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Maple Class 2

Welcome to our new page where I will continue to add daily learning until the day we are all able to come back together at school.

I will not delete the other page or the contents so you can see access all the resources on there.

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Thursday 2nd July

I was pleased to receive copies of a couple of your letters you have written and well done to everyone else who has written a letter. A little bit of written daily helps to improve stamina to write, so keep going!

Reading - Sit down and enjoy some quiet time reading and enjoying a book. Are you reading one you can recommend? Maybe draw a scene from the book and describe what is happening? Talk about the story to an adult? Read a story to a younger sibling or maybe a pet?

Literacy - Here is something different from ocean pollution for today, a picture of the creature from the deep with some questions for you answer about it

click here

Maths- Year 2 you will be working on measuring again and today with millilitres. For bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheet answers

Year 3 you will be working on telling the time. For bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheet answers

If 5 minute intervals is too tricky practise quarters hours first click here

Topic - If you fancy it here's a quiz about ocean pollution click here

Today as promised - year 2 a lesson about dinosaurs click here

Year 3 a lesson on rocks, soils and fossils which will be a good revision for you click here

Wednesday 1st July

I can't believe it's July already and I wouldn't have believed it given today's windy and wet weather! Anyway, I managed a walk with my Dad and the children and that was lovely. It's good to hear some of you are seeing your grandparents as well, I'm sure they have said you've grown a lot!

Phonics - From looking at some of your writing I'm suggesting some games to revise the alternative ways writing the same phoneme (phase 5) Play the 5c games or before that if you need to. The site is free currently click here

Literacy - Today I'd like you to proof read and edit (make better/improve) your letter and I'd like you to copy it up and send it to the MP and see if you get a response. This will give you a perfect opportunity to practise your neatest handwriting and writing for a purpose. (Do send a photo to me as well)

MP address 

Andrew Griffith MP
House of Commons

Email -

Alternatively, write a letter to me! There's a bitesize lesson to follow click here

Maths- Year 2 today you are working on comparing volume. For bitesize click here. For White Rose video click here worksheet answers

Year 3 today you are working on 3D shapes. For bitesize click here. For White Rose video click here worksheet    answers

Topic - Do the option from yesterday that you didn't do. So either the object from a recycled bottle or the poster. 

(NB tomorrow we will do the science lesson on rocks 3/dinosaurs 3 from bitesize)

Tuesday 30th June

Morning everyday, I hope you have got into finding out about polluting our oceans and what we can do to help. When you go out do you always check to make sure you didn't leave any rubbish behind? Does it make you unhappy seeing litter on the floor? 

Literacy- After all your research and note taking, I'd like you to write a letter in draft to a MP encouraging them to help support the cause of Saving Our Oceans. 

When I watched the videos it made me sad thinking humans were responsible for animals in the oceans dying, making our environment unpleasant and pollution getting into our food supply. Remember, you need to make it clear what the issue is, what an important issue this is and why and suggest ways to help. You could write three or more paragraphs. 

Here's a powerpoint about using persuasive writing to look at first (Ignore the end slide, I would like you to write to the MP about Saving the Oceans) HERE and here's a template 

Maths- Year 2 you will be measuring in kilograms. For bitesize click here and for White Rose videos click here worksheets answers

Year 3 you will be looking at 2 D shapes today. For bitesize click here and for White Rose videos click here worksheets answers

Topic - Choose one of the two options and you can do the other one tomorrow. 

1 - Using an old plastic bottle recycle it - make a bird feeder, fairy garden, pencil pot etc What creative way could you think of to reuse an old plastic bottle rather than putting it in the bin?

2 - If you have no bottle today why not create a colourful poster to Save our Oceans from plastic pollution. Colour makes it stand out so it catches peoples attention! Can you include a question? Commands? Statements? Exclamations? (I will add a house point to your chart in school if you can use all 4 on a poster)

Monday 29th June

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the cooler weather. We still went out for a bike ride and walks despite the showers and it being a bit windy! I can't believe we only have 3 weeks left of this term, so keep going please you are doing so well!


Here are some photos from last week, please do send some more in for this week!

