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Beech Class

 Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The adults in Beech Class are:



              Mrs McNally      Mrs Organ                                    



Welcome to Beech Class

 W/B 16/09/2019

Hello Beech Class parents! It was lovely to see how settled all the children were last week. They did really well. This week we look forward to welcoming the children in for their first full week of school. The school day is 8.50am until 3.20pm. 

This week we will begin Phase 1 phonics activities. These are the foundation for phonic teaching and will focus on developing speaking and listening skills. The emphasis during phase 1 is helping the children to become attuned to the sounds around them and developing their oral blending and segmenting skills. We will start by introducing auditory discrimination activities and encouraging widening vocabulary to talk about what they have heard. 

The children will also have lots of opportunities to play, create and become confident with new school routines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to the adults in the classroom.

Have a good week,

Mrs McNally, Mrs McKee & Mrs Organ



W/B 9/09/2019

We are all very excited about welcoming you all on Monday. If you are in on a morning session we will see you at 9.30 -11.30 and afternoon session will be 1.10-3.10.


Have a great weekend! 

Mrs McNally, Mrs McKee and Mrs Organ

W/B 22/07/2019

Well, Monday concludes the academic year. All parents are invited to join Mrs Burnett and myself on Monday morning to discuss the transition to Year One.

We intend to spend a fun morning playing on the common, sharing a picnic lunch and then enjoying our final swim in Reception.

I want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome here at Fittleworth School. I am delighted to be staying on in Reception and working alongside Mrs McKee upon her return from maternity leave. It has been a pleasure to teach your children this year. I hope you all enjoy and safe and restful summer break. Best wishes to Jack and Daniel.A who are moving to new schools for the forthcoming academic year. We will miss you, but are sure you'll soon settle and make lots of friends at your new schools. I look forward to seeing all of the remaining children in September as they return as Oak Class!

Stay safe, have fun :)


"Go spread your wings, you'll soon learn to fly, do all that it takes to reach the sky."




W/B 15/07/2019

Sports Day was a great success. The children were brilliant- they all tried hard and showed get sportsmanship. 

The week ahead is the final full week of the academic year. Monday we will be swimming and Tuesday is a trip to Climping Beach! Please ensure that your child is well sun creamed in the morning and has a sun hat and plenty to fluids with them as well as their packed lunch. 

Wednesday will be our last music lesson with Marco and our last PE session with Mr Ruff. Friday will be the final class yoga session. 

We have concluded our final week of focused observations and Show & Tell, and this week we will be finishing off work to hand up to Year One.

It's almost time to spread those wings.....

W/B 08/07/2019

Last week the children enjoyed transition day. They came back bursting to tell me about all the fun that they had had in Oak Class! We will be continuing to work closely in school in order to prepare the children for a smooth transition.

We have another busy week ahead. Monday we will be swimming, Tuesday morning we have Sports Day practise so the children will all need their PE kits in school, Wednesday is Sports Day so children need to come to school in their PE kits and ensure they have their swimming kits with them for the afternoon, Thursday the children have forest school so need to come into school in appropriate clothing including long trousers as before, and Friday is yoga day! 


Please remember to apply suncream before school and send in a sunhat and water bottle in this warmer weather. 

Next week we will be spending Tuesday at Climping Beach for our final school trip ion the year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to discuss anything. Have a great week. 


W/B 01/07/2019

Goodness, July is upon us- how time flies!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Wildlife Summer Fair on Saturday. The weather was glorious and everyone seemed to be soaking up the sunshine and the atmosphere.

Last week the children of Beech Class enjoyed taking part in a bridge building challenge. They worked in small groups to plan how they would tackle the task of building a bridge between a small space strong enough to hold 3 toy cars. They had only paper, straws, string, masking tape and their brilliant ideas to work with! They did some super problem solving and were all proud of their achievements. 

This Wednesday is transition morning so the children will spend the morning in their new Year One class with their new teacher Mrs Westbrook. She will come and read a story with the children on Tuesday afternoon so that they have already met before spending the morning together the following day. 


Swimming continues to be on Monday afternoon. Owing to transition morning on Wednesday, Show & Tell will take place on Thursday morning this week. 

Another reminder to please send a sun hat and water bottle into school please. Enjoy the week ahead :)


W/B 24/06/2019

Another fun packed week ahead! On Monday we will swim (weather permitting) and practise our independent writing. Tuesday, I hope that we will be able to enjoy some exciting learning opportunities outside with some team work challenges. Wednesday we have music with Marco, Show & Tell, and PE with Mr Ruff. Thursday sees our first Forest School session (all children to come to school in home clothes that aren't their best), and on Friday Beech Class have yoga with Lydia. 

