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Maple Class



Maple class teachers are Mrs Blackwood and Mrs Allum.




Their teaching assistant is Mrs Watts 



We will begin our term by finding out all about ourselves and each other. We will then move swiftly on by travelling through time to learn about our topic! The year 2's will travel to London 1666 where we will be learning all about the fire of London. The year 3's will travel further back in time to find out all about the 'stone age through to the iron age'. 

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SUMMER 2 2018 - A Royal Wedding & The Victorians

We will be having our very own Royal Wedding to start this half term. Then we will be looking back at Prince Harry's family tree to learn more about Queen Victoria. Who was she? What happened in her life? How did the Victorian era change life in Britain? What did the Victorians invent? We will also be having our school Science week where we will be learning about materials. We will use what we learn to design & make our very own inventions. 

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SUMMER 1 2018 - What if... ? Food & Farming

We will be thinking about how important farms are to us. What if we didn't have any farms? Where does our food come from? How do farms work? Do we know any farmers? Maybe they could help us...

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SPRING 2 2018 - Awesome Adventures...continued...

This half term we will be learning about the Vikings. 

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SPRING 2018 - Awesome Adventures!

This half term we will be studying the adventurous life & work of Roald Dahl as well as learning about our awesome Earth.

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 Autumn 2017 

This term the children's topic will be 'stars'. There will be a focus on Ancient Greece including the mythological creatures and the constellations/ astronomy of that time.  

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Goodwood 2017 (145 images)

Year 3 went to Goodwood for their residential trip.

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