Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Maple Class

The Teachers in Maple Class are


                 Mrs Blackwood           and                     Mrs Phillips


The Teaching Assistants in Maple class are


                      Mrs Watts,       Mr Tudgay            and         Mrs Hails


Class Expectations


Parent Guide to the National Curriculum

 Home Learning

So, it has happened, we are all home schooling our children. This is as strange for me as it is for you. Please don't be worried or get stressed. Each day I will update the website with suggestions to do. If you don't complete them all it doesn't matter, choose. Try to give your children a balanced educational diet. Include lego, drawing, painting, making a junk model or cooking something.

Please read daily.

You can do 20 minutes spellings (we do that daily at school). They are in your child's spelling book and further weeks spellings are on a sheet in your pack.

Practise one of the times tables daily (5 minute)  or do a speed test once a day speed test

Friday 27th March

It's Friday!! Last day of the school (home learning) week then you can relax and enjoy the weekend! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather, trying to complete some of the tasks set and having fun! It's been lovely having emails (purple mash) from some of you telling me about baking, bike rides, learning to roller skate and more!! 

Literacy - time to complete the literacy if it's not already done, if it is maybe complete some of a reading booklet. 

Alphabet fun - write the alphabet down the page and for each letter write an animal, food, country for each. it could be Year 3's cold see if they could use a dictionary to check the spelling and write a definition of some of these.

Maths - Choose a number 2 digit or 3 digit. Can you partition it in different ways? What does each digit represent? Can you draw it? Can you add 1, 10, 100 to it or take 1, 10 or 100 or it as appropriate? Maybe challenge yourself to another number e.g. add or 28 from it.

Fun Friday/ weekend activities - Chester Zoo virtual gates

Watch feeding of sharks and turtles here

make a paper horse that walks click here

audible stories click here

Have fun on google 3d view - ask an adult to help

Why not learn sign language or watch someone sing to The Greatest Showman - I believe it'son Facebook at 1.30 by sing along with us. The girl (Jade) learnt to sign to be able to communicate with her brother (Kristian).

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to make some salt dough for my two tomorrow. 

Thursday 26th March

Remember you can go onto Purple Mash - play games, email each other or respond to the blog. Some of you have already emailed me so thank you to those.

We tried cosmic yoga in my house and Andy's wild workhouse this morning! 

Literacy - Can you copy up your leaflet as a neat copy, don't forget to keep your draft! Can you draw some pictures or print some off to stick in it? 

Maths - I'm pleased to hear lots of you are practising your times tables and hopefully you are getting speedier. speed test

I'm suggesting practical activities for maths this week and next so you can consolidate your learning. If you want to recap our work on fractions- white rose home learning resources are here for year 2 here for year 3

Year 2-  can you find some objects to measure the weight of them and place them in an order or measure lengths (if you have a ruler or tape measure at home).

Year 3 - can draw a 2D shape and work out the perimeter of it? a possible website for perimeter

Here are some nature activities you could try click here

Year 3 as it's so sunny could you draw round your shadow first thing in the morning and then everyone hour throughout the day? What do you notice? Can you record what you observe in your workbook and draw a diagram?

Challenge- find a globe or map of the world and randomly choose a country. Can you find at least 10 facts about this country? click for a suggested website to use

Wednesday 25th March

The weather has been so glorious today and I hope you all got to enjoy playing in the garden and maybe went for a little walk for exercise (social distancing yourselves of course). I hope your families are all well and enjoying this time we have together. I've sent you all an email though Purple Mash maybe you could all respond and tell me what you have been up to and if you are all ok?

Joe Wick's PE is quite a workhouse and you don't need much space, it makes my family feel good.

Literacy - try to complete the draft of your animal leaflet. Can you edit it and add more to it - extra adjectives, extend sentences with conjunctions or add extra information. I'd love when these are done (and we are back at school) to collect them and present the in a scrap book as a class. 

Maybe today complete one reading comprehension texts - try to pace yourself. If you have already completed all the readings, there are lots online that parents can download.

Maths - Complete a few pages of your maths booklet. If you are super speedy and have finished these, either see if parents can print some more off (there are lots of free resources available) or create some questions that are similar to the ones in the booklets. 

On pieces of paper (the size of playing cards) write some 2 digit numbers (year 2) and 3 digit numbers (year 3). Can you choose two randomly and add them or take the smaller one away from the bigger one. Extension - ask a parent to give you a total e.g. 57 / 258 and you have to see if you can choose two numbers and make the number closest to it given the numbers you have.