As the weather is forecast to be very warm this week, please ensure you apply suncream to your child in the morning and provide a sun hat and water bottle to have in school. Have a great week.

W/B 17/06/2019

I hope all the Dads amongst you have been spoilt this Father's Day and that the children have allowed you a restful Sunday!

After a fun first splash in the school swimming pool last week, we are hoping for good weather for our Monday slot this week. Please try to leave a swimming kit in school throughout the week as we will always try to squeeze in an extra session if weather and availability allows.

A big thank you to those of you who were able to come and watch our class assembly on Wednesday. I'm sure you will agree that the children were fantastic. Special thanks also to Marco whose guitar accompaniment made our assembly extra special. It is lovely to look back through the children's  photographs and journals and see just how far they have come (and how much they have grown) this year.


For the final weeks of term we will be beginning to prepare the children for their transition to Year One. This will include opportunities for the children to meet their new teacher and support staff and help to ensure that the move is smooth and doesn't cause any unnecessary anxiety. 

We will be continuing with our literacy and maths as well as enjoying forest school sessions and preparing for Sport's Day. We are also planning a final trip towards the end of the half term. I will let you know the details as soon as this is finalised. 

We will continue with our cycle of focus child observations and show and tell sessions until the end of the school year. Please do share the things that you have going on at home on the sheet which will be sent home in the preceding week.


W/B 10/06/2019

The children had a busy first week back. We are delighted to welcome Daniel.A. to Beech Class. Daniel and his family have recently moved to the village and I'm sure you will all extend a warm welcome when you see them around school and the local area. Daniel settled quickly and is already making friends at school. You will be pleased to hear that the children have all been very kind and inviting.

On Wednesday we will have our final showing and sharing assembly. Please do join us for a 9am start if you are able.

The children all have a line that they will be saying in the assembly. This is printed and was sent home in their book bags. If you can help your child to learn this line, it would be really helpful. Thank you.

Last week we went over to the swimming pool and discussed pool safety, routines and rules. Weather permitting, we will start swimming this Monday. Please can you ensure that PE kits and swimming things are in school all week as we may have opportunities for extra sessions for example when other year groups are on trips or residential visits.

Literacy & Phonics

We will continue to encourage the children with their written attempts and increasingly sentence formation. We are also recapping digraphs as many children are now faced with these in their reading and writing attempts and the learning is retained more effectively once they are actively using these blends. 

Please encourage reading at home and record in the reading diary. 


We will continue to encourage the children to form their numerals correctly and use numbers to undertake simple calculations. 

We will also be encouraging the children to use the language associated with mathematical functions such as adding, subtracting, doubling and halving, more and fewer etc. 

I hope to see many of you on Wednesday morning for Beech Class assembly. 


W/B 03/06/2019

Welcome back for the final half term of the school year. I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term break. 

This half term we will be swimming on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure your child has a swimming costume/shorts, a swimming hat, flip-flops/crocs and a towel in school from next week onwards. 

On Wednesday the 12th June, it will be Beech Class Assembly. Please do come and watch if you are able.

Literacy & Phonics

We will be continuing to share lots of stories, enjoy songs and continue rhyming strings. The children will be offered lots of opportunities to practise their writing skills and the adults will be encouraging them to attempt writing in sentences. 

We will continue to use our phonic knowledge to make sense of new vocabulary and to support our attempts at blending and decoding both in reading and writing. 

Hopefully we will be lucky enough to enjoy the good weather and utilise opportunities for outdoor mark making with chalks, paints and water as well as recording our findings on nature walks and scavenger hunts.


We will be using the final weeks to secure the children's knowledge around both number and shape & space. There will be lots of games and quizzes which allow us to identify any gaps in learning which we can help to close before the children enter Key Stage 1. 


During the coming weeks I will be working closely with the Key Stage One teachers and teaching assistants to ensure that there is a detailed hand over for each child. This should ensure a smooth transition to Year One and ensure that any targeted work and specific next steps are seamlessly continued. 


W/B 20/05/2019

Last week the children enjoyed making potions and spending time out on the school field. I have been really impressed with their reading and writing and it is lovely to see their pride as they recognise their achievements.

