Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Plan for returning to school in September.



School Lane, Fittleworth, West Sussex, RH20 1JB

              Telephone: 01798 865419


                 Headteacher: Mrs Deborah Burnett



Reopening Information for Parents

PLEASE read this letter carefully so that you are fully aware of the changes and safety measures we have in place to ensure we are adhering to the government guidelines.


In line with the Department for Education’s instruction, it is our plan that all pupils, in all year groups, will return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term – Monday 7th September 2020. Thursday 3rd/Friday 4th September 2020 (Staff INSET).

Our planning is underpinned by the Department for Education’s advice on effective infection protection and control which states the following:

“We are asking schools to prepare for all pupils to return full-time from the start of the autumn term, including those in school-based nurseries. Schools should not put in place rotas.

Schools must comply with health and safety law, which requires them to assess risks anput in place proportionate control measures. Schools should thoroughly review their health and safety risk assessments and draw up plans for the autumn term that address the risks identified using the system of controls set out below. These are an adapted form of the system of protective measures that will be familiar from the summer term. Essential measures include:

  1. a requirement that people who are ill stay at home
  2. robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  3. enhanced cleaning arrangements
  4. active engagement with NHS Test and Trace
  5. formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable
  6. How contacts are reduced will depend on the school’s circumstances and will (as much as possible) include:
  • grouping children together
  • avoiding contact between groups
  • arranging classrooms with forward facing desks
  • staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible”Many of the protocols and procedures that were implemented during the summer term will remain the same in the autumn term with the expectation that they will further embed so that children who did not attend in the summer term will themselves adopt the measures also.
  • Class/Bubbles
    • Children will be placed in their class ‘bubble’ alongside two adults, their teacher/s and learning support assistant/s. These bubbles will be expanded to year groups/key stages for playtimes and specialist teaching groups within these bubbles.
  • The bubbles will consist as follows: Beech Class (reception), Oak class (Yr1/2), Maple Class (Yr2/3), Ash Class (Yr 4/5), Cedar Class (Yr 5/6). Extended bubbles will be: Upper school bubble (Ash and Cedar) and Lower school bubble (Oak and Maple) for play and specialist teaching groups allowing some children to access interventions and specialist teaching within the upper or lower school bubbles. The upper and lower school bubbles will not mix. Beech class will remain as a separate bubble and not expand.
  • The bubble will remain in one classroom throughout the day unless doing PE/outdoor learning in their designated outdoor space, or specialist teaching.
  • Children in the year 2,3,4,5 and 6 bubbles will sit at desks facing forward in pairs. Children will need their own labelled pencil case with a writing pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener and coloured pencils.
  • Reception and Yr 1 bubbles will divide their classroom into zones that the children rotate around throughout the day. These areas will be regularly cleaned along with the resources they need to access.
  • Adults working alongside children for support will not be able to adhere to the 2 metre distancing rule at all times. Younger children may need comforting and help requiring closer contact. In these circumstances my staff will not be practising social distancing. However, at all other times adult will socially distance themselves from the children and other adults.
  • Children will only be able to mix with children and adults within their bubbles during the school day.
  • Children will use designated outdoor spaces for playtimes and lunchtimes
  • Children will have their lunches in their classroom bubbles


Effective Infection Protection and Control

As a school we will continue to work through the hierarchy of measures set out in the government guidance:

  1. Avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms
  2. Frequent hand cleaning and good hygiene practices
  3. Regular cleaning of classrooms and surrounding areas
  4. Minimizing contact and mixing (socially distancing where possible)
  5. Ensuring good respiratory hygiene-promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’
  • Public Health England are clear that if school settings follow this guidance and also apply

     comprehensive infection control measures, the risk of transmission will be lowered.

  • During the summer holidays the school will be deep cleaned and in September, a regular cleaning Rota will continue to be in place throughout the school day as well as thorough cleans each evening and at weekends.
  • Children should not wear facemasks or gloves in school. PPE will only be used by staff   working closely with children (i.e. intimate care needs) or who are supervising children that are ill/showing symptoms in school while we wait for parents to collect.

The Curriculum


  • Children will be assessed on returning to school so that we can identify gaps and plan careful interventions and teaching plans to meet your child’s needs. Catch up interventions will be put in place throughout the school day.
  • For the first 6 weeks teachers will focus on literacy and numeracy catch up as well as PSHE, PE and RE as their main sessions.
  • We are aware that children’s mental health and well-being may have been affected during the lockdown period and for many of our pupils they will have been out of education for almost 6 months. We will therefore give plenty of time to discuss feelings and address this accordingly.
  • Teachers will still teach through a topic and try to engage the children in a fun and creative way. By carefully planning in a cross curricular way, the teachers should be able to give a broad and balanced curriculum whilst placing a higher priority on catch up and filling gaps that may have arisen because of lockdown.




