Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Maple Class

The Teachers in Maple Class are:

    Mrs Blackwood (Monday - Thursday)

  and Mrs Phillips (Friday)

 The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Watts.

 Parent Guide to the National Curriculum

Home Learning 2021

Monday 25th January

Welcome back to another week of home learning. I hope you all rested - adults and children and ready to start this week afresh!

Spelling/ handwriting - Year 1 PowerPoint

              handwriting    -  handwriting some of you did this in sections over the week which was fine.

              wordsearch -    Wordsearch for use later in the week as a spelling activity (just uploading now)

              Year 2 PowerPoint 



            Year 3 PowerPoint



If your child is not joining yet please practice individual letter formation here

Literacy - As we continue to read George's Marvellous Medicine, I'd like you to think about what is happening in the story from different peoples perspectives. For example, Grandma, Mr Killy Kranky (Dad), Mrs Kranky (Mum). Can you stick a picture of or draw the characters and do some speech bubbles and thought bubbles for when they have seen the effect the medicine had on Grandma. please write in full sentences.

Maths - Today is the last day on adding and subtracting then we will move onto 2D shape this week and 3D shape next week. 

year 2 - I'd like you to create a shop and add some labels click here for template. These should be either under 50p each or between 50p and £1 or above £1 if needed. Your job will be to choose two amounts and add them together, then find out how much change you need from either £1 or £5 as appropriate for your child's level. 

grid to record in here

It's best to start off easier and make the numbers harder if you are unsure where to start as this will give your child confidence to keep going! I hope you enjoy this practical maths task.

Year 3 - You will be estimating answers to calculations.

Here's a little bitesize video clip that might help with the rounding element. click here

Here is a straight forward rounding sheet if the rounding element is tricky click here

video      PowerPoint

worksheet         answers


Year 2 you will be finding out about the history of cars.

powerPoint        worksheet   (choose the sheet best for your child - 1 star is the easiest and 3 stars is the hardest)

year3  - You will be starting to find out about the Romans. Click here to read a bit of an overview. click here

The Romans invaded Britain when the Celts lived here - read about them here

The Romans had an empire which grew. Here's a PowerPoint    and  a clip about where they came from click here

Here's a map to colour the countries they invaded. click here

Friday 22nd January

It's Friday everyone, nearly the weekend! I really enjoyed seeing you all today today via Zoom, thank you for joining. I will make another for next week.

Spelling - Have you learnt your spellings? How many more can you now spell? 

Literacy - Roald Dahl loves to play with words, so today you are as well! Firstly, can you write the alphabet down a page (do you know the order of the letters?). Next to each letter you need to think of a noun e.g. bee for b, then you are going to think of and create alliterative phrases e.g. beautiful buzzing bee or curiously clever cat. 

Reading - Here are a 60 second read which has 4/5 questions to answer if you fancy a quick read.

year 1     year 2    year 3

Maths - Warm up play this board game click here or just ask some random questions to your child.

Year 2 - If your child needs more practise on subtraction, use today to do that. Continue to use the sheet I posted yesterday.

Otherwise, here are some word problems for you to solve, but be careful as they are addition and subtraction questions.

word problem cards

Year 3 - If you need more practise on column subtraction with exchanging practise that. click here

Otherwise, try and solve these problems but they are a mixture of addition and subtraction so be careful. Use column methods to solve.

problems involving 3 digit numbers

Challenge cards

PSCHE - Today Mrs Philips would like you to explore hope. Here is a PowerPoint click here and information sheet click here

Art - If you want a creative Friday activity and just to relax and do art, here you go!

Year 2 As we have looked at wheels, can you print some wheels? Either draw in some styrofoam or stick wool on a piece of card and print from that. 

Year 3 research the artist Arcimboldo. He is an Italian artist. Can you create a picture like his fruit face? 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 21st January

I will hopefully see you all for the zoom meeting this morning!! Exciting!!!

Literacy - You have all worked extremely hard on your labels, I am very impressed with your hard work.

Listen to the next couple of chapters of the story and today write a paragraph explaining the consequences of giving for example Grandma the medicine. 

Suggested opener -  Carefully, the bottle was opened and the medicine was poured slowly onto a spoon. "Open wide!" the boy called. The old lady swallowed the medicine in one. Suddenly, . . . 

Maths - Warm up your brains by some quick fire times table questions or if your adults counting 2, 5, 3, 4, 8 by writing them down.

Year 2 - I'd like you today to just practise subtraction calculations but where there are a mixture of ones where you need to and don't need to exchange. Please do not feel you have to complete the whole sheet as long as they have had a good maths session. Please do write down working outs to help you.

click here

Year 3 - Today the lesson is on subtracting a 3 digit number from a 3 digit number with exchange (borrowing).

video     PowerPoint

worksheet     answers

If you just need to practise just calculations where you need to exchange click here


Year 2 - This lesson is about climate change, which fits nicely with why we should use less transport.

You like listening to Newsround and here is an episode about it click here

PowerPoint    worksheet

I hope you enjoy the investigation.

Year 3 - You will be finding out about fantastic fossils and how they are formed! I enjoy teaching this lesson as it is really interesting.

PowerPoint        worksheet (you only need to choose one of the sheets)

Or if not I found this and it looks fun to make click here

Why not end the day with reading a good book? 

Wednesday 20th January

You are all trying so hard, keep trying your best at home and I really love seeing all your work! I miss having you all in the classroom and I am proud of how hard you are trying!

Assembly from Father David click here

Literacy - Today, I'd like you to write up your label so it is the best you can do. Make sure it is full of information and it has been proof read for capital letters, full stops, commas and common exception spellings are correct. Also, please copy it in your neatest handwriting focusing on correct letter formation.

I'm looking forward to seeing eye catching labels that are colourful as well! We will all show our Marvellous Medicines virtually tomorrow!!

Your drafts today looked a good starting point for today's lesson.

Maths - 

Year 2 you will be subtracting a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number crossing 10.

video     PowerPoint

worksheet     answer

 Year 3 - You will be subtracting a 3 digit number from a 3 digit number not exchanging.

video        PowerPoint

worksheet     answer

Again, if this is a bit tricky for your year 3 child please use the lesson above for the year 2 on subtracting a 2 digit from a 2 digit number.