DT - Make something - a lego model from the 30 day challenge, a cake/biscuit, a rocket or something else the choice is yours! Maybe email me to let me know what you made. 


Tuesday 24th March

I hope everyone enjoyed their first day of learning from home (parents and children included) and got to play in the garden or go for a safe walk and enjoy the sunshine .In my house, we basically 'played' schools all day. Try to enjoy the time together, if your child really wants to do something you can encourage that, just try to get the balance of the subjects if possible. I am writing suggestions for guidance if you need it.

Today, try the Joe Wicks PE again to wake everyone up! My family in my house will be doing this again! or maybe if it's nice maybe an obstacle course?

Literacy - Start a draft of a leaflet about your chosen animal (this can take a couple of days to do) Either fold some paper or do an electronic one of Purple Mash.   

I've put some games as to do's on Purple Mash for you to have a go at. Don't forget you can email your friends or me on purple mash or respond to the class blog on the shared section. 

Maths - Try a couple more pages of a maths booklet. Today, for a practical activity, choose a few containers from around the house, arrange in order of capacity and then measure (ask a parent if you can use a measuring jug from the kitchen). 

Art - Create a rainbow to display in your window to promote hope. Maybe today, draw a portrait of a member of your family, either one in your house or one you can't see at the moment.

Monday 23rd March - Join  Joe Wicks for his online PE session at 9am. 

Literacy -Start to write a daily diary for your time off. This needn't be very long, include your feelings. This could be done independently while parents are preparing food at any point in the day. 

As you can't visit anywhere watch the live cams at Edinburgh Zoo or the animal farm. Chose your favourite animal and today research some facts about them.

Maths - Complete a few questions in the booklets in your pack. Also, play a game of skittles.(This can be played in the garden if it's nice!)  On 6 pins or drinks bottles, put a number on each one. (year 3 could include 3 digit numbers e.g. 123 but start with 2 digit e.g 36 to see how they cope. Year 2 chose 1 digit and 2 digit numbers to start  then all 2 digit numbers) Take it in turns to roll and you have to add up the numbers on the skittles to get your score. Who is going to win?? Year 3 can use column addition and year 2 can partition or use dienes and ones (sticks and dots)

Science - Go on a mini-beast and plant hunt. Make a tally of your results and maybe a graph on purple mash. Year 3 do you have any different types of rocks in your garden? Possibly draw some of the things you find.


Spring 2020

This term our topic is 'Changes'. Year 2 will be finding out about how toys have changed over time during the first half term as well as other significant inventions, significant changes and finding out bout Queen Victoria. In the second half term, they will be finding out about habitats and how animals are suited to particular environments, looking at woodlands and doing map work. The year 3's will be finding out about the Victorians over the term, how life has changed, what school was like, what it was like for the poor and then for the rich. 

Topic web - Changes -Year 2

Topic Web - Changes - Year 3

speed tables

purple mash

w/b 16th March

This week will begin with the year 3 having a taster of a Victorian schoolroom. The teacher is very strict!

In literacy we will be creating non chronological leaflets. Year 2 will base theirs on owls and year 3 will be able to choose the animal that interests them. Any research at home could be printed off and brought in to use or any home books. Where does it live? It's appearance. What does it eat? What types are there? What are there young like? 


cool owl facts

In maths we will be working on our fractions. Practising times tables will help the children solve many fraction problems.

daily ten

hit the button

Please read as much as possible it really helps you child!

Please practise their CEW and their phonics . Year 2's you were given a sheet so please go over this so you are familiar with them. phonic games  coconut vowels 

Year 3 we will be learning about Mary Anning and her lick with fossils. Can you explain to an adult at home how fossils are formed?  film

Year 2 will be looking at world habitats and which animals live where and starting to think about what makes them suitable to certain habitats e.g. thick fur, flippers etc  habitat clips

w/b 9th March

This week is Science Week!!! Let's have some fun with experiments! We will do most of this on Thursday, when we have people coming in to do workshops, an assembly and a rocket launch! Year 3 will do some science on Monday as well (making volcanoes!) 

