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Oak Class

Welcome. The Teacher in Oak Class is:



                                               Mrs Westbrook     


The Teaching Assistants in Oak Class are :-


                     Mrs Reynolds            and                 Mrs Tudgay


Home Learning Ideas

Friday 27th March 2020

Writing: Today I am going to be looking at flowers with my children. We are going to be taking apart a daffodil & finding out what all the different parts are called. We are going to draw a picture & label the parts of the flower. Why don't you do the same, take a picture & ask your parents to send it to me? 

Click on this link to watch a video explaining about parts of a flower. 

Maths: Year 1, I would like you do do some measuring at home today. You could line up your toys in order of height. You could do some baking & measure out the ingredients, carefully reading the scales with your parents. You could use water outside in the garden to fill up different containers & talk about which one is the most full, half full or nearly empty. Year 2, today's maths on the White Rose website is all about finding a quarter. Click here to have a go & remember you are sharing into 4 equal groups.  

Geography: We have been learning about maps this half term so why not draw a treasure map of your garden or your house? You could hide some real treasure for your parents to find. Remember, X marks the spot! Click here to watch a YouTube clip all about drawing treasure maps. 

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy that sunshine. 

Mrs W :)


Thursday 26th March 2020

Writing task: Today I would like you to use the British Wildlife Centre website to help you to research an animal or a plant found in the woodlands. Write a fact file! Click here to find out more. 

Art: I have seen lots of really good free ideas online for drawing or art activities. Today, use the sunshine to draw shadow pictures of animals using your toys. Can you experiment with moving your toy to create a taller or shorter shadow to draw round? 

Image result for shadow art pictures for kids

Useful website:  I have discovered this website this morning which is offering all of its resources for free, like so many others at this time. I will be using the phonics & the number bond games today with my daughter (year 1) as part of our home schooling today. 

We are also going to be riding our bikes as part of our once a day exercise this afternoon. 

What will you be doing?

Have a great day...enjoy this glorious sunshine!

Love Mrs W :)

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Purple Mash: I have emailed you via Purple Mash & today I would like you to login and reply. I would love to know what you have been doing as part of your home learning. Have you been out in the garden? Gone for a walk around your village? Have you built a den at home? Read a book? Watched a new film? Take photos and attach them to your emails if you can. 

Maths: I have been using the White Rose online for my children this week & accessing the free home learning resources. Click here to see the Year 1 resources for this week with a focus on mass & capacity. I have been using resources around my home with my baking scales to allow my daughter to weigh different objects. Click here for the Year 2 resources for this week with a focus on fractions. We were due to be learning about fractions this week in school so this will enable year 2 to stay up to date with the curriculum. Use your work books or some paper to record your answers...or get creative & use chalk on your patio outside!

Reading: Today we will be logging on to listen to David Walliams read one of his fantastic stories!

Click here to listen ... 

I hope you all have another lovely day in the sunshine. Remember to be kind to one another & stay in touch. Have you tried video calling your friends? This has been great fun for my children this week as they've been able to chat & be socially distant at the same time!

I can't wait to hear from you all. 

Mrs W :)

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Maths: Today's maths activity comes to you inspired by something we made in our garden yesterday. My children found an old wooden gate, laid it on the grass & painted a target on it. Today we are going to be giving each section of the target a value. I will keep the numbers below 50 for my daughter (year 1) and I will use 3 digit numbers for my son (year 3). 

Challenge: If you had 3 beanbags to throw at the target, what different totals could you score?

Image result for target practicee.g 100 + 100 + 100 = 300 ,   25 + 50 + 75 = 150  etc etc 

Literacy: We did some gardening yesterday in the sunshine & planted two types of seeds. Today we are going to write some instructions to tell our friends how we did it. You could do the same using time connectives, words like 'First, Second, Next, Then, Finally...' Remember to number each step and draw pictures to help make your instructions clearer. 

Topic: With our topic being woodlands at the moment, why don't you go for a walk (socially distancing yourselves of course!) through the woods. Make a list of anything you might spot. Children could write a scavenger hunt for their parents! 