Spelling - Year 2 - handwriting











Year 3 - handwriting











Here are some books to  listen to during the week- Somebody Swallowed Stanley  Dear Greenpeace  One plastic bag  a planet full of plastic  Alba the 100 year old fish

Literacy - Your writing today will be based on your topic research, so please do the topic research first all about polluting our Oceans and how we can save them.

Here are some informative posters we looked at before in class but in class wrote our own about polluting forests - Do you remember? Read them again for more information on plastic pollution click here (You could do a comprehension if you wish)

I'd like you to complete activity 1 or 2 with notes ready for tomorrow to write a letter to an MP to encourage them to promote 'Saving our Oceans'. click here

Maths - Year 2 - Today you will be measuring in grams. For bitesize click here. (twinkl sheet here) For White Rose video click here worksheet answers    You could get practical and measure things around your house or use scales in a recipe.

Year 3 - Warm up your brains with a speed times table test. Today you will measuring accurately.  For bitesize click here. For White Rose video click here worksheet answers   

Topic - This week we will be looking at 'SAVING OUR OCEANS'. 

I'd like to do some research today about what are the dangers to our oceans e.g. plastic pollution, over fishing. Make some notes to remind you of what you found out.

youtube clip plastic pollution click here

How plastic ends up in our oceans click here

A bbc live lesson about our oceans click here

Plastic pollution powerpoint ks1 click here

Friday 26th June

Morning! Well done on nearly completing another week and it's been a hot one. Thank you for all you doing. Do keep sending your work in please. I've received some lovely emails this week, thank you.

I hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend. I'm sure a lot of you have been in paddling pools and hope staying safe in the sun and drinking lots of water. We had an early morning trip to the beach, then home learning, followed by fun in the paddling pool and had ice lollies! The children also enjoyed ice hands that I froze using gloves!

Literacy - It's the Friday book challenge Year 2 Year 3

Maths - It's family maths challenge day Year 2 Year 3

Why not test how quick your times tables are now click here

Topic - As it's Friday, use today to catch up on bits you still have to finish, or activities you didn't quite get time to do from the other days this week. 

If you have finished why not do some sea mindfulness colouring click here

OR make ice cream in a bag at home!! I know when we have done this at school you all LOVE it, so why not try it at home (not ocean related I know but it's a sunny day and ice cream is good on sunny days!) click here

French -  Everyone for a lesson on food and drink click here  Then year 3 you could learn about family and hobbies click here

Thursday 25th June

Yesterday was HOT! I think today is also hot, so do enjoy the sun but please stay safe and hydrated. 

Thank you to those who emailed in their writing, well done! Thank you to those who told me they were enjoying the experiments, another one today!

Literacy - Today is a bit of work on comprehension Year 2 click here Year 3 yours in about authors and doing a book review. click here

Alternatively, sit in the garden (in the shade) and write a poem all about the ocean or the sunshine and what you enjoy doing in the sun! Present it nicely by decorating it, or share it with your family by reading it aloud.

Maths - Year 2- You are comparing mass today. For bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheet answers    

You could get scales out and do this practically and do some real measuring as well.

Year 3- For bitesize on parallel and perpendicular lines click here. For White Rose on video click here worksheet   answers

Topic - ICE!! As it's hot, my children love ice poles, but unfortunately they sometimes leave them on the table and run off to ply resulting in them melting quickly!

I want you to investigate using ice cubes! If they were to wrap the ice cubes in a material what would be best to keep them solid (ice) the longest. Make sure you put them all in the same place or it won't be  fair test (I would suggest in a bowl) and wrapped up in different materials e.g. cloth, tin foil, bubble wrap etc.  Make sure you predict first, draw a diagram, write a method and a conclusion.


Year 2 - food and nutrition click here

Year 3 it's a marble run challenge click here

Wednesday 24th June

It was a beautiful day yesterday and very hot. We went for a walk late afternoon but still very warm, we enjoyed a lot of tree climbing and writing words using twigs as was suggested by one of your classmates. Please stay safe in the sun and drink lots of water!

Thank you for all of you following my suggested activities (even if you don't complete them all that doesn't matter).

Reading - I'm glad I keep hearing that so many of you are reading most days. Today, take a book and sit somewhere nice and enjoy reading!