In maths, we will be working on data, where we will be collecting data, drawing graphs and interpreting graphs. Can you collect data at home after having posed a question e.g. favourite chocolate? 

bar charts

pictogram yr 2


carroll diagram

Our computing will link to our maths where we will be using 2calculate to create electronic bar charts.

Year 2 will be drawing pictograms when we collect data about local habitats (weather permitting!)

In literacy we will be looking at fairy tales. Year 2 will be focusing on using commas in lists. We will be comparing fairy tales. Year 2 will be using commas to mark clauses. 

Year 3 will be making pinhole cameras and writing instructions for them. 

w/b 2nd March

Parent consultations this week to discuss your child's progress, any concerns and any questions you may have.

World Book Day Thursday - I look forward to sharing your favourite books with you and with each other.

In maths we will be working on division and its relationship with multiplication. Year 2 will be using the plate method but if preference using their tables. Please continue to practise tables at home. Year 3 will be using tables but moving on to learn the formal division method.

demolition division

doggy division ks1

hit the button use division fact games

coconut multiples


In literacy, we will continue our work on our book 'The lost happy endings'. This week we will be thinking about the witch and why she stole the bag, was it with good intentions or not? We will be writing from her perspective. We will be doing this while looking at suffixes 'ly, ness, ful, less, ment' and year 3 also looking at 'prepositions ' next, under, over'.

suffixes information ly

In topic year 3 will be finding out about Victorian schools and what it was like and also designing a pin hole camera. (any multipack cereal boxes welcome) Year 2 will be drawing maps of the school and class from birds eye perspective. They will also be sketching woodland animals and designing sculputure the style of Any Goldsworthy. 

Victorian schools

Victorian school info


w/b 24th February

I hope you have all had a good week off and feel ready to embark on the next 6 week block of learning! 

This half term, Year 2 will begin work on their new topic 'Woodlands'. We will be looking at animals and their habitats, what makes animals suited to different environments and obviously continuing their time in forest schools. Year 3, will swap from looking at poorer Victorians to looking at Richer ones. Exploring the food they ate, schools and also they will have their trip to Preston Manor where they will be 'interviewing' for a job as a servant (It's an amazing experience!). 

In literacy, we will revise expanded noun phrases to ensure we understand these. We will then me looking at adding suffixes to words to create new words, particularly ly, ment, ness, less, ful.  Year 3 will also be learning about fronted adverbials. 

Please, ensure you practise common exception words at home and spelling patterns. When writing at home, ensure they can read it back and look carefully at spellings. 

In maths, we will be looking at multiplication. Please practise times tables with your children, especially in a random order and also division facts e.g. how many 5's in 35? Year 3 will be multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers using the grid method e.g. 23 x 8 =    (20x8) + (3 x8) 

speed tables

hit the button

meteor multiplication

w/b 10th February

This week in internet safety week with safer internet day on Tuesday. Talk with your child/ren about what they enjoy going on and maybe come up with a family agreement,


In literacy, we will be doing dome independent writing based on traditional tales to see how their writing has improved. Can you read some traditional tales at home together? 

In maths, we will be looking at 3D shapes. Can your child name any £D shapes at home in the kitchen, bathroom, lounge? Can they count the edges, vertices, faces? Can they name the faces?

w/b 3rd February

In literacy, we are moving onto our next book. This is an interesting book which draws on our knowledge of fairy tales and happy ending. At home, why not read some traditional tales and look at the endings. Are they always happy? Our focus will be on expanded noun phrases, using adjectives to describe a noun.

In maths we will be looking at 2D shape. Year 2 will be naming them, describing their properties, sorting and looking at lines of symmetry. Year 3 will be ensuring they can recognise their shapes, looking at right angles, identifying perpendicular, parallel, horizontal and vertical lines. Look at shapes around the house and the 2D shapes which make up 3D shapes.

sort shapes

Don't forget there's lots of games on Purple Mash.

In topic - year 2 will be continuing to make their Jack in the box, looking at significant changes and describing old toys. Year 3 will be continuing their work on Queen Victoria and begin to write their letter of application for a job at Preston Manor.

Year 2 - Forest schools on Friday.

w/b 27th January

In literacy we will be continuing looking at questions, statements, commands and exclamations. We will be writing instructions using commands. We will also be looking at recycling and how we could have helped the old man not have so much rubbish, using our different types of sentences

In maths we will be looking at addition and subtraction together and making sure we choose the correct method and do the correct calculation. We will be looking at missing numbers and money. You can play shops at home, count coins, find change and add amounts, 

In topic - Year 3 will be continuing looking at different Victorian jobs, finding out about Queen Victoria and drawing her portrait. Year 2 will be looking at how toys have changed and starting to make their jack in a box.