In this last week of the half term, we have some more magic activities and also some fun tasks linked to Understanding the World- growth and change.


Phonics & Literacy

This week we will be doing some more work on rhyming and using our phonic knowledge to identify rhyming strings and identify the odd word out in a rhyming sequence. We have some fun rhyming spells and activities to promote identifying rhyming pairs.

The children will be thinking about the characteristics, likes and dislikes which they have in common with their peers, as well as those which make them unique! We will also be doing some reminder work around digraphs, which can be a bit tricky.


This week we will be focusing on combining groups of objects to find a total, using our excellent skills in counting on (ask your child to explain how we glue a number in our head then count on using cubes or fingers!).

We are also beginning to think about subtraction and using our knowledge to solve simple number problems. 

I hope you all have a restful half term break. We look forward to seeing you for your child's final half term in Reception. We will be preparing the children for their transition into Year 1 over this period so that they feel ready for the move up. There will be an opportunity to meet with me during the final half term to discuss your child's progress and outcomes as we near the close of the Early Years Foundation Stage. In the mean time, please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any comments or concerns.


W/B 13/05/2019

Last week the children really made the most of the outdoor area, enjoying the good weather that surprised us towards the end of the week.

The children enjoyed lots of weather based activities and did some fabulous number work too.  

Calling all Potters and Grangers! This week we will be turning Fittleworth School a little bit Hogwarts! We will be making potions and writing magic spells.

Phonics & Literacy

We will be sharing lots of fun stories this week including Spells and Smells by Nick Sherratt and Potion Commotion by Peter Bently. The children will be using their rhyming and imagination (and a sprinkle of unicorn dust) to create some literary magic!


Our magical theme continues into our maths too with the children learning about volume and capacity this week in potion class.

We will also be using special doubling and halving spells!

"Wingardium Leviosa!" 




W/B 06/05/2019

Welcome back after the long weekend. Last week the children really enjoyed sharing the Supertato story. This was the catalyst for lots of fun activities including making our own super veggies and vegetable villains! 

This week we will be making the most of the short week. The weather forecast doesn't look the best, but hopefully we will be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces.

Phonics & Literacy

This week we will be practising our letter formation. Using our improving skills, we will be writing about outside. Before we try to record anything in written form, we will be using our senses and building upon our vocabulary by describing what we see, hear, feel and smell to a talking partner. 

We will be talking about the weather in our Big Talk this week. The children will be invited to describe different weather and to think about appropriate clothing and activities for each type of weather.


This week's maths focus will be activities which promote matching the correct numeral to the quantity of objects. This will help the children to become secure in 1:1 correspondence, encourage estimation and give many opportunities to build upon written numeral formation.

There will be lots of number games and activities for the children to choose from and a fun number challenge linked to last week's story villain- The Evil Pea! 


We love to see writing or number activities that the children have done at home so please do share examples if your child has been busy practising their ever improving skills!


W/B 29/04/2019

Last week the children produced some lovely work in response to our farm trip. They had a good try at writing a sentence and recounted what they had enjoyed the most about our visit.

We started some fun activities about superheroes thinking about the super powers we would have and what our superhero names might be.

This week we will start to think about villains too! 

Many of the children have enjoyed the Lego challenge area and the garden has also had lots of use since we've been back at school.

Phonics & Literacy

This week we will be using the story 'Supertato' to continue our superhero activities. This will hopefully promote rich language use, excitable engagement and vegetable superheroes should act as a provocation for writing attempts. If your child does any writing at home, please do encourage them to share this at school. We are always excited to see written attempts and learn what inspires your child to put pen to paper (or chalk to paving, water to fencing or even crayon to walls!).


The children did some fantastic 'missing numbers' work last week. They have been working on identifying missing numbers from a sequence and calculating which number was 1 more or 1 fewer than a given number.

This week we will be practising counting on and counting back using objects and our fingers to provide visual cues. 


The children continue to enjoy child-initiated play opportunities, and the lead for their learning is taken from their interests. We have loved hearing the children talk during Show and Tell sessions and these continue to allow them a platform to speak in front of an audience. This builds their confidence and further develops their vocabulary.

As we move into the second cycle of focus-child observations, thank you for sharing events from home. It is really helpful for us to learn a little more about what the children have been doing outside of school and what they enjoy at home. 

We extend a warm welcome to Mrs Allfrey who joins the Reception Team.



W/B 22/04/2019

Welcome back for the final term in Reception! I hope you all had a peaceful Easter break. 