PE -On a Wednesday it is normally PE for an hour. What might you choose for a PE session today? Joe Wicks? A run? A circuit you set up? a long bike ride?

Music - I saw a few lovely creative art work last week based on the music lesson. Maybe try the next lesson or try the first one if you didn't try one last week.  click here

Or, you could use the time to practise your own musical instrument. 

I've put PE in for the afternoon, but if you just want to go to the park or a nice walk with your family that is fine. At this time, daily exercise is really important for every member of the family. 

If you want you could use this afternoon to catch up with a lesson you missed but ran out of time or just have more relaxing, creative afternoon after the maths and literacy is done. 


Tuesday 19th January

Thank you for all your hard work. I have loved looking at your marvellous medicine bottles that you have created! Keep trying your best and if it all gets too much just focus on the maths and literacy, then if you have a good day later in the week you can always go back to any of the other activities afterwards.

Sing! - Jesus you're my super hero

Literacy - Well done for thinking of what you'd like to put in your marvellous medicine and why. Today, I'd like you to draft a label for your bottle. Cut a piece of paper the right size for your bottle. Draw a line to divide it into 3. On one third you can design the title e.g. Mrs Blackwood's Marvellous Medicine. This can be in bubble writing and have illustrations. On another section a list of Ingredients using commas in that list! On the last section 'Direction for use' e.g. Take one large spoonful 3 times a day and also a 'Caution' e.g If you take too much of this medicine what might happen??? If you can come up with at least 4 different possibilities and remember those conjunctions. 

Tomorrow, you will proof read and edit this and then copy it up and stick it on your bottle!

Maths - Play subtraction grids to warm up click here

Year 2- Today we will be subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers not crossing 10.

video    PowerPoint

worksheet     answers

Year 3 Today we will be subtracting a 2 digit number from a 3 digit number crossing 100. The lessons at the start of this week are reliant on the children understanding place value in order to mentally solve the questions. Later in the week we will be revising column subtraction. 

video       PowerPoint 

worksheet     answers

Year 3 - If the lesson above is too tricky try subtracting 2 digit numbers, it's ok to do year 2 if the year 3 is too hard. We do this in class as it's important they understand the concept in the year group before, before we move on (this is obviously easier to do in class)

Try this   worksheet and answers

Computing - Play 'fun with fish' to practise your coding skills. Alternatively, some of you are using the online program called 'Scratch' so you could use that instead. click here for scratch - there are tutorials on here.

RE - Today you can think about being a Good Samaritan click here for the lesson 

If you don't have time for the activities why not listen to the story click here  Also if you fancy a song click here

Have a good day. Remember every day is different. If it's a harder day today and you just get maths and literacy done, that is fine. Tomorrow may be brighter! 

Monday 18th January

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had enjoyable weekend and got to do some fun activities outside. I hope you all feel ready to start another week of home learning.

Please upload of photo of the maths and literacy daily. Please can you mark the maths before photos are taken. if possible, do add a comment about how they found the activity. If you do other activities as well please upload these as well as I enjoy seeing what the children are achieving at home. Remember, some days will be easier than others. You are doing so well, thank you.

WAKE UP - Join in with 'banana, banana, meatballs' click here

Spellings - Year 1 PowerPoint - 'er'


                Year 2 PowerPoint - adding suffixes


               Year 3 PowerPoint- adding suffixes


If your child needs to work on their cursive letter formation as individual letters click here  

Literacy - Before Christmas, we started George's Marvellous Medicine but Christmas got in the way, so we are going to start this book again. This week we are going to work all week on created our own medicine and bottle! Our focus for the week is on conjunctions in our writing. 

I will read some of the book every day.

Today, I'd like you to create your own potion and contain it in a bottle. (I know a couple of you did this as I set it while you were isolating but you might like to make another). The literacy is to write down what you use and why it was added (not just a list) and what happens if add too much. 

For example, Add 4 tablespoons of shaving foam to clean out her foul mouth but don't add too much or her hair will fall out.   Add 5 cups of coke because it is the right colour and will give her energy.

Conjunctions you could try to use are; also, but, if, so,  because, while, since, although, however,

Maths - This week we will be doing subtraction. If at any point your child needs an extra challenge try to reasoning and problem solving sheets  year 2 year 3 or head over to nrich for an investigation. ks1 ks2

Year 2 you will be subtracting a one digit number from  2 digit number crossing 10.

 video   powerpoint

worksheet     answers


Year 3 you will be subtracting a 1 digit number from a 3 digit number crossing 10.

video     PowerPoint

worksheet     answers

Topic - Year 2 - This week we will be focusing on bikes and how they have changed over time! Watch a video of how to mount a penny farthing - click here


Go on a bike ride, draw and label your bike.     Here is a labelled bike - click here

Topic - Year 3 - Today I'd like you to compare the UK to Italy. What things are similar and what is different?

Maybe, you'd like to sketch the colosseum and find out what it was used for. 



Friday 15th January

It's Friday! Thank you for all your hard work this week and I hope you all have nice weekend. Use today to catch up a bit if you need to.

Spellings - Have a little test of the spellings this week or dictate a sentence for the children to write with that spelling in and see if they spell it correctly then. 

Literacy - Lots of you are only half way through retelling the story, so you can you use this session to complete this piece of writing. 

Firstly, if you are finished, proof read it and see if you can edit it.

Then, here are some reading comprehensions for you to complete. If you want save these for another day.

 year 2 reading booklet    answers  (probably two sessions worth here)

year 3  reading    answer booklet    answers    

(Please choose the one most appropriate for your child)

Maths - 

Year 2 I'd like you to add several one digit numbers together. (It's one of the easier objectives but I need to cover it)

video    PowerPoint

worksheet   answers

Extension for year 2

If you need to add larger numbers - again choose 2 numbers over 50 and add them together. For another challenge try to add 3 2 digit numbers together.