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Our visit from Horsham Museum was a success! Click here to look through the photos of us being history detectives!

w/b 20th January

In literacy we are focusing on recognising and writing questions, statements, commands and exclamations. You could try and identify these in your reading books.

In maths we are focusing on subtraction. At home, practise your number fact families. Year  3 could practise column subtraction. Year 2 could practise subtracting a 2 digit number from a two digit number - partition, draw a number line or draw dienes and ones.

In topic - Year 2 will have a visit from the toy museum on Tuesday afternoon. Could you write some questions for them?

Year 3 will be researching different jobs for poor Victorian children. They will be drawing a picture using chalks and charcoal and completing their timelines. 

w/b 13th January

In literacy we are focusing on capital letters for proper nouns. 

In maths we are going to work on addition. At home, practise your number bonds to 20 and 100. Year 3 could practise column addition.Year 2 can practise adding 2 digit add one digit, 2 digit add multiples of 10 and 2 digit and 2 digit numbers. 

In topic - the year 2's will be looking at toys in the past. The year 3's will be looking at mining, light pictures and artefacts. 

w/b 6th January

This week we will launch straight into our topic! 

I've put lots of to do's on purple mash for you to try some. Some are obviously for year 2's and some for year 3's.

In literacy, we will being a unit of work based on the book 'The tin forest; (Please hold back reading it to your children as I want to work through it at a particular pace). We will be focusing on idenifying nouns, verbs, adjectives and year 3's pronouns. When reading at home, you could collect/magpie interesting words and create a word bank grouping them.

nouns verbs and adjectives

In maths, we will be working on place value of number. We will be ensuring we can read and write numbers, represent/ partition numbers into different ways, count in 2,5,3 from any number (yr 2) and 4, 8, 50 (yr 3). We will be positioning numbers on a number line. At home, you could count from any given numbers forwards or backwards. 

place value games 

daily ten

place value basketball

Science - year 2 will be undertaking investigations about materials. Year 3 will begin a unit on light - looking at dark being the absence of light.

Topic - Year 2 will be looking at today's toys - they can bring in a favourite toy that doesn't mind staying in school a few days and nothing very precious. they will be sketching toys and writing about their favourite ones. Year 3 will be looking at a Victorian timeline, significant events and where they were in history. They will also be sketching replicate artefacts and asking questions about what they are and their uses. 


Autumn 2019

We will begin our term by finding out all about ourselves and each other. We will then move quickly onto our main topic. We will be 'World Detectives'. The year 3 will be finding out the Ancient Greeks, what life was like, what they did, what Greece is like and comparing it to England, looking at architecture and more.  The year 2 will be exploring the 'hot' place of Africa, finding out about Kenya and animals which live there during the first half term. For the second half term, they will be travelling to colder climates of the polar regions! Obviously, we will be ending the term by doing a Christmas play.

Topic Web Year 3 - Greeks

Topic Web Year 2 - Hot

Topic Web Year 3 - Cold



w/b 9th December

It's Christmas play week!!

We will be walking through our play Monday.

Tuesday will be our Dress rehearsal in the afternoon.

Wednesday will be our evening performance.

Thursday afternoon will be our matinee performance.

In literacy will be looking at instructions, why not follow a recipe at home to make something and write the recipe down?

In maths, we will be measuring the length of items in mm, cm and metres. 

I know it's a busy time of year but please read as much as possible, 

2nd December

This week we will be running through the play as a whole, we need to be remember our lines and dance moves! Keep singing those songs! We will therefore be off timetable and doing lessons at different times. 

Please don't forget to read, even at this busy time of year. Maybe, you could read some Christmas books or write your own Christmas story/book.

Literacy - We will be looking at fact files and creating our own. Year 2 will be writing a letter persuading Mrs Burnett to adopt a polar bear. 

Maths - We will be working on telling the time. Year 2 will be telling the time to the nearest quarter hours and move onto 5 minute intervals. Year 3 will ensure they have met the year 2  objective before moving on to minutes past/ to and then 24 hour clock. Please practise telling the time at home. 

w/b 25th November

Christmas is creeping up on us and we are going to be working hard on our play this week. We will be learning dances, practising our words and our songs without words!!!