Remember to take lots of photos, add these to a diary you might be keeping of this special time. You can email me or contact me via Purple Mash. I will add some more activities today on Purple Mash to keep you busy but keep your eye out for any free activities online. 

Video calling: We also set ourselves up on Zoom yesterday and both of my children enjoyed chatting to their school friends in a private chatroom. It didn't take long to set up & they really enjoyed seeing their friends' faces. I encourage you to do the same. Contact your friends & set up private chatrooms to catch up with each other. 

Enjoy the sunshine today & stay safe. 

Mrs W :)






'Woodlands' Topic web - Click here to see my planning for this half term so you know what your children will be learning. 

w/b 9th March 2020

Literacy: This week we have started to write our own ending for a traditional tale. We have used the tale of Jack & the Beanstalk and thought about the magical land that Jack could find himself in above the clouds. We have changed the giant & thought about our own bad characters. These stories will take us a few days to write but when they are finished, we will be sure to share them with you. Keep reading at home to inspire imaginations. 

Maths: We have been carrying on with our work on multiplication and division this week. We are hoping to be able to recite our 2s, 5s and 10s without much hesitation by the end of the week. 

THURSDAY: We have a visit from the Science Boffins to 'wow ' us with science! It will be a really special day as we honour Science Week. Watch this space for photos & more details. 

Extra curriculum activities: 

* Read lots of traditional tales at home & make a list of good and bad characters as well as settings. Click here to watch Jack & the Beanstalk.  

* Practise your times tables. Click here to play some games to test your speed. 

* Have a go at drawing your own maps by watching this video first. 

* Play these interactive phonics games to keep your sound knowledge up to speed. 

Mrs W :) 

w/b 2nd March 2020

Literacy: This week we have been fully immersing ourselves into the story writing structure. We started the week by exploring the character of Goldilocks. We described her using adjectives and conjunctions to add more detail to our sentences. We thought about what she looks like & what she is like as a person. Today we have been describing the setting of a woodland using lots of descriptive language. We used our senses to think carefully about what it would be like to be in the woods. 

Tomorrow is World Book Day with all the children being encouraged to bring in their favourite books and dress up as their favourite characters. We will be using the text, 'A child of Books' by Oliver Jeffers to explore the wonderful world of stories. I am very excited to enjoy a story or two together tomorrow. 

Maths: This week has been all about division. We have been solving division calculations by sharing into groups and also, by grouping. The children have been using their counting skills. Please keep practising Times Tables at home to support this learning. Year 1 need to be able to count in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. Year 2s should be practising their times tables facts, multiplication and division, for the 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. We do practise at school every day but anything you can be doing at home, always helps!

Topic: We have been busy drawing maps of our village this week. We have thought about symbols we want to use to represent our school, the shop, the park, our houses, the church and the woods. The children were very careful with their colouring and even remembered to include a key!  

We had a special visitor on Monday from The Dog's Trust. Steph taught us how to be safe around dogs. She shared about her work with the trust too which was very interesting. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas!

A reminder for all parents who could not attend Parents Consultations meetings this week. Please always let the office know if you cannot make an appointment as it means this time slot can be released for another parent who may need it.  It also means I don't need to wait for you! I will be offering another day next week for parents to sign up to if they choose to but unfortunately, I do have other commitments at home which mean I won't be able to stay as late as was offered this week for consultations. Please speak to me if you have any concerns. 

That's all for now...Mrs W :)  

w/b 24th February 2020

Welcome back to all of Oak Class - I do hope you managed to get some quality time with your families this half term, despite the awful weather! I am very excited to be starting this half term with the topic all about the woods. This ties in really well with Forest Schools which the Year 2s will continue with for a few more weeks. When the weather warms up after Easter the Year 1s will get their chance to explore the forest. More information to follow. 

Literacy: We have been busy exploring traditional tales this week with the setting of the woodlands. The children have loved role playing their favourite tales, drawing story maps & sequencing stories. This will really help them with they come to planning their very own traditional tales in the next few weeks. Help your children by reading lots of story books with them at home, helping them to engage with the stories & use their imaginations. 