  • Now the circumstances have changed, it is vital for all children to return to school to minimise as far as possible the longer-term impact of the pandemic on children’s education, wellbeing and wider development. School attendance will therefore be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term.
  • If rates of infection in the local area rise, then some parents who have children who were once shielding due to medical advice may wish to isolate their children again. Please come and discuss this with us as we are happy to work with you to ensure that all pupils are as safe as they possibly can be whilst still receiving an education.
  • If a child at school presents themselves as a risk to others, they will be given a warning and if the behaviour persists they will be asked to go home. There will be zero tolerance of any inappropriate or anti-social behaviour. Rules around safety measures must be followed!
  • No one with symptoms should attend school for any reason.
  • If anyone has a cough/temperature/feels unwell at school, they will be sent home. They will need to self-isolate for 14 days, or until tested negative.
  • If a child or adult shows symptoms and tests positive for COVID-19, then the whole bubble that the child was in must be sent home and they must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If other cases are then also confirmed at the school, the Local Authority will advise the Head teacher on next steps/possible closure.
  • Children should wear clean uniform with school shoes (grey/black shorts/skirt, white polo top, school jumpers) They DO NOT need to bring in PE kits to school. We would like children to come to school dressed for PE on the days that they have this lesson (see below for details). PE kits should be a PE top, black shorts and sensible trainers. Black or grey jogging bottoms are advised as the days turn colder. School jumpers should be worn not personal hoodies!
  • Free hot school meals will be provided for all children in years R, 1 and 2. Children from year 3 up can order meals through Chartwells as normal. The menu is on the website. If children wish to bring a packed lunch they should bring a small practical lunchbox that is easy to clean.
  • Children should only bring to school a water bottle, sunhat/school jumper/coat (weather dependent) and their book bag. No rucksacks are necessary!     

School Timings


  • Parents and children should walk or cycle to and from school where possible.
  • The school day will be staggered to allow less congestion on the road/carpark and on the playground. We ask that when you have dropped off or collected your child that you leave the premises promptly to avoid congestion.Maple and Oak bubbles start- 9.00am pick up -3.00pmIf you have children that are expected to arrive at different drop off times come at the earliest drop of time and younger siblings can go straight to their bubbles where their teachers will take care of them.
    • Beech class Bubble start-9.10am and pick up 3.10pm from week 3 (Wk beg. 21/9/20).
    • Cedar and Ash bubbles start- 8.45 am and pick up 3.20pm
  • Parents of Year R children should wait on the markings directly outside Beech classroom door, Oak parents on marking leading from the Oak class gate entrance, Maple and Cedar bubbles to wait outside the main children’s entrance and Ash by the gate nearest the reception door.
  • Only one parent should drop off and collect their child from school each day.
  • Parents will be responsible for socially distancing from one another when in the playground using the markings for guidance
  • Please use the top gate and the ramp on entering the school grounds and steps and top gate when leaving the playgroup to avoid congestion. Follow the signs and arrows
  • Please do not enter the school unless absolutely necessary. Email or phone the office with queries.
  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will also be staggered if wet, to avoid congestion on the playground or hall but bubbles will use designated outdoor space freely when the weather is dry.
  • We are able to commence wrap around care. Karen will resume with breakfast club and run any school aged children’s provision in the school hall. Please contact Karen if you need this provision enquires Fittleworth Playgroup
  • Only paid clubs will start from September. These will be football on a Tuesdays run by Portsmouth Football club (ages 6-11) and Mr Ryan will run a club for Key stage 2 on Wednesdays. Teachers will run booster clubs by invite only for the first half term and we will then review club provision at half term.
  • PE days are as follows: Mondays-Beech, Oak, Maple and Cedar. Tuesdays-Ash and Cedar. Wednesdays- Oak and Maple. Fridays-Beech and Ash. Children should come to school in their PE kits on these days.Please can I ask that if for any reason you do not think that your child can return to school due to medical advice please can you let me know before the end of July. Should circumstances change during the summer holidays please email office@fittleworth.schoolI would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your continued support this year particular in relation to the pandemic. We have never experienced a year quite like it and hope that school will resume as normal as soon as possible.I wish you all a very happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th September 2020.

Stay safe! Stay alert!

Kind Regards

Debbie Burnett

Head teacher