Year 3 I'd like you to practise your column addition and try some missing number column questions if you understand the method. 

column method involving exchanging

missing number sheets   Here are a selection of levels depending on your child. C

RE - This week the story is Noah and the rainbow. I've attached a PowerPoint which has the worksheet to do on the PowerPoint. Click here

PSE - We all need a calming time on a Friday so why not complete the lesson on kindness sent from Mrs Phillips click here

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Year 2 dust off your bikes ready for Monday! If if you are in school year 2 on Monday please bring your bike in with your helmet. 

Thursday 14th January

Keep going everyone! Have plenty of breaks and remember you will have some days which are better than others.

Spellings - Can you write your spellings (either this weeks or your common exception words) in pyramids.

e.g.      cart





Literacy - I'm so pleased you all enjoyed the listening to the story. It was funny wasn't it? The children in school liked the repeating line that Jack said and predicted the ending before I had read it. Did you?

Today, I'd like you to retell the story. Remember full stops and capital are what we have called non negotiable. Try to use adjectives to describe. Year 2 your focus is conjunctions but year 3 you should be able to use those as well. Year 3 you should focus on trying to use fronted adverbials today and remember the comma that is needed. If you are using speech in it, we learnt where speech marks go so can you use them as well. Also, some of you were starting to use paragraphs to section of you writing. I look forward to seeing your writing. 

If you need to write half today and half tomorrow that is ok, but please send in what you do today anyway so maybe I can remind you of things if you may have forgotten anything. If you write it all fantastic!

conjunctions  word mat

fronted adverbials word mat


Maths - You are working so hard on your maths well done!

Play the doubles game of hit the button for a warm up. click here

Year 2 - I'd like you to consolidate your adding of 2 2 digt numbers numbers today. If you need to draw diennes or write a method down please do but if you can try to do what you can on your own. 

year 2 click here

If you complete this quickly choose two 2 digit numbers over 50 and add them together. 

Year 3 - Today I am putting on 2 sessions. One easier where you don't need to carry numbers and one where you need to carry both. Choose the session that is most appropriate based on yesterdays learning. 

Year 3 Adding 2 3 digit numbers not crossing 10 or 100. video    PowerPoint

worksheet  answers

Year 3 Adding 2 3 digit numbers crossing 10 or 100    video    PowerPoint

worksheet   answers

Science - 

Year 2 Today I have a new problem for you to solve! I was thinking of making a board game to pass the long days, but I need a material that is durable. Can you test a selection of materials for me to see which is most durable. Find different materials e.g. kitchen paper, paper, card etc and cut a piece of each the same size (fair test) and use a fork (safely) to test how many strikes are needed to make a hole. Try to predict which would be most durable.

Worksheet to record your results.

Year 3 Today you will be grouping rocks and finding out their properties. 


worksheet (only do one grid)

You might be able to find rocks in your garden to test. Don't worry if you can't many. 


Wednesday 13th January

Well done everyone, most of you seem to be in the swing of home learning and uploading your work. Thank you. 

Phonics - Complete the 'Flashcards time challenge' of recognising your phonics. This will help with your reading of new words and spelling. click here

Literacy - It was lovely reading all you creative ideas yesterday and hearing that you really are enjoying the book. I will upload me reading the whole book onto dojo. 

Today, I'd like you to complete a grammar lesson. For year 2's it will be on conjunctions and year 3 on fronted adverbials. Then  tomorrow, I will ask you to retell the story but for year 2's it will be focusing on using conjunctions and year 3 trying to use fronted adverbials. 

Some year 3's may like to revise conjunctions as well please.

Conjunctions - Here's a warm up quiz  click here

PowerPoint worksheet

Fronted adverbials - Here's a bitesize lesson  click here     worksheet 1    worksheet 2

Maths- Well done for some amazing adding yesterday. If they found the work a bit of a challenge yesterday maybe do a couple of questions as a warm up before todays learning.

For a warm up go onto Times Table Rockstars or ask your parents to give you some random times table questions to answer. 

Year 2 you will be adding 2 digit numbers over the tens. This can be a bit trickier.

video   Powerpoint

worksheet   answer

 Year 3 you will be adding 2 and 3 digit numbers crossing 10 or 100. We have done column addition and you were getting good at it in the Autumn term. 

video    PowerPoint

worksheet   answers

 If any of the children are super keen, they can make up their own additions and work out the answers. 

PE - This afternoon the children in school do PE so I would like you all to do some PE. You could go on a bike ride, a run, scooter or an activity to get your heart beating quicker. You could try Joe Wicks or create your own circuit. 

Alternatively try a music lesson - Here are lessons based on the ten pieces. try the 'Capture the ideas of raga and tala within Ravi Shankar’s Symphony with photographer Mahtab Hussain…'

click here

Or if you play an instrument spend the time practising that.


Tuesday 12th January

I know some days may be harder but you can do this. Some parents have shared that a reward system works.

If you'd like to warm up to a song here is 'speak life' click here

Spelling - Today write your spelling words in a sentence and choose 3-5 of your 1/2 or 3/4/ list and write those in rainbow colours. 

Literacy - I'm pleased so many of you are enjoying the book so far. In the story the trio go on an adventure in the boat and meet some problems!! I want you to predict which of the items they could use from the bag to solve the problems and how to use them. An example - they encounter sharks - which item from the bag could they use to scare them away?? 

Please this as if it is park of the story, e.g. Suddenly they were surrounded by several scary sharks who looked hungry! Jack reached into the bag and found . . . .

There are 5 situations for them to try and predict what they will use.

Photo will be on dojo.

Maths - 

Warm up game easier 1  click here   warm up game 2  l- play the addition truck click here

This week we are working on addition. 

Year 2 first sheet to practise 2 digit add one numbers.  click here   (If this takes a long time, do the next section of this lesson tomorrow)

Year 2 working on 2 digit add 2 digit numbers. We have not looked at the column method in class but used and number line or drew diennes and ones, so if they would prefer to to either of those methods to solve then please do and ignore the column method questions.  video powerpoint

Year 2 work sheet  answers

Year 2 extension ( please use these if you feel your child needs an extension, but try to spread out over the next two weeks. If not, please let me know.) click here


Year 3 you will be adding a 2 digit number to  a 3 digit number. Later this week we will be working on your column method. 