Maths: We have been looking at multiplication & division again, recapping the best strategies to use to help us to solve problems. At home, encourage your children to be counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. Year 2s have begun to focus more on their times tables facts, introducing the 3s and 4s. 

Topic: We are exploring maps this half term, drawing maps of our classroom, our local area & woodlands. Ask your child to tell you all about BIrds Eye View. Look at maps at home, focusing on symbols you might find on a map & what they might mean. 

IMPORTANT! Next week is Parents Consultation Meetings on Monday after school and Wednesday afternoon. It is so important that all parents sign up as this time is an excellent opportunity for me to share your child's targets for the end of the year as well as for you to look through your child's books. Please speak to the office or myself to sign up for a slot if you have not done so already. 

Mrs W :) 


'Toybox' Topic web - Click here to see my planning for this half term so you know what your children will be learning. 

w/b 3rd February 2020

Maths: This week has been all about shapes, We started the week by going on a shape hunt around the school & we were amazed by what we found. We never realised there were quite so many shapes all around us. Next week we will be exploring 3d shapes in the classroom, counting how many edges, vertices & faces they have. Click here to test your shape knowledge. 

Literacy: We received a letter on Tuesday from the Department of Education asking us to tell them about which books we have been using in class to help with our learning. So we have been using story maps to make notes about our key text, we have written a character description of Bunting & now we are ready to write our 'blurbs' all about 'Lost in the Toy Museum'. Ask your child to tell you what happens in this excellent adventure. We are using all our grammar skills from this half term & seeing if we can include questions, exclamations, statements & commands in our writing. What a challenge!

Topic: This week we have been finishing off our Jack - in - the - boxes. We must evaluate our models next week & get them ready to display in the classroom. 

Dates for your diary: Next Thursday 13th February at 9am  will be Sharing & Showing assembly for Year 2 to show our Toys work we have been doing from this half term. Not to be missed!

Thank you to all parents who have been busy collecting butter tubs for Year 1. We will be attempting to make our very own bricks next week in science to build a wall as part of our learning on materials using The Three little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig as our story inspiration!

That's all for this week.

Mrs W :)

w/b 27th January 2020

Topic: This week, we have been comparing an old Victorian toy tea set with a modern day tea set. We looked carefully at both toys & used our history detective skills to explore the similarities & differences between the toys. We found a few! 

DT: This week, we are using our designs to make our Jack in the Boxes. We are so excited about this & can;t wait to see how they will turn out. 

Literacy: Before we can make our toys, we need to follow a set of instructions. We have been learning about the 4 sentence types (statements, questions, exclamations & commands) & we have been using 'bossy' verbs to start the commands needed to write our instructions. Ask your children to tell you which 'bossy' verbs they might hear around the house... ("Brush your teeth....Wash your hands...Flush the toilet!") 

Reading: Since the beginning of this term, we have started our very own Book Club, every morning after assembly. The children are encouraged to share a story with a friend, relax in the book corner on a beanbag while enjoying a book or they read to an adult. This has been a fantastic chance for the children to choose a book & take some time out of their busy days to enjoy reading with each other. I have been using this as a time to chat to each child about what they enjoy most about reading as well as checking their progress with phonics. Please can I encourage all parents to keep reading every evening after school with their children. You will begin to see bookmarks coming home in the book bags which have the 'Tricky Words' printed on them which I would like your child to be able to read on sight. Please read these words with your child & try to find them in their reading books. 

Maths: We have been revising our methods for solving subtraction calculations this week. Year 1 have been looking for number bonds to 20 to help them find answers quicker. Year 2 have been using empty lines to jump backwards in tens & then ones. All of us have used equipment in the class but have tried to train our brains to work out more mentally. 

Click here to try some subtraction games. 

Science: We are continuing to explore materials this half term by testing & investigating which materials are best suited for different purposes. Year 1 are going to be using the story of the Three Little Pigs to consider the suitability of each material. 

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Year 2 will be Sharing & Showing their topic work from this half term on Thursday 13th February at 9am.  

Please keep checking Purple Mash as I do try to add more tasks every week linked to our topic...and the children love it!