In literacy we will be starting to write our journey stories, please ask your children to tell you about these as talking about stories before they write them is really good! we will be working on making sure our writing makes sense, full stops and capital letters are correct, using adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Year 3 will be trying to use paragraphs and using inverted commas (speech marks). 

In maths, we will continue to work on fractions. We will be comparing fractions, looking at equivilent fractions and working on problems using practical apparatus to help. You can cut up food, pieces of paper, find fractions of sweets/grapes by sharing. Equally is the answer!

Keep up the good reading at home, we can really her the improvement in fluency and expression in those who are reading daily. Remember to question your children, talk about the story, try to help them sound out carefully - the aim is to read fluently without overt blending.

w/b 18th November

We are going to really get practising for our Christmas play! Please practise the song words and/or script words. You will all find out your parts this week.

In literacy we will looking at character profiles for the two squirrels in our story. We will then be beginning to plan our own journey story, possibly following a similar plot to 'the squirrels who squabble' if they need to. . If you want to start to talk about a possible story idea with you child/children it will help them get started. 

Maths- We will be working on fractions over the next two weeks. This week we will be looking at fractions of a whole, working out fractions of shape, amounts and quantities. Year 2 will be working with 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 3/4 and understanding 2/4 is the same as 1/2. Year 3 will ensure they understand the ones from year 3 and moving onto 1/10 and other non unit fractions like 2/3, 3/5, 6/10 etc 

daily 10 - choose fraction games

halves and quarters

Try the games on fractions on purple mash

Topic - Year 2 will be looking comparing the UK to other countries. Year 2 will be comparing the polar regions and finding out about polar bears and penguins. 

w/b 11th November

Monday - Year three will be going to Brighton Pavilion as part of their work looking at UK buildings and comparing UK with Greece and other countries.

Parents evenings - Monday and Wednesday.

Maths- We will be working on division and how it is the inverse of multiplication. Year 2 will be physically sharing to start with and learning how they can be worked out. Year 3 will be using their times tables to solve.

Literacy - We will be continuing to work on out book - 'The squrirrels who squabble'

We will be working on our Christmas Play - 'Prickly Hay!' 

Topic - Year 2 will be looking at arctic and antarctic animals and finding out about Robert Scott. Year 3 will be writing a recount of their trip and working on comparing Greece and Britain further.

w/b 4th November

I hope everyone had a good week off and feel ready for this next half term with its build up to Christmas! Monday is an INSET day.

Year 2's it's your trip with all year 1 and 2 to Marwell Zoo! remember to take everything you need to, check the letter.

It's our sharing and showing on Thursday at 9am, it'll be lovely to see parents and carers to show them some of your learning.

This term our topic focus will shift - Year 2's will being to find out about cold countries and year 3's will complete their Greeks topic and look at buildings and places in the UK, compare Greece to UK and other countries. Year 3's it's your trip next Monday to Brighton Pavilion.

In maths we will be multiplying. Year 2's will be counting and multiplying 2, 5, 10 and 3's and understanding multiplication can be done in any order and  year 3's counting in 50's, 100, multiplying 3, 4, 8 and progressing to multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

speed test

hit the button

basketball game - year 3's - challenge

In literacy we will begin to work on our next book! Looking forward to sharing this one with you and doing some good work on it. 

w/b 28th October

Half term - Please read, practise times tables and enjoy any bonfire celebrations safely.

21st October

This week we will be busy! 

Thursday is bonfire building so please could all children come to school in appropriate clothes.

Friday is INSET day.

The children will be tested on their common exception words, so please watch out for updated spelling lists - highlighted will be the words they can now spell. I will be testing the children at the end of every half term, so please ensure these are being learnt at home whenever possible please.

Literacy- We will be reading Pandora's box, predicting what is in the box and writing the story from Pandora's perspective. We will be working on proof reading our writing for sense and punctuation. 

Maths- We will be working on money, so any chance to add coins, role play shops or real experience in shops will be helpful. This could be an activity that you do over the half term break.

w/b 14th October

This week we will be having a 'secret student' who will be chosen at random each day and if they work hard and are well behaved they will earn a reward for the whole class. The name of this child will not be revealed to the class at all.