To practise adding a 1 digit number to a 3 digit number click here  answers

video powerpoint

Year 3 worksheet   answers

Extension (please use addition questions this week and subtraction next week) click here

Computing - Try another one of the coding games on Purple Mash. I've set the magician one to try. If you are struggling with coding not to worry, why not practise your touch typing skills click here

Alternatively try some art. Year 3 sketch the Leaning Tower of Pisa and write some facts about it. Year 2, fill a whole page with sketches of different types of wheels. How many different types of wheel can you draw?


Monday 11th January

Today if you can or one day this week, can you video record you reading with your child and post it onto dojo please. It only needs to be 5 minutes or so long and not the whole book.

First wake up to this Go Noodle track click here

Spelling - On a Monday we always go through our spelling patterns for the week and practise our handwriting. I test your children on the words and from that decide which spellings they need to practise first.

Year 1 PowerPoint

Year1 Handwriting

Year 2 PowerPoint

Year 2 Handwriting

Year 3 PowerPoint

Year 3 Handwriting

Literacy - Today I will post of video of me reading a story. I'd like the year 2 to practise writing the objects down using commas in the list and adding adjectives to each noun like in the story. Year 3 to describe the objects on the last page I stop using prepositions (prepositions- to describe where/the position of the object e.g. above, under, beside. For example the round red balloon is next to the long blue balloon.) 

Maths - Today I'd like the children to work on their number bonds. To see which one they should do, do a bit of a check to see if they can give you the answer if you can. This is what we would do in class. Start at number bonds to 20 e.g, 10 + ? = 20    15+ ? = 20     7+? =       

It's about working where the children need to start as if they know the one before the one after is easier. For example, if you know quickly 6+ 4= 10, you know 16+4 = 20    14+6= 20  then   40+60 = 100    then  400 + 600 = 1000

Number bonds to 20  video    worksheet

Number bonds to 100    tens video    tens only worksheet

Number bonds to 100    tens and ones video     tens and ones worksheet easier  tens and ones more

Number bonds to 1000    worksheet

Topic - Year 2 I'd like you to find out all about how transport has changed  Powerpoint  worksheet   Over the coming weeks we will take one transport a week and look into them more deeply.

Year 3 I'd like you to find out about Italy. This links with our Roman topic as it is where the Roman Empire started. Here's a website of information click here     Here's a fact file to complete. Click here    Next week we will be comparing England and Italy.


Friday 8th January

WRITING HELP -  Encourage the children to use these when writing

print a 1/2 list here   print a 3/4 list here     print a phonic sheet here


It's Friday! Work hard today and enjoy a lovely weekend!

Why not wake your self up with a PE warm up. 

Spellings- As it's Friday either have a little spelling test to see which of your spellings you now can spell. Or, you could create a word search of your spellings and see if Mummy and Daddy can find them all.

Phonics - Another favourite in class is Dragons Den. Click here to play

Literacy- Today I'd like to try try a reading comprehension task. Please choose the one most accessible for your child's reading ability.

Year 1    Year 2    Easy year 3  questions for easier one  Harder year 3  questions for harder one

Year 3 if your child reads and answers the questions of the other year groups that is fine, but can you please just read the information in the year 3 one as it is to do with their topic so they are missing out on the topic facts. Thank you

Maths - In maths have a go on Times Table Rockstars to keep your times tables sharp.

Year 2 you will be ordering and comparing numbers 

Year 2 video     powerpoint

Year 2 worksheet

Year 2 answers


Year 3 you will be finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a number

Year 3 video   powerpoint

Year 3 worksheet

Year 3 answers

PSCHE - You are going to find your brave today everyone. Mrs Phillips has sent this lesson for you to do at home. click here


Thursday 7th January

Well done for completing the work yesterday. I loved seeing the work you all did. 

Spellings - Practise you spellings by writing them in sentences today. Maybe you could have a game of hangman with them if you have someone to play with.

Phonics - Play flashcard time challenge to practise the speed you recognise your phonics.

Literacy- Yesterday, we were up in the air looking down at the Earth. However, there is a problem!!! The balloons are popping rapidly for no reason and you are falling further and further down to the Earth! Suddenly, there is a loud crash and you have landed in a random place. Where did you end up? Describe the setting you are using adjectives and conjunctions if possible. Remember, to proof read at the end. 

Here are some ideas you may choose from click here

Maths - To warm up, how many ways can you make 67? or 269? 

You will all be placing numbers on a number line. If your child in year 3 finds numbers to 1000 tricky please do let them do the numbers to 100 (year 2 lesson).

Year 2 video   powerpoint

Year 2 worksheet

Year 2 answers

Continue to use extension questions from yesterday 


Year 3 video     powerpoint

Year 3 worksheet

Year 3 answers

Continue to use extension questions from yesterday.

 Science - Year 2 - I have a problem I keep on spilling my drinks! What is the best material for me to soak it up? Which materials are absorbent? powerpoint   sheet   Maybe, you could set up a fair test by having the same size materials and the same amount of water and time which one absorbs it the quickest? Can you write down your findings?

Year 3 - We are moving onto rocks and soils as our unit. Today we are going to learn about types of rocks. powerpoint sheet 1 sheet 2   Can you identify any rocks from today's lesson in your garden, house, or when you go for a walk?


Wednesday 6th January

Hello everyone! 

Every morning in class we practise our spellings so please do this. You could do bubble writing, pyramids etc (I sent an idea booklet at the beginning of term)

Phonics - We wrote in past tense yesterday try this game to help your spellings click here

You like this one - buried treasure

Literacy - Please watch the into to 'Up' where the house goes up with the balloons. I would like to image you are up in the sky looking down like we spoke about on Monday. Please use you senses to write what you can hear, see, how you feel etc. Try to extend sentences with conjunctions e.g. but, because, use adjectives to describe and remember full stops and capital letters. Please ensure your children go back and proof read.

Up clip

Maths - We started work on Monday revising place value so to ease you back into home learning with some revision. 