That's all for now.... Mrs W :) 

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Our visit from the Toy Museum was a huge success! Click here to look through the photos of us being history detectives. 

w/b 20th January 2020

Topic:  This week we will have a visit from the Toy Musuem! This should be a fun and engaging session with an opportunity for all the children to handle the toys to think about how old & new toys compare. 

Literacy: We will be using the 'Lost Toys in the Museum' text to inspire our learning & writing. 

Maths: This week we are subtracting in many different ways. 

Mrs W :)

w/b 13th January 2020

Topic: This week we will be thinking about our family favourite toys. What toys did our parents play with when they were younger? Grandparents? What materials were these toys made from? How have toys changed over the last 10 or 20 years? 

Literacy: This week we will be reading more of our class text, 'Dogger'. We have been identifying the verbs, nouns & adjectives, trying to remember to use capital letters in the correct places. 

Maths: We are moving onto Addition & Subtraction this week, remembering how we combine two different numbers to create a total. 

Remember: Tuesday 21st January we have a visit from the Museum lady who will be showing us old toys from the past. Please keep an eye out for a text message for more information. 

Mrs W :)


Happy New Year & welcome back! I hope you had a restful Christmas break with friends and family. 

w/b 6th January 2020 

Topic: Our new topic this term is Toybox, with a focus on History, looking at the changes of toys from many years ago to today. I am so excited about this topic as I know it will tie in nicely with the passing of Christmas & new presents. It will no doubt inspire lots of discussion & chat from the children as we explore each other's toys.  I will be encouraging the children to bring in their favourites toys from home for a very special 'Show & Tell' in this first week back. I will be sure to send out a text message to remind all parents. 

Literacy: We will be using the text 'Lost in the Toy Museum' to inspire our study of toys. We will be identifying verbs, adjectives & nouns from the text & using these to help inspire our writing. Year 1 need to show me how well they can form sentences this term without too much support from the adults in the classroom. They will be remembering to use capital letters, full stops & finger spaces from last half term. Year 2 will be extending their sentences with the use of adjectives & punctuation from last half term. 

Reading: We will be using several texts this half term to help shape our topic knowledge of toys. A big thank you to all the parents who purchased a book or two to help with the children's learning. These include 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey (one of my favourite books of all time!), 'That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown' by Cressida Cowell, 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes (a classic!) and 'This is the Bear'. Our focus is always comprehension during our Guided reading sessions. The children listen to the stories, explore the texts for themselves & answer questions to deepen their understanding of the text.  This half term we will be aiming to read aloud to an adult every day to help develop our fluency & stamina. Please keep hearing your children read on a daily basis at home & read good quality texts to them. It is so beneficial for children to be exposed to all genres of texts to help grow their literacy skills. 

Maths: This week we will be revisiting place value with a focus on being able to read, count and write numbers to 100. We will be placing numbers on a number line, comparing smaller and greater numbers. You could practise writing numbers at home this week to help support your child's learning. Or encourage them to try these games at home. 

Place Value Basketball

Shark Numbers

Please also remember to check out Purple Mash at home. Login details are found at the back of your child's reading diary. I update the 'to-do's' regularly & can give instant feedback for any completed tasks which the children really love to recieve!

That's all for now. See you ll on Monday! 

Mrs W :)




Week 13 - w/b 2nd December 2019

Literacy: We are reading Christmas poems this week and using actions to help us to remember them. We are performing our poems to each other & using the expression in our voices to make it sounds more interesting. We are also practising our handwriting & revising sounds we have been learning in phonics. 

Maths: We are learning how to tell the time to o'clock & half past for year 1. Year 2 will be revising o'clock and half past as well as learning quarter to and quarter past. Practise telling the time with your children at home this week to reinforce what we have been learning in class. 


Week 12 - w/b 25th November 2019

Literacy: Our stories are nearly finished but now they need a happy ending. We will be writing the ending to our stories before thinking of a really good title! After reading The Rainbow Bear and finding out so much about polar bears, we have been upset to learn that they are endangered. As a class we would really love to adopt a polar bear but we must write to Mrs Burnett first to ask for her permission. We will be finding out how to write letters before drafting and writing our own letters. 