Literacy - Today is National Writing Day Challenge so today I thought this would be a great activity to do. Please try to send me your finished piece. Year 2 Year 3

Alternatively, you could complete the story you were writing/ newspaper report and do the challenge tomorrow. Remember to proof read it for spelling, sense, punctuation and see if you can edit it all to make it better.

Maths- Today, Year 2 you have some problems involving length. For Bitesize click here. For White Rose video click here worksheet answers

Year 3 you are working on describing lines.  For Bitesize (all lines) click here. For White Rose (horizontal and vertical today and perpendicular and parallel tomorrow) video  worksheet answers

If any of you speed through, you could always practise your times tables to work on the speed you know them or practise telling the time!

 Topic - Today I'd like you to explore the cloud. Click here to watch a video all about clouds

if you would like here is a cloud song with some lovely cloud images click here Do you ever look at the sky and clouds and know what the weather might bring that day??

To make a rain cloud in a jar click here Can you explain what is happening?

To make it rain click here and to complete the write up form click here

 Tomorrow, you will need ice cubes for the experiment.

Tuesday 23rd June

I hope everyone had a good Monday and enjoyed finding out about the water cycle, it's really interesting. Did you like the songs? I was singing away to them last night when I posted them for you. 

Phonics - At school, we have been talking lots about phonics. Here are phase 2/3 and phase 4/5 sound mats that the children could have out to help them find the correct sound. You could see if they can say the correct sound e.g. 'ai' is long a 

Here are some phonic games you could play click here  

Literacy - Yesterday, I asked you to plan a piece of writing. Today, can you write the first half of the story (use speech marks) or begin to write your newspaper report. If you get into it, you can write all of it in draft. Try to use paragraphs, correct punctuation (can you use the 4 main sentence types?), adjectives to describe and conjunctions to extend. They could be typed if you would like.

I know writing is harder to do, but it is so important you keep trying your best to write a good block as this will help improve your stamina to write. Doing writing is not as easy as other learning areas in my house either, but worth the effort! 

Maths - Year 2 you are working on comparing length and height today. For bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheet answers

Year 3 you will be comparing angles. For bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheet answers

Topic - I'm excited about this activity and would love to see your work. You are going to make a water cycle in a bag - here are the instructions I would set it up in the morning, predict what will happen  and draw a diagram to show what is happening. Can you write a paragraph explaining what is happening?

Also, try to make a rain cloud in a jar for a fun activity. click here

Year 2 improve your understanding of the world by learning about cities, towns and villages click here

Year 3 improve your understanding of the world by finding out about rivers click here

Monday 22nd June

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and ready to start another week of home learning. I had a nice day yesterday, I got to spend it with my Dad in the garden and had a very windy walk along the beach! This week looks like it is going to be a very hot one, so please take care of yourself and your skin and put sun cream on, drink water and stay in the shade! 

This week we are going to be looking at the water cycle and doing some experiments to do with the water cycle throughout the week. This will be fun! We will be experimenting with the different states of water - solid, liquid and gas. We will be making predictions about what will happen and writing conclusions.You might like to ask parents to see if you can make some ice cubes for later on in the week. Do keep in touch via email at least once a week.

Spelling- Year 2 handwriting











Year 3 handwriting











Literacy - This week we will continue to look at Flotsam, but I'm going to give you a bit of choice.

You could write a newspaper report about the discovery of this amazing camera. template You could do a pretend with someone at home and get 'quotes' from them - like we did with the Old Man in 'The Tin Forest' book.

You could look at the items of flotsam shown on the inside cover. Could you choose one and write your own story about it? The story could follow the same idea and you could come up with other things found in the sea or it can be completely original.

Toda,y plan your writing and tomorrow you will be writing it.

Maths - Year 2 you will be measuring length on bitesize click here for White Rose video click here worksheet answers

 Year 3 you will be looking at right angles in shapes on bitesize click here for White Rose video click here worksheet answers      If you don't have a right angle checker you can make from from a corner of paper. 

If you need an alternative try year 2 year 3 

Topic- Today I'd like you to find out about the water cycle.

For a bitesize  video click here

For a water cycle song and a little rap! click here If we were at school we'd be doing actions to help us remember to cycle!