We had a lovely (if cold) day at Gaston Farm before the holidays. The children enjoyed learning all about lambs being born and had the experience of holding and stroking chicks and lambs. We had a bouncy ride around the farm on the tractor and of course, the highlight, is always a packed lunch! The children all behaved really well and were fantastic ambassadors for our school. 


This term we will hopefully be able to use the outdoor space lots. Huge thanks go out to Sammie King, Hannah Hails and Emma Mitchell, who have kindly cleaned, tidied and revamped the Reception outdoor area during the holidays. We now also have a lovely step-in sand pit for the children to enjoy, thank you Sammie. 


Phonics & Literacy

This term we will consolidate all of our learning to date and get busy writing for a wide range of purposes. We will be learning about simple writing conventions such a forming a sentence with capital letters and full stops. We will also revisit our Jolly Phonics sounds and songs and play lots of games which help us connect sounds to written letters (grapheme-phoneme correspondence).

We will continue to have weekly 'big talk' circle times which allow us to think about unusual objects and visual prompts that encourage us to broaden our vocabulary and explore new language. The richer our experience of spoken language is, the better we will be able to express ourselves in our written work in time. 

There is a new Lego challenge area in our classroom which will provide new and exciting opportunities for writing plans and outcomes too!


We will continue to practise the different combinations that form our number bonds to 10 (and then 20). There will also be lots of opportunities to use our number knowledge playing a range of games and undertake challenges. We will continuing to practise doubling and halving, which we began last term, and also use team games to count out quantities of objects to match a corresponding numeral. We will be thinking about mathematical language such as more and fewer, adding, sharing and subtracting. 



W/B 01/04/2019

Welcome to the final week of the Spring Term. I hope those children who went to the school disco had fun. We have a busy week ahead with our Easter Service on Monday morning, Easter egg hunt on Monday afternoon and on Thursday, Beech Class are off to Gaston Farm for the day!

By the end of this week, all of the children will have had their first focus week. Next term there will be an opportunity to reflect on your child's learning to date, and share their next steps as we work towards the Early Learning Goals. The Summer Term will offer a further two weeks where each child will be the focus of our observations and extended learning opportunities. Thank you to everyone for sending the children in with things to share during Show and Tell, for sharing your photographs and experiences, and helping us to enrich your child's learning experience. 


Phonics & Literacy

Last week Beech Class were the victims of a 'word thief'! The rogue character snuck into our classroom and stole some words and letters! The children soon turned detective and began hunting for clues. There were 'wanted' posters created, police evidence forms completed, investigations about how the crime scene tape appeared over lunchtime, and lots of speculation about why (s)/he had taken our vowels! This was followed later in the week by a 'tricky words hunt' where the children were challenged to find hidden words in the classroom. The children have their own writing books now, and are often seen taking these from their drawer to write down something they wish to record.

It is great to see the children using their phonic knowledge to 'have a go' at writing in their play. We will be continuing to inject fun ways of promoting written attempts as the term comes to a close. Please encourage your children to do this at home too. They might be able to help with shopping lists, reminder notes and of course, birthday/Christmas wish lists are always a motivator! 



The children picked up doubling really well last week. Many enjoyed using 'Rocky the doubling Robot' to double the quantities of various objects. We have started to also think about halving. This week we will be doing lots of sharing activities to encourage the children to divide a quantity of objects between two containers to help them to engage with the concept of halving the original quantity.  

We continue to embed number bonds and will also be offering some Easter maths activities for the children to try.


As always, please do come and see me if you have any concerns or anything that you would like to discuss.



W/B 25/03/2019

I hope you enjoyed Beech Class' assembly last week. I'm sure you'll agree that the children were fantastic. It takes a great deal of courage to speak in front of a full assembly hall when you are only 4 or 5, (in fact, it still makes me nervous a fair few years on from there!) so a big round of applause to them all. Thank you for helping your child to learn their line too! It was lovely to see so many of you there.

Last week we did lots of fun activities - fishing for numbers to 20, writing 'magic e' words in shaving foam, being 'Magic e detectives' as well as hearing from our focus children in show and tell. 

Phonics & Literacy

The children have really grasped vowels and thinking about where they appear in familiar words, including their names. This week we will be focusing on blending for writing. The children will be surprised to learn that an unexpected visitor has been to Fittleworth and left some of our words with letters missing! I don't want to ruin the surprise, so will say no more....... but I think the children will have lots of fun with this learning provocation! I'm sure you will hear all about it!