Year 2 video     teaching slides

year 2 worksheet

Year 2 answers

Year 2 extension questions


Year 3 video      teaching slides

Year 3 worksheet

Year 3 answers

Year 3 extension questions

 Topic- We missed our computing session yesterday so today go onto Purple Mash and try coding 'the princess and the frog'. I've set it as a to do. Some of the year 3's will remember it. Try and see if you can still do it and if you can try the magician one.

If computer access is tricky - Do you remember we were drawing a map from a birds eye view? Why not get a piece of paper and draw a birds eye view. 



Spring 2021

Welcome back after the Christmas break and I really hope that 2021 will be a better year! I really hope you all had a lovely time spent with the family and friends you were able see given the co-vid restrictions. I had a lovely time with my small bubble and enjoyed the time in the second week where we couldn't go anywhere (apart from walks, bike rides, scooter rides etc to the beach, park and woods!) and had time indoors enjoying the new Christmas toys and relaxing. I hope you and your families are safe and well and remain so.

This term because we can't go anywhere we are going 'Up, Up and away!'. We will be travelling in different ways to explore the world through maps, atlases, internet resources etc. We will be looking our local geography, UK, the World's oceans and continents.  We will be exploring the physical and human features.

Year 2 will focus in their topic lessons on the history of transports and see how they have changed over the years. They will then travel to the fascinating world of the Rainforest! We will be exploring the different layers and the animals which live there. We may even have an explorer visit us!

Year 3 will focus in their topic lessons on Italy and compare it to England. We will be exploring volcanoes and rocks and soils. We will then move onto finding out all about the Romans and the impact they had on Britain.

This is a brief overview of the topic please see the topic web for more ideas showing what we might cover over the term.

Year 2 topic web

Year 3 topic web

 Home Expectations - Please hear your child read at least 5 times a week, talk about the book, ask questions and record it in their diary. Please also practise times tables (tested during the half term), their common exception words (tested half termly) and their spelling pattern words (tested weekly). Do use Times table Rockstars and Purple mash as these are still available. 

Please add other work they do at home or activities to dojo for possibly extra dojos! 

if you need to contact me please do via dojo messaging section.

In the event of co-vid related time off and your child is well - I will contact you via dojo on the message section. Your child is expected to do maths and literacy each day they are off, as well and read, spellings and times tables. If they would like they could also do some topic work. Please do upload this work daily to dojo so I can add a comment for the children. 


Monday 4th January 2021 -     PE is still Monday and Wednesday.

Literacy - We will begin by writing a recount using past tense of our Christmas holiday. Writing about what you have been up to and what you got for Christmas. We will be watching a clip from 'Up' where they go on with all the balloons, we will use Google earth to see what we can see. We will be using our senses to write about what we see, hear feel etc. This week will be used to help us to remember to use punctuation correctly, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions we have learnt how to use last term. 

Google earth


Maths- This week we will be ensuring our place value of numbers is more secure. We will be paritioning numbers into different ways (100/1000), ordering and comparing numbers, placing numbers on a number line, ensuring we know our number bonds and corresponding facts(20/100) e.g. 6+4= 10 therefore 6+14=20 and 20-4-16, also adding coins using number facts. 

fruit splat

shark numbers



bead numbers

ks1 odd and even

odd and even

Topic (Tuesday) Year 2 will be writing questions they'd like to find out about their topic and year 3 will be finding out about Italy and comparing it to England.

Computing - (Tuesday) we will be learning about coding using Purple Mash. Year 3 will be showing what they have remembered and moving on based on this.

Art - (Monday)We will be drawing what we see from a birds eye aerial view. 

Science (Thursdays) Year 2 will be do an experiment about absorbency because I keep spilling all my drinks and need to know which material would be best.

How to identify materials?

Year 3 will be looking at and naming different types of rocks and where they are found.   

What is a rock?

If you have any questions, I know these are strange times but do contact me. Mrs Blackwood

Autumn 2020

Welcome back everyone! I hope you and your families are all well and enjoyed fun times together over the summer holidays. It has been a different and sometimes challenging few months, but here we are about to start back for a new school year. I hope you are all as excited as I am to be starting back and ready to have fun learning in class again. Things may be still a bit different for a while e.g. we will be washing our hands lots still, be facing the front of the class rather than our tables in groups, having no assemblies for a while longer, lunches in the classrooms and staying in slightly larger bubbles. However, I plan to still make your learning fun and enjoy our topics! If anyone has any questions or worries do feel free to email or ask me when we are back. The first few weeks may be a bit more tiring while everyone settles back into school life again, but hopefully a good bedtime routine will help with this. I hope we can work together to support your child's learning.  Many thanks, Mrs Blackwood.

Here is a timetable of the day. CLICK HERE

Here is the expectation letter . CLICK HERE

Please send your children to school with a bottle with fresh water in it, book bag, pencil case, coat, wellies (can be left in school). On a Monday and Wednesday your children will have PE so have been asked to come to school already in PE kits.

Our topic this term is 'Time Travellers'. Year 2 you will focus in topic lessons on the Great Fire of London and Year 3 you will focus on the Stone Age to Iron Age in your topic lessons. Our focus, particularly in the first term will be on reading, writing, spelling/phonics and maths, but have topic lessons planned in to cover the other curriculum areas. Please READ at home and record this in their diary, this is monitored daily. The children will have a spelling book given to them over the first couple of weeks so you can help them learn their common exception words at home.

Topic Web Year 2

Topic Web Year 3

3/4 spelling list

PHONICS SCREENER - YEAR 2 - The children in year two will be given the phonic screener in the second half term of the autumn term as per the governments instruction. They should have sat this in year 1 in normal circumstances. Here is a link to phonics play where there are lots of games to help practise for this like 'Picnic on Pluto' and 'buried treasure' CLICK HERE 

Monday 14th December

I am so proud of your children for their work on the Christmas play. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Christmas Play please watch

This is the last week before Christmas and we will be making Christmas cards, doing some Christmas crafts and enjoying this last week before we break up. I know it is an exciting time of year, but a good bedtime routine on school days are really important. 

