: We will be considering fire safety this week and discussing how we stay safe in school. We will be writing fire safety posters using commands to tell others what to do in case of a fire. We had a fire drill just before half term so ask your children what we had to do when the alarm was sounded. 

Maths: We are learning about division this week, sharing a number of objects into groups. You could practise this with your children at home by using fruit, or sweets, or toys... we use the language of 'sharing' when we teach division so you could ask you children to share the fruit / sweets / toys between 2 people, or 4 people. How many do they get each? Another way of learning about division is to share objects into groups. How many groups of 2 are there when we have 10 apples / sweets / toys? 

Division as sharing and grouping video - YouTube 

Phonics: We are starting phase 5 this week. Click below to find out what these new sounds are. Year 2 will recognise these sounds from last year so this is good revision for them. The children need to be able to say the sound, spell the sound and read the sound within a word. Phonics Play has a free login for parents to use at home so the games are accessible for all. It's all good practise! 

Phonicsplay website 

Remembrance Day: On Wednesday we are going to be observing a minute's silence at 11am. We are hoping to be able to Zoom call Father David at the church to join him and everyone in the village for the silence. The children have been buying their poppies to wear and we have been discussing why we wear poppies. Here is a lovely child-friendly video clip to watch with your children about what Remembrance Day is all about. 

CBeeBies 'Poppies'

That's all for now! 

Mrs W :) 

P.S. Plans for Christmas are well underway! My intention is to make it as special and as 'normal' for the children as possible this year so watch this space for more details. 






w/b 2nd November 2020

Welcome back. I hope you have all had a well deserved rest this week and your children are feeling recharged, ready for a new half term. 

Topic: This half term is all about The Great Fire of London. We started to learn a little about our capital city and now we will be travelling back in time, starting this week as we learn about Guy Fawkes, discovering exactly why it is we have fireworks every year. We will be finding out how the Great Fire started in 1666 and how London was changed forever.  Check out Purple Mash for some more activities related to our topic. 

Literacy: Our grammar focus for this half term is to be able to write expanded noun phrases (this is a posh way of saying, 'to use adjectives to add description of a thing', e.g. 'a cute, baby elephant' instead of just 'an elephant')

We will be writing our own firework poems this week as we explore adjectives. These words help us to describe something we experience around us. We will be watching videos of fireworks, describing what we can see and hear. I will be posting the final pieces of work on your child's DoJo this week so keep an eye out for those. Check out this BBC Bitesize video to explain what an expanded noun phrase is and how we might write them. 

Maths: We will be moving from addition to multiplication to this week as we explore making groups, adding groups and using a range of strategies to help us to count in groups. We will of course be using Times tables Rockstars to keep our skills sharp so any extra practise you can be doing at home will help with this too. 

Phonics: We are coming to the end of Phase 3 this week as we explore the trigraphs. These are sounds that are spelt with 3 letters. 'ear', 'air', 'ure'. Year 2 will be revising Phase 5 as well this half term in preparation for the phonics screener which I will be giving more details of in a few weeks time. For now, keep practising the sounds and words your child was given in their home pack. Also, keep reading as much as possible, finding those tricky sounds in words in books and practise your weekly spellings. 

'ear' trigraph

'air' trigraph

'ure' trigraph

Alien words for the Phonics Screening check

Art/DT: This half term, we will be designing and making our very own Tudor houses using cardboard boxes. These have all been provided for so there is no need to bring anything in from home. We will be thinking about how a Tudor house was built and discussing why we think the houses burned so quickly during the Great Fire. 

Science: Leading on nicely from our discussion about the Great Fire, we are going to be exploring Materials this half term. This week is all about how many materials we can name and if we can think about the uses of these materials. Why don't you go on a material hunt around your house to see how many different materials you can find? Why do you think these objects in your home are made form these materials? For example, a pan in the kitchen is made from metal but why? What would happen if the pan was made of cardboard? Or wood? Would the pan work as effectively? Why / why not?

Click here to find out more about why we use the materials we do for objects. 

Think that's all for now. I look forward to seeing you all back in school this week and hearing about what you've been up to in your week off. 

Mrs W :) 




w/b 26th October 2020 - HALF TERM HOLIDAYS!

Well done everyone for making it through what has been a very long and unusual half term. We have all been working so hard with our learning and been busy getting to know the class expectations and each other. I am very proud of all the children and the resilience that they've shown. Please take this next week to relax and recharge. Enjoy some lovely books together, go for a long walk and jump in the puddles! Everyone needs a well deserved break from school work! 


w/b 19th October 2020

As promised, the packs of resources to help support your child with their targets for this term have been sent home this week in book bags alongside a covering letter. Any questions, please ask. 

We have had a fab week learning all about London. We have been reading 'Katie in London' to find out about the major landmarks in our capital city. We have been using capital letters when writing a name of a person or a place. And we have been drawing and labelling our own maps which were amazing! 

'Katie in London' read aloud on YouTube

Topic: This week coming we are going to be considering what London used to be like in the 19th Century. What was different about London then? How is it the same now? What has changed since the 19th Century and why? 