This week in maths as well as continuing to think about number bonds, we will be learning about doubling. Rocky the doubling robot will be helping us to double numbers to 10 (and then 20). We will be using Numicon and ladybirds to help us with this new concept. Once the children are more confident, this will extend to teaching halving; another key skill which the children will work towards mastering by the end of this academic year.

There will also be lots of opportunities for the children to practise their numeral formation, as well as using resources such as number lines and number fans to support their attempts. 


Reminder for your diary - Our trip to Gaston Farm is on Thursday 4th March. 


Please can I ask you to check that all of your child's clothes are named. As they have all grown, you may have replaced items and not got around to naming them. With 19 children all wearing very similar uniform, it can be tricky after PE to reunite the correct white T-shirt with the correct child. We are encouraging the children to put the clothing that they remove into their PE bag, but inevitably this isn't 100% effective and as learning time is precious, we don't want to have to spend too long trying to identify clothing owners. Equally, I don't want you to buy uniform which frustratingly isn't then sent home.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

W/B 18/03/2019

Welcome to another busy week ahead. Last week we enjoyed lots of sensory activities including pasta threading, rice and magnets, coloured spaghetti and play dough. Board games have been a real hit over the last few weeks and last week we particularly enjoyed Connect 4, hungry hippos and the Mr Men matching pairs game. Lots of children also created their own board games which provided a great opportunity to practise number formation and counting on. 

We listened to our Focus Children during Show & Tell; it's wonderful to hear the children speaking with such confidence and enthusiasm. Last week we all looked carefully at a picture of magnified sand grains for our big talk circle time. This created lively and excitable discussion about what the objects in the picture might be. Some suggestions included rice, jelly beans, sweeties and treasure! 

We had lots of fun on Friday for Comic Relief, thank you for all getting into the spirit of things. Mrs McNally popped in and said it was funny to see us all in red when she is used to us wearing blue!

This week we have our sharing assembly on Wednesday morning. We would love to see family in the audience, so please join us if you can. The children will be sharing some songs and talking about the things they enjoy and have achieved since starting school in September. 


Phonics & Literacy

This week we will be continuing to work on 'magic e' including identifying words containing the split digraph in stories, and lots fun activities to remind of how 'magic e' changes words. We will also have lots of opportunities to continue practising our blending and decoding skills.



We are continuing to enjoy songs and rhymes that help us to learn and recall our number bonds to ten. Ask your child to tell you about Farmer Pete and his sheep! We will be able to access lots of different resources to support both our growing knowledge of number bonds and also identifying missing numbers and counting on and back. 


Please can I remind you to send in a named water bottle for your child at the beginning of the week. We will rinse and refill each day and send home again on Fridays. It is much easier if the children have a bottle as they can freely access their water all day and cups tend to get spilt. Thank you :)


W/B 11/03/2019

It was lovely to see so many of you at Parent Consultations last week. Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me if you have any further questions or anything you would like to discuss about your child's learning and development.

Last week saw lots of wonderful creativity from the children in Beech Class. A fossil shared during Show and Tell was the catalyst for much interest about fossils and how they are formed. The children did lots of 'finding out' and the following day many made their own fossils using mini-beasts and salt dough! We were also inspired to dance and imagine living under the sea, as well as learning how special it is to share tea at 10 Downing Street!

There were domino rally championship challenges and rock pools being created in the classroom. We enthusiastically joined KS1 for pancake races and enjoyed Scotch pancakes for snack time on Shrove Tuesday, and Wednesday was a day for bookworms! The Reception children enjoyed sharing stories with the older children to celebrate World Book Day, and this led to lots of children making their own books and creating imaginative stories.

This week we will be thinking about what we would like to share in our class assembly and practising our songs to sing to you! Our assembly will be on Wednesday 20th March. It will be lovely to see as many of you that can make it. We are also beginning to think about Easter and our contribution to the Easter service.


Phonics and Literacy

This week we will be using our knowledge of vowels to help us to start learning about split digraphs or 'magic e'. This will help the children to recognise in their reading attempts when the first vowel in the digraph is sounded as the letter name rather than the letter sound, for example /gate/ using their phonic knowledge the children would sound the /a/ as the letter sound. This teaching will explain that the /e/ at the end of the word instructs the /a/ to instead make the sound of its letter name, and then the /e/ sits quietly. 