Literacy - We will be continuing to work on poetry. We will be writing an acrostic poem, haiku and writing things to do with Christmas using every letter of the alphabet! WHen we have written some peoms, the children will be asked to read these to the class.

Maths - We will be doing some Christmas maths investigations and puzzles! 

Wednesday - It is the Christmas lunch and party in the afternoon. 

Friday - The last day of term. We will be having our festive lunch boxes and we will give out all your cards you have written to each other.

Monday 7th December

This week I will be filming the play. Please practise saying their lines loudly and clearly. They are working so hard! 

Friday is Christmas jumper day!

Literacy - This week we will be pausing our work on George's Marvellous Medicine and creating some Christmas poetry. We will be looking at different types of poetry formats. We will be write a haiku, senses poem, a shape poem and maybe an acrostic poem. 

There are some lovely Christmas adverts and clips on this site which they could write about or use as stimulus for a poem. click here

Spelling - I will be testing your children on their common exception words this week and highlighting any words they can now spell. 

Maths - This week we are measuring length using cm, mm and m. Can you measure things are home using a ruler? Can you measure using a tape measure longer objects or distances? 

objects to measure

For extra time practise from last week here are some more games click here

Topic (Thursday)- Year 3 will be completing their work on houses through the Stone to Iron age. Year 2 will be crating a fire safety poster. 

Computing  (Tuesday) - Year 3 will be attaching a document to an email. Year 2 will be typing a Christmas poem on the computer and drawing a picture. 

Handwriting - Please use the handwriting sheets to practise their letter formation. 

Monday 30th November

Please keep practising your lines and the song words. I'm sooo excited that we can still do this. 

I'm also excited as Tuesday I can put up a small tree in the classroom to help make it feel like Christmas in our classroom.

Reading -  Thank you for reading so much with your children at home, this has impacted their progress this term. Well done at home!

For the end of year 2, we are looking for your child to read with fluency and be able to talk about the book. Here are a couple of videos produced by the dfee for you to see examples. video video 

Caution! It is not just about them being to read fluently. The second part of the assessment is their ability to answer questions about their reading which is why talk is so important. 'In year 3, the questioning about what they read increases in difficulty, as does the required amount they need to read in a set time.

Understanding of what they are reading is vital.

PHONICS - Please year 2's play the games on phonic play and go over the flashcards. Maybe show your parents the car activity.

Literacy - This week some of our sessions will be used to practise the play which will be developing our speaking, listening and performing skills. We will also write another set of instructions, ensuring we are clear of the layout and vocabulary choices we did last week. We will also be writing a letter to the elf asking him to come and join our class with reasons. 


Maths- We will continue to work on telling the time. Can your children name the days of the week and what day comes the other? Do they know the months of the year? How many days in a week and months in a year? How many seconds in a minute? How many minutes in an hour? How many hours in a day? 

At home, encourage the children to read a clock to you. They could tell you when it's half past 7 etc.

Please feel free to use the sheets I uploaded on last week if they would like to practise at home. 

Topic- Year 2 will create a piece of work reflecting on their knowledge of the Fire of London e.g. why it happened? What changed because of it? 

Year 3 will be comparing houses from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Also, looking at other significant changes over this period in history. 

Science -Year 2 will be solving the problem of the 'Great spillage!' - What is the best material to soak up a spillage?

Year 3 will be looking at marvellous magnets and their uses.

DT- The year 2 houses are nearly complete and then we will be evaluating them. The year 3's will be completing their stone age weapon. 

Thursday 3rd the year 3 children will have their sponsored run.

Monday 17th November

It is very exciting I've ordered a Christmas play called 'A bundle of joy'. I really want to do a mini play with Maple Class bubble and keep some sort of Christmas normality. We will practise and perform it. I will then film it for you all to enjoy! Please learn any lines your children come home with.

Literacy - This week we will be doing some reading comprehension activities to start the week.

Here are a couple to do at home. (I've put three different levels and each are of 3 different levels) 

Read 1   Read 2    Read 3

We will begin our new book this week 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and read only up to the bit where George starts to make the potion. (Please don't read beyond) We will be thinking about creating our own potions and what we would put in and why.

We will then move onto instructional writing. Can you write a set instructions to make something? Can you carry out a set of instructions? Instructions use 'bossy verbs' put, mix, stir and you could use first, next, after, finally. 

Phonics - Play dragons den and practise your phonic flashcards. 

Maths - This week we will be doing a couple of assessments to track progress (if your child is away they will do them when they return). This week we move onto telling the time. I will see what they are able to do and move from there. The progression is o'clock and half past, quarter hours, (Year 2) 5 minute intervals, minute intervals then 24 hour clock. (year 3)

Time games

Time worksheets

Science (Thursday) - Year 2 we will  be looking at changing the shape of objects by stretching, bending, squashing etc. Year 3 will be magnet strength and the poles of the magnets and whether they repel or attract. 

Computing (Tuesday) - Year 2 we will go on purple maths and practise our typing and write on the diary on 'Samuel Pepys'. Year 3 will be using purple mash '2 email' to write an email and start to learn how to send an attachment. 

Topic (Monday, Tuesday)- Year 2 will be looking at changes to fire fighting since the Great Fire and what we have learnt for the fire. We will be creating a poster which compares the two. Year 3 - will be creating a factfile on Iron age people- They will draft a paragraph from facts and create a finished fact files. 

Art- If we have time we will be drawing ourselves as either a Tudor person or a Stone age person on A5 paper.

RE - With Mrs Allum you will start to be looking at Advert. 

Friday - DT - We will be completing our DT projects (Tudor house or weapon)

Monday 16th November

What an exciting week we had with Remembrance Day, T T Rockstars and Children in Need!

Literacy - This week will be continuing to be use our book 'The Enormous Crocodile'. This week we will be working on conjunctions. We will be retelling this story using conjunctions and writing a book review. 

Here is a matching sentence game you could cut out and do sheet 1 sheet 2 sheet 3  (Send a photo for a dojo!)