Here's another song click here

There's a powerpoint which is a bit more informative if you want to go in depth a bit more click here

Either draw your own water cycle diagram and label it

For an example of a complete water cycle click here

Here are two worksheets with a water cycle to label to choose from if you don't want to draw it here or here  You could expend yourself by writing a paragraph explaining the cycle.


Friday 19th June

It's Friday! I don't know about all of you but this week has felt harder. I'm confused by the days, my timings are different daily but it's okay we are doing okay! I am feeling a bit sad today as Katie says goodbye to her teacher as she's off on maternity leave, so no proper closure for a while with her first ever school teacher. It feels very strange. 

Anyway, at this time we need to be kind to everyone and yesterday on Oak Academy. The Duchess of Cambridge joined in with the assembly on kindness. Click here to watch 

I do miss assemblies and everyone singing together, here's one of your favourites you can sing along with click here   Remember our assembly page is updated too with bible stories and songs as well.

THANK YOU for all for working hard, parents and children.

THANK YOU for sending work in, please TRY to send one piece at least a week in - I love my photo collage app! I love displaying your work. I miss reading your written work so do send that in as well as your craft projects. 

Literacy - As it's Friday it's reading comprehension day. Year 2 you are working on the text 'Spike' click here

Year 3 you are working on the text 'Slime' click here

Read for pleasure, just stop pick up a book, find your favourite spot and enjoy! 

Spelling - How are your common exception list coming along? How many more can you now spell? Can you use them correctly in your writing? 

Challenge - Find a scrabble board and see how many of your words you can connect on one board??

Maths - It's the Friday Maths challenges on White Rose and Bitesize. Click here answers

You could have a game of hit the button click here

Topic - Time to finish any bits of work off from this week or complete any activities you didn't have time to do.

Sunday is Fathers Day so I'd like you to make him a card. Remember to write inside a thank you for . . . Try to do it when he's not looking! I'm sure some of you are seeing or have seen over lockdown your Dad's a bit more.Maybe plan something special on Sunday. I'm having my Dad over and cooking him his favourite dinner.

This is an important lesson on bitesize - online safety. Year 2 web safety  click here I'd suggest year 3 maybe do the year 2 one as a refresher and then the viruses and malware click here

Have a lovely weekend. 

Thursday 18th June

I've seen a decoupe dolphin sent through and a couple more dioramas, I will post another photo collage tomorrow so please send photos in!!

Literacy - Following on from yesterdays lesson, today I'd like you to complete lesson 2 of the plan I posted yesterday. I can't wait to read some amazing paragraphs describing the pictures using adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions (to extend sentences). Try to vary the sentence openers (how you start sentences so it's not always to same). Remember to proof read you writing for sense, punctuation and spelling. If you can, maybe you can edit it to make it even better? You could handwrite these or maybe type them on the computer to develop your typing skills.

Maths  Year 2 You will be working on shape patterns. For Bitesize click here White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers 

Year 3 you will be working on problems involving fractions.  For Bitesize click here White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Topic - Year 2 not sea related but you might fancy this lesson on repeating patterns given your maths today click here

All - Can you answer the quiz about an ocean habitat click here

Have a watch of a blue planet episode and see if you learn any more ocean facts click here 

Why not go on Purple Mash and email a friend or play a game or two on their. 

Wednesday 17th June

Yesterday, I enjoyed time at the beach with my children, we created an Andy Goldsworthy style sculpture and they paddled in the sea! It was actually really quiet on the section of beach we went to.


Wow! Look at some of the work you are sending through (there is lots of maths I'm seeing too and I'm only putting a selection to get variety) Keep them coming in and it's making me smile!! I wonder whether I can get a piece from everyone on this week?

I love that I've had a couple of book reviews this week as well. Keep reading to an adult and for pleasure. 

Spelling - I know from lots of you are practising your spelling so keep working on those common exception lists!

KS1 spelling games  click here

KS2 click here 

Literacy- It was nice to hear that you are enjoying the book 'Flotsam'. Mrs Phillips found some planning that we are going to use mainly for the fact it has the pictures that you can print out and work on. Click here

Look at and use lesson 4. (lesson 5 will be tomorrow) You will be exploring the photos and making notes around them. Try to think of interesting vocabulary, phrases, questions etc

If you want to you can do the previous lessons with your children verbally, discussion is always valuable.

