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Welcome to Ash Class.


        Miss Porter                                                                         Mrs Richman



                                      with Mrs Johnson as their Teaching Assistant.

Autumn 2018

This term we will be learning about World War 2. 

Ash Class timetable 2018-2019

World War 2 Topic Web


Spring 1 2018

In Ash class this half term our topic is Kensuke's Kingdom.  Please see the topic web for more information.

 Spring Topic Web

Autumn 2 2017

In Ash class after half term our topic is Europe (54.5260ºN, 15.2551ºE).  Please see the topic web for more information.

Europe Topic Web


Autumn 2017

In Ash class this half of term our topic for the first two weeks is 'All About Me' and then for the rest of this half term our topic is 'Stars' with a focus on 'Lights, Camera, Action'.

Ash Class Timetable

Letter to parents

Topic web



Summer 2017

Year 4 and 5 enjoyed a fantastic week away on the Isle of Wight at PGL.

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 Spring 2017

In Ash Class this term, we will be learning about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation and the link with Chocolate!

The children will be visiting a chocolate workshop to learn about the history of chocolate and the process that makes delicious chocolates.

In the last half term the children will enjoy making their own chocolates and we will be having a Cake sale where everyone will have the opportunity to buy some of their chocolates and cakes.

Spring 2017 Year 4/5 Ancient Mayan/Chocolate Topic Web



Summer 2016

This term our topic focuses on the Olympics. We will be combine learning about ancient Greece in the first half term, with the very topical study of  South America and the 2016 Rio games in the second half term. This term we will also embark on our educational residential to Cob nor. 


Spring 2016

This term our topic is 'Space'. We will be exploring the Earth, moon and sun, planets in our solar system, and the history of space travel, as well as following the progress of current British astronaut Tim Peake. We will be visiting Chichester Planetarium to extend our space themed learning, and applying our knowledge back in the classroom.

Spring Term 2016 Topic Letter

Spring Term 2016 Topic Web


Autumn 2015

This term our topic is 'the Deep Blue Sea'.We will be learning lots of exciting new information about the oceans and seas of the world, including certain animals that live there and people who use them. We will be visiting a sealife centre and engaging in topical workshops. We will then apply  our new-found knowledge back at school, to continue our cross-curricular deep sea exploration!

Autumn Term 2015 Topic Letter 

Autumn Term 2015 Topic Web

Ash Class General Timetable 2014-15


Year 4/5 Residential to PGL Little Canada, Isle of Wight (194 images)

Year 4/5 Residential to PGL Little Canada, Isle of Wight

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Ash Class visit to the Imperial War Museum, London (24 images)

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Ash Class at the Sky Skills Studios (30 images)

Ash Class visited the Sky Skills Studios and made a news report.

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Ash Class trip to the Natural History Museum (34 images)

Ash class caught the train to London to visit the Natural History Museum

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Swanage Residential June 2013 (85 images)

Yr 4/5 residential visit to Swanage

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Ash class Summer topic - Space (5 images)

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Ash Class Survival Day (54 images)

Survival Day in the Forest

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Making our chocolates (26 images)

Ash Class making our chocolates.

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Ash Class visit to Le Salon Du Chocolat (26 images)

Ash class visit to Le Salon Du Chocolat, Chichester

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