Maths: Year 2s will be learning how to find other fractions of amounts and shapes. We know how to find halves and quarters but this week, we will learn about thirds and three quarters. Year 1s are going to be using what they learnt last week to investigate fractions in different ways. 

Purple Mash: We spoke about how to access the tasks that I assign the children every week. Please allow your child some time on a computer at home to complete these tasks as they will reinforce what we are learning in school, in a fun way. If you do not have access to a computer, don't worry as they children are able to carry out the tasks when we have spare time in the week. 

Christmas: This Friday sees our Christmas Fayre after school. The children will be busy making all sorts of lovely things for you to buy so do come along & support this fantastic event. 

That's all for this week. Keep reading & practising those spellings...

Mrs W :)


Week 11 -  w/b 18th November 2019

Literacy: This week we will be using our sentence work from last week to begin to write our very own stories. We will be describing our main character, the setting, thinking about a problem & making sure we have a happy ending. This week, when you read stories at home, see if you can identify the problem & how does it get solved? 

Maths: This week we will be finding halves & quarters of shapes, objects & quantities. We will be finding out how to record fractions, colouring shapes, using measuring containers & lots of other practical resources to investigate how fractions work. At home, see if you can share small objects between 2 or 4 people. Can you share fruit into 2 equal groups? Can you find half of the amount of toys in your bedroom?

Topic: We will be flying to the South Pole this week to explore Antarctica. We will be meeting the penguins & finding out more about what we would see there. We will find Antarctica on a map & name the surrounding oceans. 

Whole Class Reading:  We have been given a very generous gift of books this week! We will be reading Lost & Found as a class and now we have 10 copies, we will be able to do this with one copy between 2 people. This will give us the opportunity to dive deep into the text, exploring the language used by the author. We will consider expression as we read, as well as work on our fluency. This is a great story. Take some time this week to talk about what happens & how the characters are feeling. Watch the short animation here and think about how this story makes you feel. 

We are still practising our Christmas play this week. It would be really useful for all children to practise the song words at home as well this week. It won't take long to get these songs buzzing round our heads. 

Until next time.... 

Mrs W :)

Week 10 - w/b 11th November 2019

We have a really busy week ahead of us this week so let's begin with some important dates for your diary.

PARENTS CONSULTATIONS are being held on Monday after school until 6pm & again on Wednesday from 3pm until 6pm.  If you haven't done so already, please arrange a time with me. These are 10 minute appointments for us to discuss how well your child has settled in this term. You will have the opportunity to look through your child's literacy & maths books. It is a chance for me to update you on their progress & discuss targets for the coming year. Children are invited to join you but it is not essential. If you cannot make Monday or Wednesday, please do speak to me about making an alternative arrangement. I will try to be as accommodating as my diary will allow! 

CHRISTMAS is upon us this half term & scripts have been sent home in book bags for the year 2 children to start practising their line/s with you at home. We will be practising our singing a little bit every day starting this week. Please can I encourage you to engage with your children at home about the Christmas play to make it even more enjoyable & easier for them to learn their parts. 

CHILDREN IN NEED is happening this week on Friday 15th November. Please watch this space & keep an eye on the text messages with regards to our plan for this morning. We will be getting active & raising money!

Maths: We are learning about odd & even numbers this week through the 2 times table for year 2 & doubling & halving with year 1. There are many games online including Purple Mash which you can play with your children as you discuss with them how we know numbers are odd or even. 

Literacy: We will be looking at sentence structure this week, reminding ourselves about how to use capital letters & full stops correctly. The children will be reading The Rainbow Bear, highlighting capital letters & full stops as well as correcting a piece of Mrs Westbrook's work! (I make mistakes too...) By the end of the week, we will be able to write sentences using the correct punctuation. This will really help us when we start to write our won stories in the next few weeks. 

Science: We are learning about materials this week. We will be handling a variety of materials including wood, plastic, glass, paper, water & rock. We will be describing them & seeing if we can label them. 

Do keep checking the website for more updates!

Mrs W :) 

Week 9 - w/b 4th November 2019

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a really relaxing break. Monday is an Inset Day & then we are back on Tuesday for our trip to Marwell Zoo. There will be lions, giraffes & meerkats for us to look at. As well as penguins for us to learn more about ready for our new topic, Poles Apart.  

