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Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Maple Class

The Teachers in Maple Class are


                 Mrs Blackwood           and                     Mrs Phillips


The Teaching Assistant in Maple class is


                               Mrs Watts


Class Expectations


Parent Guide to the National Curriculum


Autumn 2019

We will begin our term by finding out all about ourselves and each other. We will then move quickly onto our main topic. We will be 'World Detectives'. The year 3 will be finding out the Ancient Greeks, what life was like, what they did, what Greece is like and comparing it to England, looking at architecture and more.  The year 2 will be exploring the 'hot' place of Africa, finding out about Kenya and animals which live there during the first half term. For the second half term, they will be travelling to colder climates of the polar regions! Obviously, we will be ending the term by doing a Christmas play.

Topic Web Year 3 - Greeks

Topic Web Year 2 - Hot

Topic Web Year 3 - Cold

 Speed tables

purple mash

w/b 16th September

Your children are working so hard! We have now started our main topics and getting used to the timetable and the expectations in Maple class. 

Please try to read 5 times a week if you aren't already. Thank you for your support in your child's learning.

I'm hoping to have purple mash logins sorted for all by the end of the this week.

Literacy - We will begin by drawing a Minotaur  before we are focus on writing paragraphs about the minotaur and the labyrinth using adjectives, conjunctions and adverbs (year 3). You might encourage your child to draw a picture  of anything and write about it and describe it in full sentences using adjectives and conjunctions. If they do, bring it in and they can have a house point! 

Maths - We will be ordering and comparing numbers, looking at more than and less than, continue counting in 2, 5, 10 for year 2 and 4, 8, 50 and 100 (year 3) last week we worked on +10 -10 from a 2 digit (year 2 ) +10, -10, +100 and -100 from a 3 digit number (year 3) maybe they can practise this at home. 

ordering 2

ordering 3

Topic - year 2- We will be looking at where is Kenya and what is it like as a country and compare it to Britain. We will be doing hot colour art.

Year 3- We will be doing some research on Life in Ancient Greece - fashion, food, houses etc and producing a piece of topic work. We will be listening to information and collecting it from books, trying to write information in our own words and not copying sections. We will also be continuing our map work

Science - Year 2 - Last week we looked at animals and their babies. This week w will be looking at how humans grow from a baby to an elderly person and asking a question comparing young and older people which we will try to answer.

ks1 science clips

Year 3 - Last week we look at what the food groups are and the nutrients we get and the benefit on our bodies e.g. carbohydrates give us energy, protein repairs body and helps us grow. This week we will look at how the nutrients we eat is different from other animals.

w/b 9th September

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week. This week we will start our main topics this week. I have tweaked the timetable if you want to recheck it. REMEMBER Parents meeting after school on Monday, I hope many of you can join us, but if you can't the notes are below.

Notes parents meetings

 Literacy - This week we will begin a unit of work based on myths and legends. We will begin by looking at the Minotaur, a half bull, half man. they will be doing some drama, hot seating, writing questions and looking at adjectives to describe. Did any of the children talk about their creature they created last week by combining two animals together e.g. dolphin and butterfyl is a dolphfly! They really enjoyed this activity.

adjectives, nouns and verbs

my monster

The alphabet - please help your child know the alphabet in order. This will help the year 3 when we do dictionary work later. 

Handwriting - We will be joining all the time now. Practise lazy letters which have slipped into some of your children's writing like m, n, r and some reversals. 

cursive letter formation (ignore the f) you tube video

Maths - We will continue our work on place value. Do use the games from last week as most are still appropriate. They will be  placing numbers on a number line, number patterns, counting in 2, 3, 5 and 10 (year 2 and year 3's who need to) and counting in 4, 8, 50 and 100 for year 3. Can you count in those multiples with your children - from 0 or any number? Can you place 23 on a number line? 

number lines

find a number

numbers in between

year  3 quiz

counting sequences

ordering year 2

ordering year 3

Topic - Year 2 - will be looking at where in the world is it hot and cold and which animals live where? Looking at animals and their babies.

Topic - Year 3 will be looking at who were the Greeks (an overview) , looking at main events on a timeline, placing Greece, UK on an Europe map and other places.

W/b 2nd September

Welcome back!

Your first day back is on Tuesday 3rd September as the staff have an INSET day on the Monday. Our first week back will be to help you all get settled back to school, get to know each other and how it works in Maple class. I have fun topics planned for the term with interesting activities for us to complete. 

You all have/ will have purple mash logins so please use this at home - to do's will be set and monitored. Please read regularly at home, you will be set a target to try to meet this week. You could practise your times tables at home or your number bonds. 

Literacy: This week we will be writing about our holiday or if you prefer describe yourselves using adjectives (describing words). We will make sure we haven't forgotten how to write a good sentence with correct punctuation, good letter formation/ joins and interesting vocabulary! I will be checking over the next couple of weeks your spellings so I can see which ones we need to learn. 



ABC countdown - can you meet the challenge!

alphabetical order

Maths: We will begin the term by working on our numbers and place value. How many ways can you partition (break down) a number say 13? 54? 127? Can you write and read numbers to 20? Do you know what the 5 is worth in 56? 

eggs to order

place value basketball

speed times tables  This is good to help you to get quicker at your tables.

 odd and even

Daily ten

hit the button

fact families

power lines

 Topic - Our main topic will start next week.





Here are some general websites for you to go on to help with your learning. (Any issues with any of the links please let me know)

BBC touch typing

purple mash

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Maths games

Science games

Times table games

Phonic games

Maths zone

Hit the button - maths

Times Table Games 

Phonic games - phase 3

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Number square games

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