We will continue to practise the different combinations that form our number bonds to 10. There will also be lots of opportunities to use our number knowledge playing a range of games, as well as inventing our own games. There will be Numicon challenges and a range of equipment to apply our understanding of shape, space and measures.


If you own anything which might provide a conversation prompt for our 'big talk' session, I would be really grateful if I could please borrow it for the day. Anything which it isn't immediately clear what it is/does, for example, would be perfect. Last week we examined a very old wooden nut cracker carved to look like Father Christmas. The children pass the object around the circle and discuss what they think it is, and what it might be used for. This promotes rich, descriptive language which will later enable your children to become fabulous creative writers! 

I will, of course, ensure the children take great care of anything lent to us and return it to you at the end of the day. Thank you.


W/B 04/03/2019

The children really enjoyed the new classroom layout last week and we observed lots of engagement and in turn, some great learning opportunities utilised by our young learners. The 'In The Moment' approach allows us to focus on activities and tasks that the children are really interested in, and following their lead means that we are seeing increased engagement and motivation to learn.

Over the forthcoming weeks you will receive a sheet asking you about your child's interests at home and out of school, so that we can learn more about all the things which spark an interest and inspire them. Each week there will be 3 or 4 children that will be our focus children and this will also include them taking a lead in the Show and Tell session that week. This is part of an important focus on enhancing verbal literacy which will in turn extend their vocabulary and positively influence the children's written attempts.

Last week saw children choosing to make books, playing board games and inventing scoring systems, we observed great examples of team work and problem solving and visitors to our classroom commented on how calm it was and how the children were so busy and on task in Beech Class. 

I have no doubt that this week will bring more exciting learning opportunities, creativity and sharing of ideas!

I look forward to seeing you all at parent consultations this week too.

Literacy & Phonics 

This week we will be encouraging the children to use the sounds that they have learnt to blend and decode CVC words and building their confidence to 'have a go' at writing some words. We will be sharing lots of stories, book choices will be dictated by the direction that the children's learning takes us in, and children will be supported to create stories with an adult scribing for them as required. 


In Maths we will be using positional language and directions. The children will think about 'over', 'under', 'behind', 'in front of', 'opposite' etc. They will then be given lots of opportunities to apply this new knowledge in their play-based activities. 

The teaching input for directions involves creating a treasure map, so I anticipate that we might see some creative activities suitable for seafarers this week! ;) This is an area that always promotes lots of discussion, so will, I'm sure, become cross-curricula and help to encourage rich language too- win-win!


W/B 25/02/2019

Welcome back! I hope that you have had a lovely half term break and had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

You will notice a few changes to the classroom when you return. To accommodate a more child-initiated way of working, the classroom has been further organised into learning areas to facilitate the children accessing resources with increasing confidence and independence.

We will be talking to the children about the changes and encouraging them to explore the environment. 

Phonics & Literacy

This week in phonics we will be learning about /y/ when it is making a vowel sound ie. my, funny, why etc. We will also be providing lots of exciting opportunities to promote writing attempts and encourage blending of CVC words for writing.

There will be plenty of opportunities to practise our tripod grips holding pens, pencils, paint brushes, stampers and chunky chalks.

We will be beginning to encourage the children to create their own stories with us adults on hand to scribe where needed. Of course there will continue to be lots of stories shared and singing rhymes and songs too.


The children will be encouraged to use our wide variety of maths resources to further enhance their number skills. We will continue using our ever improving counting skills and encouraging the children's 1:1 correspondence by touching/ moving objects on each count. We will also explore the concept of counting alternative things such as sounds and actions as well as physical resources. 

The children will also be offered lots of resources for use in their play to think about size, length and weight. These include tape measures, scales and rulers. We will be observing the language children use and their ability to problem solve during their child-led play. 


I look forward to welcoming you all back for a busy and fun half term ahead. I would be grateful if you are able to return the sheet sent home before the holidays asking about your child's experiences outside of school. 


W/B 11/02/2019

Welcome to the final week of this half term! I hope that you have all enjoyed a restful weekend.

This will be our last week focusing on our 'Winter' topic. After half term we will be approaching the Early Years' Foundation Stage Framework slightly differently in Reception, and rather than having a topic focus, we will be led by the interests of the children in Beech Class. I will share the changes with you all in more detail after the half term break. 

Phonics & Literacy

This week in phonics we will be continuing with the long 'i' phoneme - /igh/ie/ye. 