Maths- Year 2 - Today you will be sorting shapes. For Bitesize click here White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Year 3 today you will be subtracting fractions. I know adding and subtracting fractions when the denominator remains the same was an easier one, but good to consolidate your earning. For Bitesize click here White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers   

You could always practise your times tables if you speed through! 

Topic - There are so many online resources about Oceans out there at the moment.

At 11.30 there will be a talk about crabs at National Marine aquarium. If your parents have facebook it's 'Aquarium live - connect with our crabs'

If not maybe visit ocean conservation trust

wise oceans (a facebook group)

Use today to complete your diorama's - some of you have finished and as promised I have posted these at the top of today's learning. I've even included the simple version one I did at home with my daughter.

If you have finished, either write about what is happening in your diorama either as a story or in a documentary style.

Alternatively, choose one of the layers and find out more information about it e.g. other animals.

Also click here and scroll to the bottom to listen to David Attenborough talk about the continents.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday 16th June

It has been a lovely sunny day today and I hope you all enjoyed some form of activity outside. If you haven't emailed me in a while please do and share your learning with me. 

Literacy - Today watch 'Flotsam' it's a wordless picture click here

We will be doing work on this book during the week. Today, I'd like you to choose a page and write some speech bubbles suggesting what they could be saying. Also, write a paragraph about what that page might say if there were words in this book. Year 3, try to use inverted commas (speech marks). If you do one page quickly, choose more than one page. 

If anyone fancies ensuring they know days of the week and simply joining words try Bitesize, it's a year 2 one  click here 

Maths - Year 2 - You will be working on 3D shapes today. For Bitesize click here White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Year 3 - You will be adding fractions.  For Bitesize click here White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Topic - Today I would like you to get creative. Can you create your own sea diorama (If you google it lots of ideas come up). If you have an empty cereal box this will work. Why not choose one layer of the ocean and create that. Or you could create multiple layers. Please send photos in as I will put a couple of ideas on here now but would love yours!


You could make bits that move, hang animals you make down from string, be creative!

Year 3 - If you fancy a lesson about volcanoes click here

Monday 15th June

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend whatever you got up to. We went for a 5km walk around Arundel which was lovely and my children walked the whole way round. We had fun on the beach and in the woods! Two very different habitats for animals to live in. This is what we will be looking at this week - in particular the ocean habitat.

As always, do keep emailing me with work or just an email. I'll make another photo collage towards the end of the week!

Spelling -

Year 3 - handwriting sheet click here


Year 2 - handwriting sheet click here 

knight, night

blue, blew

hole, whole

because, so, or, that

Literacy - Year 2 - Bitesize today is an important skill to learn- identifying errors in writing click here

Year 3 - You will also be proof reading. If you need to do the one I put for year 2 first please do, then try this one on sharks. click here Write out the correct version in your neatest joined up writing please. 

I'm linking here a document which outlines the objectives for year 2  and 3 for writing so you can see what we are aiming for by the end of the year. (This year is different) The more you can encourage your children to write the better. I know it's hard but try your best. The document also includes the common exception list which we would want to be seeing children being able to spell in a test but also when they are writing. They can have the list in front of them when writing all the time if they wish and the more familiar they are the easier it will be to use it. Note - The year 3  ones are to be covered over the course of year 3 and 4.  click here

Maths - Year 2 you are moving onto shape. Today you will be working on 2D shape. For bitesize click here For White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Year 3- You are continuing to work on fractions (next week we move on!) For bitesize click here For White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Topic - If you are unsure of the different habitats around the world have a look at this bitesize lesson first all about habitats generally click here 

Then watch this power point about the different layers in the ocean click here

There are different layers of the ocean which create different habitats and therefore different animals live on each of them. Complete this worksheet (choice one of the 3 levels) to show your understanding of the three layers of the ocean. click here

Friday 12th June

Well done everyone, we've made it to another Friday! Thank you for the emails some of you send, it's lovely seeing the children's work. Thank you for all your hard work in getting some home learning done, I know it's not always easy, so well done parents! Also, well done children, you are trying so hard at home to do some learning.