Literacy - The children will be retelling the story of Medusa on a storyboard or in a long prose. They will be focused on capital letters, full  stops, adjectives and conjunctions for year 2. Year 3 adding in adverbial phrases and inverted commas.

Maths - They will working on addition and subtraction at the same time as each other, so they can move between the two more easily. The year 2's are using dienes, empty number lines they draw themselves or partitioning. Year 3's are using column addition and subtraction. Both year groups should be encouraged to check (particularly subtraction) with the inverse. They will be finding the difference. Also they will start to look at money, so get out your pennies and get them counting! Maybe role play shops using real coins. 

Topic - Year 2 are continuing their work on the amazing animals found in Africa and completing their sunset picture. Year 3's are finishing some of the topic work off, the Greek alphabet, Greek pots/plates and more!

REMINDER - Friday the athlete will be in!! 

w/b 7th October

This week the children will continue their topic work. The year 3's will have forest school on Thursday.

Literacy - The children will be looking at an extract from medusa and searching for conjunctions, other words for said and adjectives, as well as looking at punctuation used. We will be writing a review of the story.

Maths- We will be working on subtraction this week. We will be using a number line to solve, solving mentally and year 3 will be learning column subtraction. Later in the week, they will be using the inverse (addition) to check the answers. Also, they will be doing mixed addition and subtraction problems on Friday.

A lot of the games from last week have subtraction on the same game. 

Topic- Year 3 will be finding out about Greek Gods and Godessess and producing a fact file. Year 2 will be finding out about African Animals and producing a fact file. 

Science -Year 3 will be finding out about the functions of a skeleton. Year 2 will be finding out what plants and animals need to grow. 

w/b 30th September

Thank you to all who are reading regularly with your children. If your child is struggling to be enthusiastic about reading, encourage them to find and read any book that they may enjoy. Reading is so important and so is enjoying it!

Literacy - We are now going to start to look at the story of Medusa. This week we will be writing a description of her so as to create a wanted poster for the gorgon. We will be exploring and using this story over the next few weeks. try to encourage you children to think of interesting adjectives to describe her and adverbs (yr3) to describe her movements. 

Maths- This week we will be working on addition. Year 2 will be practising adding 3 single digit numbers e.g. 4+6+9 = and will be developing methods to add two 2 digit numbers e.g. using a number line, partition, dienes and ones. they will then move onto word problems and reasoning. Year 3 will be ensuring they can add two digit then move onto a 3 digit add 2 digit using paritioning/ number lines. Year 3 (only) will be learning column addition. They will be ensure they check answers carefully.

Topic- Year 2 will be learning about African markets and in pariticular looking at, drawing, tasting and writing about some of the fruits that are grown in Africa. they will listen to Handas surprise. They will also be painting some African sunsets. 

Topic 3-Year 3 will be listening to and writing about the story of the Trojan horse. they will be looking at and comparing the Greek alphabet to the English one. They hopefully will begin to make Greek pots time permitting. 

REMEMBER - Thursday is our Harvest service 2pm at St Mary's. Please bring some food in to contribute to our collection. 

daily ten


dartboard totals

place value basketball

post sorting

w/b 23rd September

I hope everyone has found their children logins to purple mash in their reading diaries - any issues please come in.

Literacy - This week the children will be writing letters from the perspective of one of the characters in the Minotaur. We will also be looking at speech bubbles (year 2) and inverted commas - speech marks (year 3).

Maths - We will be working on our number bonds to 20 and how our number bonds to 10 can help. The moving onto our bonds to 100 (using number bonds to 10 patterns to help). We will be looking at fact families e.g. 20= 12+ 8     20= 8+12      20-12= 8    20-8=12       We will be adding mentally as well.

fact families

funky mummy

Topic - Year 2 will be looking at life in Africa and what they do. Year 3 will be researching Greek children and education - making notes and producing a fact file into neat. 

Science - Year 2 will be continuing looking at growing and changing and doing a comparative investigation. Year 3 will be looking at different types of skeletons.

w/b 16th September

Your children are working so hard! We have now started our main topics and getting used to the timetable and the expectations in Maple class. 

Please try to read 5 times a week if you aren't already. Thank you for your support in your child's learning.

I'm hoping to have purple mash logins sorted for all by the end of the this week.

Literacy - We will begin by drawing a Minotaur  before we are focus on writing paragraphs about the minotaur and the labyrinth using adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs (year 3). You might encourage your child to draw a picture  of anything and write about it and describe it in full sentences using adjectives and conjunctions. If they do, bring it in and they can have a house point! 