The children are beginning to make more attempts at writing using their phonic knowledge, and we will continue to provide lots of opportunities for them to practise writing in different situations. This week the children will be making pizzas. We will be using language to sequence the preparation process and consider instructional language using 'first', 'after', 'then', 'next' and 'finally'. We will be sharing recipe books and looking at ingredients and recipe instructions. The children will be supported to record their pizza chef experience!


We will continue to build on our number work using our fingers to secure our understanding of counting up to, and down from, ten. We will also work in small groups and pairs to become more confident with number bonds to ten. We have been beginning to think about estimation and ways to group items to make it easier to identify quantities in a group.

The children will have access to lots of fun activities to apply their knowledge and practise their number skills both in the classroom and in our outdoor area. 


I will be sending home a sheet towards the end of this week, asking you to share experiences from home this half term. This helps us to gain a full picture for your children's learning journals including things which they are enjoying outside of school. I hope you will be happy to share this and return the sheet to school after the break. Wishing you all a lovely half term week. Take care and have fun.


W/B 04/02/2019

I hope you had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the snow! The children loved ice-play in class last week, so I am sure that the snow was met with great delight! Congratulations to Mrs Organ who completed a rather cold Chichester Priory 10K on Sunday morning. 

This week in Beech Class, we have lots of exciting learning experiences planned. We are building a milk carton igloo outside with Playgroup, so if you are able to rinse out any empty 4 pint milk cartons, and bring them in, we would be really grateful. We need about 650 to complete the project, but I am sure the children will love outdoor play in the completed igloo! 

Phonics & Literacy 

This week in phonics we will be learning the long 'i' phoneme - /igh/ie/ye. We will continue using our Jolly Phonics songs and actions to support our phoneme- grapheme correspondence and to help us to blend for reading and writing attempts.

We will be ordering tasks sequentially to produce a list of instructions. The stories we will be sharing this week link to our number work and will include 'One is a snail, Ten is a crab' by April & Jeff Sayre and 'How do dinosaurs count to ten?' by Jane Tolen & Mark Teague.

We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year.

We will be continuing with lots of fun activities to improve our fine manipulative skills.


We will be using Mrs Organ's success to learn about ordinal numbers in maths this week. We will be making our own medals and thinking about podium positions! Our sequential literacy task will link into our number work with us thinking about the order that instructions need to be completed in order to achieve success ie. 1st I will..... 2nd I need to... 3rd I will find.... etc. 

The children will continue to count in ones and tens and look out for missing numbers on our number washing line. We will continue to count out objects to help promote 1:1 correspondence as well as practising our number formation. 


W/B 28/01/2019

We hope that you have all had a good weekend. This week in Beech Class we will be continuing to enjoy activities linked to our Winter topic including rescuing penguins and polar bears from blocks of ice and moving like penguins in our PE lessons! We will continue to practise our numeracy and literacy skills with a carousel of activities each day to choose from.


Phonics & Literacy 

This week in phonics we will be learning the 'or' digraph. We will also be playing phonics games and using the Jolly Phonics songs which help us to recall all of the phonemes we have learnt to date. We will be sharing stories to support our topic including 'Little Penguin: Emperor of Antarctica' by Johnathan London and 'In Arctic Waters' by Laura Crawford.

After sharing stories at home, ask your child to recall the key events from the story. Challenge them to think of an alternative ending!

We are also doing lots of letter formation practise, as well as matching the grapheme to the phoneme in our writing attempts. To help us improve our pencil grips, we will be using lots of fun activities to strengthen our fine manipulative skills including threading activities and using chunky tweezers!



This week in maths we will be solving number problems. We will be reciting numbers, counting out objects, counting back and ordering numbers. We will also be working on correctly forming our numerals.

You can help to support these activities at home by using counting in day to day activities; counting the stairs together as you go up to bed, noticing numbers in the environment such as road signs and house numbers, and counting out food items when making meals together. 



W/B 21/01/2019

We are working really hard in Beech Class this term. Mrs McNally has settled in and we are being great helpers showing her where things are kept and sharing all of our exciting learning from last term! 

Last week we learnt the long 'a' sound in phonics and we learnt about money in our number work. We are all enjoying the role play area being a shop.

Please continue to share stories at home and notice numbers and shapes in the environment.

Phonics & Literacy 

This week in phonics we are learning about the long 'e' sound. We will be sharing stories about winter including 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers and 'Penguin' by Polly Dunbar. The children will be working on their letter formation and blending sounds for writing attempts.


