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Welcome to Oak Class.


Oak Class teachers are Mrs Westbrook and Mrs Abell 



                        Mrs Westbrook                                      Mrs Abell



                                      Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Tudgay are

                                     Oak Class Teaching Assistants

We are always busy learning & having fun in Oak Class. We have been settling in well this term, learning more about Ourselves. Over the next few weeks we will going back in time & finding out about the Great Fire of London as well as learning about fire safety in our own homes. 

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Autumn Term 2018 'Time Travellers'

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We are always busy in Oak class! This term we are learning about Cold and Hot. We will learn about the Antarctic and the Arctic, the animals and people that live there. We will then move on to learn about Africa and the animals and people that live there. 

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We are enjoying settling in this term and have been learning about Ourselves. We are just starting our STARS topic and learning about the first moon landing and reading lots of fiction and non-fiction books about space.

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Here is our weekly timetable


Oak Newsletter 

Reading and Writing in the EYFS/Key Stage 1


The children are taught to read and write through 5 steps:


1. Learning letter sounds


2. Learning the letter formation


3. Blending for reading


4. Segmenting (identifying sounds in words) for spelling


5.Reading and spelling the ‘tricky words’


Letter sounds


We follow the ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme. This involves teaching sounds of letters with actions and songs. We then move on to learning how each letter is formed correctly. Letter formation practise is learnt in ‘letter families’ –


c, o, a, d, g


 r, n, m, i, u, y


 l, t, h, k, b, p


 f, j, v, w, e, s


 x, z, q 


Blending for reading


Blending involves identifying the individual sounds in words and running them together to make the word. At school ‘Winston Wolf’ talks in ‘sound talk’ by sounding out to the children, for example, c-a-t.


When ‘sounding out’ words with digraphs (2 letters making one sound) children must remember to sound out the digraph, not the individual letters, for example, f-ee-t, sh-ee-p, s-w-i-ng, l-u-n-ch. 


‘Tricky words’


The children know that some words can be ‘sounded out’ but others cannot. These are referred to as the ‘tricky words’ and they just have to be learnt through regular practise.


Segmenting for spelling


Segmenting involves being able to hear the individual sounds in words. This helps children with spelling words. This takes time and needs a lot of practise. Playing games such as I Spy and asking children what sounds they can hear in words helps with this.


The most frequently read words in the early reading stages are referred to as High Frequency words. The quicker the children learn to recognise these words, the easier reading will become.




 Key Stage 1 high frequency words

Reception High Frequency Words 


Kew Gardens (46 images)

Year 1 and 2 went to Kew Gardens as part of their topic on the rainforest.

Created: 1 Mar 17 17:24 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 17:41

Kew Gardens (0 images)

Year 1 and 2 went to Kew gardens as part of their topic on the rainforest.

Created: 1 Mar 17 17:13 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 17:13

Kew Gardens (0 images)

Year 1 and 2 all went to Kew Gardens.

Created: 1 Mar 17 12:21 | Last modified: 1 Mar 17 12:21

Year 1 and 2 - Weald and Downlands Museum (80 images)

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Oak Class are very busy (20 images)

A glimpse of life in Oak Class

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Sharing and showing - cold topic (16 images)

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Oak Class in the Allotments Spring 2014 (5 images)

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Arundel Castle visit (25 images)

Year 1 and 2 went to Arundel Castle to conclude their knights and castles topic.

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knights (28 images)

banquet and sharing and showing assesmbly

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Kew Gardens - year 2 (34 images)

A great day at Kew Gardens concluding their work on the rainforest.

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Christening (13 images)

year 1/2 Christening

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Oak Class at work (4 images)

Oak Class at work

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