This half term, we will be exploring the Arctic & Antarctica. We will be finding out about the animals that live in the poles. We will be reading The Rainbow Bear by Micheal Morpurgo to inspire our learning. 

At home: Please continue to practise spellings, read every day & check out Purple Mash for any new activities linked to our topic. As well as this, please engage with your child about our topic. Read books from the library, find out about the poles, watch Blue Planet & find out what happens in the animal kingdom. Remember to share anything you find out at home with us in school during Show & Tell for your chance to gain housepoints. 


Week 8 - w/b 21st October 2019

This week we are preparing for our class assembly, bonfire building and finishing off our topic work. Have a lovely half term and we will see you on TUESDAY 5th NOVEMBER, ready for our trip to Marwell Zoo! 

Mrs W :) 

Week 7 - w/b 14th October 2019

Literacy: We have been writing riddles this week about our African animals. 

Maths: We have been finishing off our learning on addition and subtraction. 


Mrs W :)


Week 6 - w/b 7th October 2019

Literacy / Topic: Next week we will be finding out about African animals. We will be using non-fiction texts to research facts about our favourite animals. Which animal is your favourite and why? Where do they live? We will be writing fact files about our animals. Click here to find out more about The Big Five. 

Maths: We will be carrying on addition next week and introducing subtraction. Please keep practising your numeracy skills by using the games I have added to the Purple Mash website. Bond Bubbles is a good one for practising your number bonds up to 20. 

NEXT WEEK: We have an athlete coming into school next Friday to do lots of sports with us. Please check the book bags for sponsor forms. 

Mrs W :)


Week 5 - w/b 30th September 2019

Literacy: Sunny the Meerkat has gone missing! Where has he gone? Why did he leave our classroom? What is he doing now? Has anyone seen him? How will people contact us to find him? We will be busy making 'Missing' posters to find our friend Sunny. Year 2s will be using question words & question marks to help us to write our posters. Year 1s will be using adjectives to describe Sunny is detail to ensure people know exactly what he is like. Our posters will need to be displayed across the school. Watch this space....

Maths: We will be looking at number bonds within 10 this week with year 1. Which pairs of numbers do we know that add up to 10? We will be answering missing number questions. Use this website to help sharpen those mental maths skills. 

Year 2s will be using their number bonds to 10 to help them to learn number bonds to 100. We will be recapping how to add along a numberline by counting on and counting back. Use this game online to practise missing umber sentences against the clock.

Topic: This week is all about African food. We will be joining up with Maple Class during our topic time to experience different fruits and vegetables. We will be reading the story of Handa's Surprise to describe African food & what it tastes like. 

DATE TO REMEMBER: Our Harvest Festival Service is on Thursday afternoon at 2pm at the church. Please do join us as the children will be sharing prayers, songs & a harvest poem that we have been busy preparing for the day. Bring a spare tin or packet of food with you to give towards the local foodbank. 

Please can all children have their wellies & raincoats in school this week. Even if it is raining, we will attempt to have outdoor play if all children have appropriate clothing. 

Think that's it from me!

Mrs W :) 

Week 4 - w/b 23rd September 2019

This week we are starting our booster clubs for year 2. Please check the bookbags for letters to know when your child has been invited to attend. These are such important times for your children in order to gain confidence with basic counting, times tables as well as spellings. The boosters will be short, quick paced & fun! The children will be using games & whiteboard as well as other classroom equipment to familiarise themselves with the resources available. 

Literacy: We are using Meerkat Mail by Emily Garrett to inspire our learning about animals from hot countries. The children have been really enjoying learning more about meerkats and what they can do. We have been using adjectives to describe the animals and next week, we will be using verbs to describe what meerkats can do. 

Maths: We will be counting in 2s, 5s & 10s next week. Please encourage your child to do lots of counting next week, starting from different numbers. Year 2s will be using these counting skills to practise their times tables. Do they know 'lots of' and 'groups of' when talking about times tables? Use this website to help practise.