Maths - This week we will be continuing to work on fractions. This week we will be looking at non unit fractions further like 3/4, equivilent fractions (1/2 = 2/4 for year 2), counting in fractions (1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 for year 3) and comparing fractions (year 3).

recognise simple fractions 

There are games on Purple Mash on fractions

TT Rockstars

Topic (Monday, Tuesday)- Year 2 will be writing their diary entry on old tea stained paper. They will also be drawing a Tudor house with charcoal. Year 3 will be continuing to look at the bronze age time period and cave paintings. 

Friday - Year 2 will begin work on their Tudor houses and year 3 will begin work on their design.

Science (Thursday)- Year 2 will be  looking at the suitability of materials. Year 3 will be looking at magnetic and non magnetic materials. 

magnetic and non magnetic game


Computing (Tuesday) - Year 2 will  be using purple mash to present their ideas and year 3 will be using email to email other members of their class.

Monday 9th November

So, we are now in our second lockdown but we are still working hard at school. If your child is off due to self isolating and your child is well then the expectation is that your child will do some maths and literacy everyday at home. Please contact me via class dojo and I will be happy to give you more direction that I put on here. Please also do upload any work completed and I will look at it daily.

Literacy- This week we will be continuing our work on expanded noun phrases. Last week, we focused on describing the swamp setting in the books 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl. You wrote some good descriptions last week. This week, we will be focusing on the crocodile and writing a wanted poster using expanded noun phrases. We will also, be writing a description of our favourite animal, proof reading them and trying to edit them to make it better.

Maths- This week we will be moving onto fractions. This concept fits well after our time on division. To begin we will be working on half, quarters, thirds and three quarters of shapes first and then on amounts. Can you half a small packet of raisins? Can you break a biscuit into quarters? Can you work out a quarter of a given number? etc

I have a set a few fractions 'to do's' on Purple Mash (some are easier than others).

Science - (Thurs) Year 2 will be looking at materials around them and what materials they are made out of. Year 3 will be looking at forces and making a car move faster or slower on different materials.

Topic- Year 2 will be writing in draft a diary entry as if they are in the Great Fire of London's time, writing in first person 'I'. Using their planning from last week to help them. Year 3 will be finding out and producing a fact file about the bronze age people. 

Computing - (Tues) We will be using TT Rockstars.

Monday 2nd November

This half term we will continue to work hard. You all worked so hard last half term, well done! Forest schools have come to an end year 3. 

Literacy - Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on a different book, one by Roald Dahl. Our focus will be on expanded noun phrases e.g. the cheeky monkey. Can you find any in their reading books? Can they tell you what the adjective is and noun? 

What is an expanded noun phrase?

Maths - This week we will be working on division. At home, you could be sharing objects, using the plate method or jumping on a number line or using times tables to solve division problems. 

hit the button

doggy division

demolition division

Science (Thurs)- Year 2 we will be moving onto exploring materials and their properties. We will be identifying what objects are made of and discussing why these are suitable for the purpose. You won't find a chocolate teapot that you can use!

Year 3 will be moving onto forces and magnets. We will be exploring the push and pull force in this first lesson back.

Topic- (Tues, Fri)Year 2 will be starting to plan a diary about the fire of London, exploring their feelings and senses as they plan this week what they could write using first person 'I'. They will also be starting to plan a Tudor house which they will make. Each child will need a cereal box so please can you bring one in with their name on (none that had nuts in please).

Year 3 we will continuing to write our Stone Age postcards. Maybe you found one at home? We will be writing about what you did when you were in a Stone Age village in the first person. You will also be completing your work on Stonehenge and painting a Stonehenge sunset picture. 

Computing (Tues)  - Year 3 we will be starting to work on emailing and year 2 continuing our typing and presentation skills. 

Monday 26th October

HALF TERM. I hope you all have a good rest this week, ready to start the next half term and the run up to Christmas. Please read as much as you can, this can be from the library or home collections as well but please record this in the diary. Spelling and times table practise could also happen in fun ways e.g. chalk on the beach, magnetic letters, games etc. You can keep uploading to Dojo. 

Monday 19th October

This week is the last week of forest school for year 3 and also the last week before half term.

Thank you all for using Class Dojo so positively. 

Literacy - This week we are continuing our work on using different sentence types correctly within our writing. We will be creating an advert for our very own magic paintbrushes. 

At home, can you write questions, exclamations, statements and commands? Can you upload these to Dojo? Can you identify them in your reading?

Phonics - Please go on and play some games on phonics play and practise your flashcards. We are revising ' oy' and 'oi' this week and 'ar'.

Maths- This week we will be working on multiplication. We will be looking at arrays, using repeated addition in order to help us work out our times tables. Remember times tables can be done in either order e.g. 3x2= 2x3= 

Year 2 the end of year expectation is to know 10, 2, 5, and begin to know 3

Year 3 the end of year expectation is to know 10, 2, 5, 3, 4 and 8

Times table rockstars

speed test

hit the button

daily ten

coconut multiples

Topic - Year 3 will be looking at their muscles this week in science and year 2 will be focusing on hygiene. 

Year 3 will be finding out about Stonehenge and completing some art work on it. Year 2 will be finding out about how we know about the great fire and in particular, finding out about Samuel Pepys. 

Monday 12th October

This week music starts again for year 2 on a Thursday afternoon. Year 3 your music will be on a Thursday morning when you have finished forest schools.

If you haven't been on to Timestable Rockstars then please do as we now have a whole school subscription.

Literacy - This week we are starting work using the book 'The Magic Paintbrush'. We will be focusing on sentence types e.g. commands, questions, statements and exclamations in order to develop our writing. 

Can you write a recipe down using commands? If you take a photo of it upload to dojo for a dojo point!

Maths- This week we will be working on money. Can you take a handful of coins and count the accurately? Can you make a given amount using coins? Can you add two amounts together using the strategies we have covered this term? Can you work out change? 

You could create a role play at home using real coins?

toy shop

coins game

coin cruncher

how much left?

Topic - In science, year 2 you will be thinking about ho exercise is important. Year 3, you will be looking at the functions of the skeleton.

In topic, year 2 will continue to think about the events of the Great Fire of London. Year 3 will look at Skara Brae as a stone age settlement.