Pudding Lane video of London in the 19th Century

Literacy: We will be considering fire and what it means to us. What is fire? Where does it come from? What do we use fire for? We will be using adjectives to describe fire using our senses and then finding out about different sentence types to be able to describe fire. 

'Why is fire hot?' video on YouTube

Maths: It's all about money this week. This is a great area of learning as parents can support from home quite easily. Have a rummage in a purse or a wallet for some loose change and talk to your child about what they can see on each coin. Can they find the number on it? What else is on the coin? Use some paper this week to lay on top of the coins and use a wax crayon to take a rubbing of the coin. Try counting the coins and adding the different values. The children need to know the value of each coin and know equivalent values e.g. If I had 10 1p coins, I would have 10p! 

Money games 

Purple Mash: A reminder that this is a great online learning resource which children can access at home using their logins stuck inside their reading diaries. I add a few new tasks onto Purple Mash every week linked to our learning in school. I can also see when a child has completed a task and I can give feedback which the children love to see! 

Times Tables Rockstars: Another fantastic online learning resource to help practise times tables. Year 1 are being introduced to the 10 times tables at the moment but I will be adding a few more to challenge them. Year 2s should be practising their 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. After half term, we will be learning more about multiplication in maths so any practise on this, will be of great benefit to your child. Any problems, let me know.


That's all for now. Keep on eye on the Class DoJo for any more wonderful pictures of your child's learning. We have also been practising our Harvest video which will be uploaded very soon on the school's website so be sure to check back by the end of the week! 



w/b 12th October 2020

A huge thank you to all parents who I have spoken to this week over the phone. It has been a real treat to be able to share your child's progress with you and get to know you all a little better. If I haven't been able to catch up with you yet, please do let the office know when is a good time for me to call you and I will do my best to fit in with you. It is so important we share how your child has settled in this term so far and targets they can be working on. I really have been so impressed with how all the children have adapted to this strange new school year. 

This week, some of the children have been busy cooking in the kitchen with Mrs Ball, using those yummy Autumn fruits we found growing in the school field. We've been talking about Harvest and what it means to us this week and these crumbles are a great way to celebrate the goodness we have around us. Cooking continues next week too so everyone will get the chance to bring a crumble home!

Topic: This week, we are going to be learning all about London! We are going to be finding out about our capital city, famous landmarks and how London has changed over the years. We will be drawing and labelling maps and writing our own diary entries about a day out in the city. 

Literacy: We are going to be using capital letters for proper nouns this week which includes the names of places. Have you ever been to London? Where did you go? What did you see? How did you get there? 

Maths: We have been practising addition and this week, we are going to be learning about subtraction and how to 'take away'. Practise using everyday objects at home to count and 'take away'. If you have 10 sweets and eat 6 of them, how many would you have left? Try some of the games below to help with your understanding. 

Keep reading at home and practising your spellings. I will be sending home a little pack of resources targeted to support your child's learning so be sure to share these with your children. 


Subtraction grids

Monster Subtraction



w/b 5th October 2020

Thank you to all the parents who have signed up to the Class DoJo, the children (and I!) are absolutely loving this new way of sharing instantly with you the fun and learning that is going on in Oak Class. It makes me feel so proud when I see your child working hard and making progress with their learning and gives me so much joy in being able to share it with you all. Please do add any photos of work or learning going on at home. It makes such a difference to the children when they know we are sharing their progress. 

Parent Consultations

As a staff we have been busy discussing the best way to meet with parents that is in line with recent government guidance. As much as I would love to meet with you all face to face, it's looking more likely that we will have to meet over the phone instead. My intention is to catch up with you all about how you feel your child has settled back into school life as well as share with you your child's next steps for their learning. The appointment will be around 10 minutes long. Keep as eye out for a text message or an email in the next few days with more details.

Following our 'meeting', I will be sharing resources in the bookbags you can use at home to help your child with their individual targets e.g. flashcards with the phonics and tricky words your child needs to practise reading and handwriting practise. I will be explaining these to the children first so they will be better equipped to share their targets with you at home. 


Traditionally at Fittleworth we have had a Harvest service in the church where all the children contribute something they have been practising. It's always such a lovely way to share this festival together. However, this year will be slightly different. Oak Class have started learning the words to our class song called, 'Cauliflowers Fluffy'. Many of you may know this little catchy number already! Click below for the YouTube video to watch at home. I will do my best to print out the words and pop these into the book bags so you can help your child with the reading and learning of the words. Our song will be filmed and put together in a video for you all which I will probably upload onto the Class DoJo. A copy of it will also be available on the school website under the 'Assemblies' tab. More details to follow! 

Cauliflowers Fluffy 

Times Tables Rockstars!

Another new exciting thing we have signed up for this year is Times Tables Rockstars! This is a fantastic website where your child can be their very own rockstar. As they learn their times tables, they can earn points which they can use to 'buy' new guitars, outfits and accessories! It's a very engaging way of motivating the children to learn their times tables. To begin with, they will only be set their 2s, 5s and 10s. They can choose to 'battle' each other and even me! A real test of speed and memory for us all. I will be introducing the children to it in school this week and I will pop a letter in the bookbags with login details for you to be able to access it from home. 