I don't put photos of the maths sheets on here I get photos of, but well done for all the maths you do. I've included on this photo 2 crafts (early years level) I did with my children. I miss doing art/DT projects to do with the sea at school.

Reading - Year 2 on bitesize it's a reading activity on the night box click here

Year 3 on bitesize its a reading activity on Kensuke's Kingdom click here 

Literacy - We are finding out lots of information about different sea creatures. Why not read these fact file sea cards and answer the questions about them. Maybe you could make some top trump style cards about sea creatures. fact files questions

Maths - It's not fractions!!! On bitesize/White Rose year 2 it's position and direction in football click here

Year 3  you are handling data in football click  here

Maybe you could test your self on your times tables on a beat the clock sheet. Year 2's need to know 2, 5, 10 and beginning to learn 3. Year 3 need to know 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10. click here for beat the clock click here for multiplication wheels

Topic- As it's Friday, complete anything you have to finish or if there was an activity from this week you missed and want to try do that today. Remember to get your exercise, as well as some quiet time. You could curl up with a book or do some down time colouring.

If you'd like another activity - why not research another sea creatures life cycles. We are all now turtle experts!

Or, the one I'd chose, to make a sea creature however you like! You could sew, paint, sculpt, junk model, tissue paper, natural collage etc Be as creative as you can! If you can send me photos.

Hope you all also have a nice weekend.

Thursday 11th June

Yesterday was a bit wet! I hope you all got to go outside for at least some of it. I've looked at the forecast and it looks like it may be dry in the morning with  wetter afternoon where I live. 

I received post at school today! I got a fact file sent in the post and it really made me smile!

Reading - Are you all trying to read lots at home?? I hope so. Read to an adult aloud as well as to yourself as this improves your fluency. Even if you are a good reader, reading aloud, being aware of an audience is so important. Do you have a quiet space/ time of the day to read and enjoy a book/story? 

Here's a narrative story of a sea turtles life - why not turn off the volume and read it to an adult if you need a something to read. You can pause it if you need more time. click here

Listen to 10 reasons to love a turtle click here

Have you got a favourite book at the moment? Can you write a summary of the book so I know what it's about and tell me what your favourite part is and why? Maybe draw an illustration from it also.

Literacy - Year 2 on Bitesize you are revising different types of sentences click here

Year 3 on Bitesize you are exploring synonyms and antonyms click here

Maths - Year 2 you are working on quarters- For Bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheets here answers

Year 3 you are working on comparing fractions  - For Bitesize click here and White Rose video click here worksheets here answers

Topic - Watch this footage from a drone counting green turtles click here

Science - I'd like you to find out about food chains today- For a bitesize lesson click here

But For an under the sea food chain power point to talk through together first click here and here's a worksheet to complete here

Wednesday 10th June

I have had lots of lovely photos sent in today, thank you for that and I love your feedback as well. One email and/or photo at least please would be lovely (you can do more as well).



Sorry, I wanted to share the photos I've been sent!!

Also, this photo is from LD who actually has watched a turtle lay eggs and them hatching! 

So, it looks like we will be doing home schooling for a while longer. If any of you are having any problems please contact the school. I can give you a ring or can email. Email via purple mash or through the school and I receive those emails and messages. I feel it is so important to stay in contact.

Literacy - Here is a video of a turtle with a camera on it's back. Click here  

Write as though you are the turtle, what can you see, what is it like etc You could start 'As I glide effortlessly through the warm ocean, I can see . .'


You could research the Great Barrier Reef and find out more which lives there as well first. click here and also here for click here

Maths - Year 2 - Today you will be finding half - for Bitesize click here For White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Year 3 you are continuing with equivalent fractions - for Bitesize click here for White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Topic - As it mentions in the you tube videos that I have linked for the literacy today, I'd like you to consider how we can protect/ look after the turtles. Can you design a poster to persuade people to protect them and the dangers that they face. click here for the WWF website on turtles 

Computing - Go onto purple mash and see if you can use 2animate to create the life cycle of a turtle. Or just make an animation of a turtle moving across the screen. Do let me know you've done one and I can look at your folder and view it.