Monday 5th October

It's been lovely to see the photos and videos you have uploaded to your child's portfolio. Maybe try and upload one thing a a week. This could be reading videos, achievements, home learning etc. They children are loving getting dojo points!

Literacy - This week we will be planning, writing and editing a short story about a characters adventures over the course of a week. Our focus will be using capital letters for proper nouns. What fictional events could your characters get up to? Maybe discuss at home. Some might be similar from Claire in 'On the Way Home'.

Phonics - This week we will be revising the long 'o' sound. 

We have been enjoying playing the games on phonic play, why not have a go click here

Maths- This week we will begin by revising addition and then begin work on the inverse of addition, subtraction. At home can you practise counting forwards and backwards if your child finds this hard. Year 2 will be subtracting using a number lines and the year 3 will start to learn column subtraction. 

blast off

fact families

subtraction grids

minus mission

daily ten

column subtraction game for year 3

Topic- In science, year 2 will be learning about healthy eating and year 3 will be learning about the functions of a skeleton.

In topic, year 2 will continue to recall the events of the fire of London and Year 3 will continue their fact sheets about prehistoric animals. 

Fire of London

Pudding Lane

Monday 28th September

Well done everyone on a good week last week. 

Please make sure you have signed up to Class Dojo. You can see when your children get class dojo points and for what in school, you can upload photos of your children's work they do at home, or videos of them reading etc and these will be added to your children's portfoilio's and I can see them. Maybe try this week to upload one thing so we can check it is working. (It's new to me too!)

Literacy - This week we will be moving onto 'proper nouns'. Can you explain what these are to our parents? Can you write a list on any?

Phonics - This week we will be revising the long 'i' sound. Keep sounding out words carefully when reading.

Maths - This week we will be working on addition. We will be looking at fact families, checking calculations, adding ones, tens, two digit numbers to a 2 or 3 digit number. 

Year 3 will be learning column addition.

fact families

daily 10

post sorting

fruit splat

number bonds

Topic - Year 2's will be looking at the events of the Great Fire of London. Year 3's will be looking at stone age animals. 

In Science, in year 2 we will be looking at living things basic needs. Year 3, you will be starting to naming bones in the human body. 

Computing - At home, maybe practise BBC touch type or the program on Purple Mash. Please encourage typing with two hands.

Monday 21st September

We are now in full swing at school and the children are all settled into our new routine, including a lot of hand washing and sanatising! Any questions regarding spellings, reading etc do feel able to ask. 

Reading - Please try to read at least 5 times a week with your child and record this in the diary.

Well done and thank you to all of those reading lots at home.

Phonics - This week we will be recapping the alternative spellings for 'long e' in our phonic lessons. Can  you brainstorm any together. 

Play picnic on pluto at home click here

Literacy - We are continuing our work on nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns (year 3). This week we will be creating 'warning posters' warning people about what they might (fictionally) see on their way home. Can you create one at home? Can your children explain the 3 word types to you? Can you spot some when reading? 

Maths - We are working further on place value. This week we will be comparing numbers (year 2 to 100 and year 3 to 1000). We will also be counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 from 0 and from any given number (year 2, consolidating for year 3) and moving onto 3, 4,8, 50, 100 to year 3 when they are ready. 

1 and 10 more or less game

helicopter rescue

coconut ordering

speed tables

Topic- Year 2 will be finding out about 17th century London. Year 3 will be finding out about Stone age houses and the clothes they wore. In science, the year 2's are looking at growth and how humans grow and year 3 will be looking at animal skeletons.

Monday 14th September

After a good first week back to school, hopefully we are ready to start a new week!

Year 3 - Forest school is Thursday morning, please dress appropriately including a waterproof coat and waterproof trousers to take off when they return to school. 

Phonics -  This week we will be recapping the alternative spellings of 'a'. Can you think of any at home or spot them in your reading?

Use the phonic play car trial click here

Literacy - This week we are working on knowing and recognising nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns (year 3). We will be exploring the book 'On the Way Home'. Can you think of any crazy (imaginary) ways to travel to school or encounters, e.g. you get stopped by a giant?

rocket game

number line

Maths - This week we will continue to work on place value. We will be looking at representing numbers in different ways e.g. part whole method, number lines, place value counters etc. Practise reading and writing numbers at home. We will be looking at numbers to 100 for your 2 and to 1000 for year 3. Can you order a set of numbers? Can you compare the numbers?

bead numbers

Topic - This week we will be drawing a detailed sketch of our face. The year 2 will begin to think about the Great Fire of London by writing questions they would like to find the answers for. The year 3 will be writing questions they have about the Stone Age. 

Monday 7th September

This is our first week back. How exciting! For some of you it's been a long time but together we will all be fine. 

Literacy - This week I will be finding out what you can do and how I can help progress you on. I'll be asking you to do some independent writing about what you have been up to over these last weeks/ months. Maybe talk together at home about what they have done, because children will forget all the lovely things they have done.

Phonics- We will be revising our phonics and seeing which ones you all know. 

phonics play

little birds - common exception words (Year 3, only when you know most of the year 1/2 common exception list will I ask you to start to learn the 3/4 list)

Maths- I will be giving you a password for ' Times table Rockstars' this week. click here (Learning times tables in any order are so important - year 2 - 10, 2, 5, 3   year 3 - 10, 2, 5, 3, 4, 8)

The few three weeks of this time will be spent on number and place value. This week we will focus on counting forwards and backwards (year 2 to 50 then 100, year 3 to 1000) and partitioning numbers.

counting game

place value basketball

place value charts

Topic - We will not start our main topic this week. We will be thinking about ourselves and our feelings, exploring this through books. We will be drawing self portraits and concentrating on really looking at our faces and including detail.







Here are some general websites for you to go on to help with your learning. (Any issues with any of the links please let me know)

Speed times tables

Times table rockstars

BBC touch typing

purple mash

Literacy games

Maths games

Science games

Times table games

Phonic games letters and sounds

Phonic games phonics play

Maths zone

Hit the button - maths

Times Table Games 

SPAG games