Dates to remember:  

Oak Class Sharing & Showing assembly will be Wednesday 23rd October at 9am. We will be sharing all the lovely work we will have done by then about animals from hot countries including all we have found out about meerkats. 

Our school trip has been booked for Tuesday 5th November to Marwell Zoo. It will be the first day back after half term (Monday 4th November is an Inset Day) so please remember to come to school prepared for the trip. More details to follow!

Mrs W :)


Week 3 - w/b 16th September 2019

This week we are focusing on our handwriting. We will be checking that we can form all our letters correctly before we begin to sound out words. We are in full swing learning new sounds & new spelling patterns which is helping us with our reading as well as writing. 

Literacy: We have been using the text, 'Meerkat Mail' to explore meerkats. We have found out so many interesting facts about them already & this week we will be using adjectives to describe meerkats. 

Maths: We are securing our number knowledge this week by breaking down two digit numbers into tens & ones. We are using a range of resources in the classroom to represent numbers in many different ways.

For those parents who were not able to attend the parents meeting, please check your child's bookbag for the slideshow that I talked through during the meeting. I talked about expectations & classroom routines for Oak Class. Please do ask if there are any questions. 


Week 2 - w/b 9th September 2019

Topic: We will be looking at world maps this week & finding out where the hottest countries are. We will be finding out where animals in hot countries live & how they are adapted to their habitats. 

In Science, we will be looking closely at how we have changed since we were babies. What can we do now that we couldn't do before? And how will we continue to change as we get older?

Literacy: We will be reading 'Meerkat Mail' this half term to inspire us as we delve deeper into our topic. We will be focusing on how to write a letter or a postcard. We will be learning about capital letters, full stops & when to use them. 

Phonics: This week, we are recapping previously taught sounds & enjoying lots of different games. We will be singing lots of songs to help us to remember new sounds. 

Reading: We will be starting our Whole Class Reading this week. We will be reading a text together & answering questions to find out more. 

Maths: We have started this term using lots of different equipment to help us to represent numbers in lots of different ways. Year 2 have been looking at two digit numbers, the tens and the ones, using equipment such as hundred squares and number lines to find numbers. This week we will be exploring numbers even further to secure our knowledge of place value. Year 1 will be doing lots o counting to 20 and exploring numbers in many different ways. We will be learning to count in 2s, 5s & 10s. 

Counting in 2s 

Duck Shoot

Counting Caterpillar - Ordering numbers 

Whack a mole - Counting

THIS WEEK: Spelling books will be coming home this week for your child to practice a new spelling pattern. 'Meet the Teacher' presentations are this week; Oak Class is on Tuesday after school in Oak Class. Please do come along to find out more about this year & how you can support your child. 

Mrs W 


w/b 2nd September 

A big welcome back to all our wonderful children and their families. I hope you have all had a really lovely summer break with lots of rest and fun in the sun. I can't wait to hear all about the fun you have had. 

This week is all about getting to know each other. We will be painting our self portraits to be displayed on the walls. We will be learning about our bodies & senses in science, exploring how to keep healthy with the food we eat and the exercise we do. We will be doing lots of counting, exploring how to make numbers in different ways. We will practise writing our names using capital letters. We will be sorting our letters into alphabetical order using a range of resources in the classroom. 

My main aim for the first week back is to make the children feel safe & secure in their new setting. We will be exploring the classroom, finding out where all the resources are & familiarising ourselves with where we put our belongings. In year 1, we are learning how to become more independent so I will be encouraging the children to do as much as they can without too much help from me! 

In Oak Class, we love to read! Books, books, books! I love reading & I know the children love listening to stories. The more we can read to our children, the more ideas they will have when it comes to writing. I would encourage all parents to be sharing books at home; reading aloud to our children as much as listening to them read to us. This will help give the children a really good model of how to use expression and become more fluent when reading aloud. We will be sharing a  lot of stories together in the first few weeks & I hope this will spark a love of reading for the rest of the year to come. 

Keep checking the website for regular updates & check your child's book bags for anything that needs your attention. There will be a 'Meet the Teacher' meeting very soon too where you can ask me anything about the year ahead. 

I look forward to meeting you all & working with your children this year. 

Mrs W :)