As part of our mini topic on Autumn, next week we will be picking apples and blackberries. Mrs Ball has kindly offered to help our class do some cooking and turn these amazing fruits into a crumble! The children are excited to try these and share them with you all at home. We do have a few ramekins in school which we will be using to send home your individual crumbles but if you can spare a small round ramekin, it would be very much appreciated. You will of course get yours back, filled with crumble! 

Our Learning

We will be finding out about nocturnal animals next week, as well as animals that hibernate. Hedgehogs seem to be the favourite animal amongst the children! Watch out for lots of lovely artwork and writing on the Class DoJo. 

Keep practising your spellings at home as we have been looking at them every day for a few minutes in class too. It really does make a difference to your child's confidence when writing. Please also do continue to read as much as possible with your child, sharing the books together and encouraging your child to sound out as many words as they feel able to. 

I think that's all for this week! Sorry for the overload of information! Please do contact me via email through the school office if you need to ask any questions. It really has been so lovely to see how excited the children have been about learning and coming to school every day. 

Mrs W :) 




w/b 28th September 2020

We have had a really lovely week so far finding out about our pets. Thank you to all who have printed out photos and sent them in book bags. The pictures will be displayed on 'Our Pets' display. We have found out what our pets need to stay healthy and what we can do to keep healthy too. 

Class DoJo

We have introduced a new and exciting way of communicating with you called Class DoJo which is a way of instantly alerting parents when your child receives a positive reward for something in class. It could be 'Good listening', 'Teamwork', 'Showing persistance', 'Helping others', 'Being on task' or 'Working hard'. All parents should have received an email to sign up. So far, there have been 14 parents sign up which is fantastic! Once you have signed up, you will receive instant alerts for when your child is rewarded in class. I will be able to upload photos of any special moments and leave messages too so please do sign up if you haven't already and we will make a good start next week! 

Literacy: Next week we will be learning about Autumn as part of our Topic sessions. We will be reading poems and describing what we can find on an Autumn walk. This week, start looking for signs of Autumn all around you. We've noticed that the acorns have fallen very early this year!

Maths: Year 1: We will be using our number bonds to 10 and to 20 next week to help us with adding and taking away. We will be revising our pairs of numbers to ten first and using these to help us with our work. At home, ask your child to tell you how many more you will need if you already have 6 and you need 10.... or you have 10 but you lose 2, how many do you have left? 

Year 2: We will be problem solving using bar models and part whole models. Ask your child to explain to you how to use these! We will be using number bonds to 10 to help us recognise number bonds to 100. So if 4 + 3 = 7 then 40 + 30 = 70. 

That's all for now!

Mrs Westbrook :) 




Communications Policy at Fittleworth School 

I am always happy to speak to parents who may have any questions or concerns regarding their children's learning, behaviour or general well being. However, in the mornings, my main priority is to get the children into school safely, calmly and ready to learn which means I cannot always give parents my full attention. I will be focused on the children coming in and won't be able to discuss anything at length with parents at this time, many apologies for this.

If you do need to speak to me, just ring the office to make an appointment to see me any day after school, and we will have more space and time to talk! 


Many thanks for your understanding.

Mrs Westbrook :)


w/b 21st September 2020

What a fantastic week we have had in the classroom! The children have really impressed me with their learning and their determination to do their best. We started the week by writing party invitations and had our very own tea party to introduce the story of 'The Tiger who Came To Tea'. We have used Book Talk to engage with the text and ask questions. We have recounted the story in our own words and written shopping lists for Sophie's mummy. We ended the week by decorating our own stripey tigers to go on display! In science we found out about healthy foods and what we can do to live a healthy life. Ask your children what they can do to be healthy this week. 

This week, our focus will be pets! Do you have any pets at home? Ask your child to bring in a photo or some information about their pets to share with the class. 

Literacy: We will be using the story of 'Bruno and Titch' by Sheena Dempsey to hook our learning onto this week. This is a lovely text all about how a boy looks after his new pet guinea pig. He has to think carefully about what his pet needs before he builds the most amazing home for him. We will be writing instructions for how to care for a pet this week, so be sure to ask your child what they have learnt. 

Science: We will be learning about the basic needs of animals including humans. We will be designing our own pet homes remembering to include all the things our pet will need. What do your pets at home need?

Maths: We will be counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 this week. Year 1 will be practising counting in these steps by using repeated addition. Year 2 will be beginning to relate the multiplication and division facts. 

Purple Mash: We will be using Purple Mash as our main e-learning platform, in school and at home. This week, I will be sending home the logins and passwords, stuck on the inside of the reading diary cover. The children will be using their logins at school, learning how to access their tasks set by me and they will be encouraged to use Purple Mash at home too. Every week I will be adding fun learning tasks, sometimes games, linked to the learning in school. Just Google search Purple Mash and the children will be able to login safely from the home screen. Be sure to ask them to show you this next week. 

I think that's all for this week. Keep reading and stay healthy! 

Love Mrs Westbrook :)