Maths - We will be ordering and comparing numbers, looking at more than and less than, continue counting in 2, 5, 10 for year 2 and 4, 8, 50 and 100 (year 3) last week we worked on +10 -10 from a 2 digit (year 2 ) +10, -10, +100 and -100 from a 3 digit number (year 3) maybe they can practise this at home. 

ordering 2

ordering 3

Topic - year 2- We will be looking at where is Kenya and what is it like as a country and compare it to Britain. We will be doing hot colour art.

Year 3- We will be doing some research on Life in Ancient Greece - fashion, food, houses etc and producing a piece of topic work. We will be listening to information and collecting it from books, trying to write information in our own words and not copying sections. We will also be continuing our map work

Science - Year 2 - Last week we looked at animals and their babies. This week w will be looking at how humans grow from a baby to an elderly person and asking a question comparing young and older people which we will try to answer.

ks1 science clips

Year 3 - Last week we look at what the food groups are and the nutrients we get and the benefit on our bodies e.g. carbohydrates give us energy, protein repairs body and helps us grow. This week we will look at how the nutrients we eat is different from other animals.

w/b 9th September

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week. This week we will start our main topics this week. I have tweaked the timetable if you want to recheck it. REMEMBER Parents meeting after school on Monday, I hope many of you can join us, but if you can't the notes are below.

Notes parents meetings

 Literacy - This week we will begin a unit of work based on myths and legends. We will begin by looking at the Minotaur, a half bull, half man. they will be doing some drama, hot seating, writing questions and looking at adjectives to describe. Did any of the children talk about their creature they created last week by combining two animals together e.g. dolphin and butterfyl is a dolphfly! They really enjoyed this activity.

adjectives, nouns and verbs

my monster

The alphabet - please help your child know the alphabet in order. This will help the year 3 when we do dictionary work later. 

Handwriting - We will be joining all the time now. Practise lazy letters which have slipped into some of your children's writing like m, n, r and some reversals. 

cursive letter formation (ignore the f) you tube video

Maths - We will continue our work on place value. Do use the games from last week as most are still appropriate. They will be  placing numbers on a number line, number patterns, counting in 2, 3, 5 and 10 (year 2 and year 3's who need to) and counting in 4, 8, 50 and 100 for year 3. Can you count in those multiples with your children - from 0 or any number? Can you place 23 on a number line? 

number lines

find a number

numbers in between

year  3 quiz

counting sequences

ordering year 2

ordering year 3

Topic - Year 2 - will be looking at where in the world is it hot and cold and which animals live where? Looking at animals and their babies.

Topic - Year 3 will be looking at who were the Greeks (an overview) , looking at main events on a timeline, placing Greece, UK on an Europe map and other places.

W/b 2nd September

Welcome back!

Your first day back is on Tuesday 3rd September as the staff have an INSET day on the Monday. Our first week back will be to help you all get settled back to school, get to know each other and how it works in Maple class. I have fun topics planned for the term with interesting activities for us to complete. 

You all have/ will have purple mash logins so please use this at home - to do's will be set and monitored. Please read regularly at home, you will be set a target to try to meet this week. You could practise your times tables at home or your number bonds. 

Literacy: This week we will be writing about our holiday or if you prefer describe yourselves using adjectives (describing words). We will make sure we haven't forgotten how to write a good sentence with correct punctuation, good letter formation/ joins and interesting vocabulary! I will be checking over the next couple of weeks your spellings so I can see which ones we need to learn. 



ABC countdown - can you meet the challenge!

alphabetical order

Maths: We will begin the term by working on our numbers and place value. How many ways can you partition (break down) a number say 13? 54? 127? Can you write and read numbers to 20? Do you know what the 5 is worth in 56? 

eggs to order

place value basketball

speed times tables  This is good to help you to get quicker at your tables.

 odd and even

Daily ten

hit the button

fact families

power lines

 Topic - Our main topic will start next week.





Here are some general websites for you to go on to help with your learning. (Any issues with any of the links please let me know)

BBC touch typing

purple mash

Literacy games

Maths games

Science games

Times table games

Phonic games

Maths zone

Hit the button - maths

Times Table Games 

Phonic games - phase 3

Telling the time

Number square games

Spelling games

SPAG games