Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Year 2 Meeting - Notes

We would like to believe your child's education is a partnership between the school and parents. Your children are in an important year academically and the expectations have risen from last year. We want the best from every single child and learning is tailored to do this.

We are quickly approaching the mid way point of this academic year. The children will have their SAT's during May but the overall judgement is made by the teacher, supported by evidence collected from classwork. It is therefore important the children are ready to learn, as rested as possible everyday and ready to produce work to show their knowledge and understanding. 

Reading - It is important to read as least 5 times a week, following the scheme books as they help to develop their decoding abilities. Also, to discuss the book, any new words or words just to check they understand them. Question things that are inferred, not explicit like how were they feeling, why did they do that etc. Also extract information like how did they eat the food - 'gobbled'. These things can be noted in the diary and can provide evidence. 

Fluency - Children need to be reading fluently - click here for an example video.

Enjoy reading! Share a fun bedtime story frequently (this can be any book!) as this develops their language, how stories work and helps their imagination. 

Phonics - Knowing their phonics is so important. It is crucial to them reading and decoding. Give your child time to try and decode before you jump in, that way you will see if particular sounds they are unsure of. Phonics impacts their spelling and their ability to have a phonetically plausible attempt which is necessary at year 2 for their writing. 

You have a copy of the phonic phases. They should know these sounds but if they don't keep practising them if possible.

Common exception words - Please help your child to learn these and be familiar with this list so they can use them to find the word if they are unsure. They need to be spelling these words correctly by the end of the year in their writing but can use the list independently to do so.

Maths - Please refer to the class websites for the areas being covered each week, often suggestions are put on their of how you can help your child or games to play. Use purple mash to play games and practise x 2, x5 and x10

Thank you for your support in your child's education. Please come in and talk to us regarding any queries. 

Mrs Blackwood and Mrs Westbrook