Tuesday 9th June

I hope you all had a good World Ocean Day yesterday. I wore blue today! I also had a under the sea diorama today for Katie's learning. Maybe save a cereal box this week in preparation for next week!

Literacy - Year 2 - Choose a sea creature and describe it. Click here for different creatures with banks of adjectives to help you out. 

Year 3 - Your bitesize lesson is using a dictionary click here Do you all have a dictionary at home?

If you don't why not write a description of a sea creature like I've linked for the year 2's. You could extend the activity by adding in adverbs (quickly, graefully etc) to describe how they move?

Maths - Year 2 - You are working on non unit fractions. For bitesize click here for White Rose video click here worksheet click here answers

Year 3 - You are working on equivalent fractions on bite size click here for White Rose click here worksheets click here answers

Alternatively, year 2 number round up click here year 3 super shape puzzle click here

Topic - Today is all about Sea Turtles and their life cycle. Can you draw their life cycle and label it, write a caption under each one. Or write a paragraph explaining about each part of their life cycle. I've put links to watch etc to help you out. Please try and send a photo of your work to me to see.

Sea turtles click here

The survival of the sea turtle click here

surviving sea turtles click here  Will any of them survive??

sea turtle powerpoint click here

sea turtle fact cards to read click here

life cycle workbook click here


Monday 8th June


I hope everyone had a nice weekend and ready for another exciting week of home learning! Here are a couple more children's work. I believe the whale picture is from draw with Rob click here if you want to try.

Today is World Ocean Day and is being celebrated around the globe and how exciting it is happening when we are learning about oceans! They suggest you may like to DRESS IN BLUE FOR THE DAY! Maybe, you could do this at home? 

Therefore, here is the link CLICK HERE For Topic I'd like you to have a look at this website and see what you could watch or do from it. There is a full line up of different activities all day, so do look at the schedule early and you could plan what you would like to watch or do first thing. At 9am Lizzie Daly will open up the day with a 30 minute video. 

World Oceans Day powerpoint from Twinkl which may be interesting to read through click here

We are going to be working on life cycles this week so you could start a bit of research on this if you have time.

Spellings -

Year 2 - handwriting click here

be, bee

quite, quiet

bare, bear

one, won

sun, son

Year 3 - handwriting click here  Try to order your spellings in alphabetical order and use a dictionary to find definitions (To use a dictionary is a year 3  objective)


Literacy - Today's bitesize lesson is for year 2's on word endings like er, ed and ly. click here

For year 3's it's mastering inverted commas click here

Maths - Year 2 it's fractions this week and unit fractions click here  for bitesize.

For the White Rose video click here and worksheet click here answers

Remember to use a bar model as a visual representation. 

Year 3 - it's equivalent fractions on bitesize click here and White Rose video click here and worksheet click here answers

 By the time you come back you will all be fraction experts! If you want a change of maths content . . . 

year 2 click here and a harder sheet click here and year 3 click here

Friday 5th June

Well done everyone it's Friday! Keep trying your best, I know it's not always easy to get your children to do the work, but persevere. In my house we definitely have a new normal now. Well done on all the learning that I've seen and thank you so much to those of you who have emailed in your learning or just written me an email. Here are a few I've received.



Literacy - It's Friday reading activity day. Why not make sure you've read to an adult recently, talk about the book etc Choose a favourite book and read it to a sibling- it can be a picture book!

Year 2 - Try this reading comprehension on dolphins (there are three levels only complete one level) click here 

Year 3 - On bite size they are looking at inference today. click here

Maths - Today is the maths challenges that you work through as many as you can, so I am just putting one link as it's the same resource. click here 

Practise your times times at speed click here

Topic - Complete any fact files and email/ post them. Complete any thing you have to finish. Watch a bit more Blue Planet. Maybe start to create a Top Trump style game on the sea creatures? 

Think about this question - If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why? What would you say the other members of your family would be and why?

As I was writing this is reminded me of a song we sing in assembly Listen and sing

 Remember you can use the email on Purple Mash to get in contact with friends or play some of the games on there.


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 Year 3