In maths this week we will be using 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and 'Mr Wolf's Week' by Colin Hawkins to help us to learn the days of the week and how to order them. We will also be beginning to think about some simple time concepts. We will continue to make sure counting is secure with number games and activities.



W/B 7/1/19 

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Beech class, We are really pleased to now have Mrs McNally with us and it is Mrs McKee's last day this Thursday. This week we have been settling back in and talking about our new topic WINTER. 


This week in phonics we have been re-capping digraphs, 'sh' 'ch' 'th' 'ng' and 'qu'

Picnic on Pluto

Geraldine 'qu'


This week in maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been talking about the properties of shape and have even gone on a shape hunt. 

Shape Monsters

W/B 10/12/18

We are now in the run up to Christmas! Thank you all so much for attending our carol service and Beech class nativity, we really hope you enjoyed it. The children were fantastic throughout.

Please continue to practise word wallet words and use your number cards to help the children recognise the numbers and match them to the corresponding pictures. 

This next week is really busy and filled with christmas activities. 

Dates to remember

Thursday 13th December Chartwell's Christmas Lunch

Friday 14th December Christmas Jumper Day. Children are to wear a christmas jumper and own clothes (not school uniform) Please can you also bring a £1 charity donation. 

Tuesday 18th December Christmas Parties. Children come to school in their school uniform but bring party clothes in a bag and we will get them changed before lunch. There are no school lunches on this day but each child is to bring in a christmas party lunch box, this can include chocolate!!!!

Wednesday 19th December is the last day of term. Children are to come to school in their own clothes (non-school uniform) school finishes at 3.20 as normal. 

We all in Beech Class wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR and look forward to seeing you next year!

W/B 3/12/18

This week we have begun the run down to Christmas. We are practising our nativity for the first time in the church on Thursday morning and we have lots of Christmas activities planned in the classroom. 


We have learnt all our initial sounds for this half term and  are now working on our blending sounds to make words.

These are really fun games to play at home. 

Phonics play picnic on pluto

Picture Match



We have been measuring, looking at things that are bigger and smaller. Ordering items. We have also begun measuring using non-standard measure. 



W/B 12/11/18

This week we have been learning about Diwali, which is the Hindu Festival of light. The children made Diyas using clay and jewels to hold small tea lights in. 


This week we are learning three new letter sounds 'j' 'v' 'w'

Geraldine learns J

Geraldine learns V

Geraldine learns W



In maths this week we have been finding different ways to make 5.  We have been adding 2 number together and we have been using our fingers to show the amount.

W/B 29/10/18

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing half term. This week we have started to talk about space and have really enjoyed reading the book 'Aliens Love Underpants'. We have been making space rockets and enjoyed playing in our spaceship role play area. We were really lucky to have a visit from Jane and Buddy from the NSPCC. They talked to us about keeping safe and who to talk to if we ever felt worried. The whole school is going to raise money for the NSPCC by taking part in "Buddy's Big Workout" on Monday 5th November. This means that as a school we will keep fitness and dance going for the whole day! Beech class will have some fun fitness activities with Mr Ruff during playtime to keep the action going! We hope that you will sponsor your children so that we can raise lots of money for the NSPCC.


Our sounds this week are 'e' 'u' and 'r'.

Your children have learnt actions with each sound they have learnt. These actions can help them to remember each sound when they are reading them. Ask your child at home to show you the actions associated to each sound. 

Geraldine learns 'e'

Geraldine learns 'u'

Geraldine learns 'r'


This week we have been learning about repeating patterns. the children have made some wonderful repeating patterns using our multi link blocks. We also played a patterns game on our interactive whiteboard.

Shape Patterns Game

W/B 15/10/18

Our final week before half term. The children in Beech class have had a brilliant start to school.

Last week we enjoyed our first harvest festival and sang beautifully in church. We found some frozen dinosaur eggs in our outdoor area and really enjoyed helping them hatch!!! This week we are learning about shapes and are going to make some roarsome dinosaur shape pictures. 

PLEASE REMEMBER this Friday 19th October is an INSET day and school will be closed.


We spent last week revisiting all the sounds we have already learnt and we learnt about blending those sounds to make words. We met Fred Frog who can only talk using sounds and he made some words like 'sat' 'pin' 'pat' which we sounded out and blended together and then said the words. 

You can sing the Jolly Phonics song at home with your children. Here is all the sounds we have already learnt. 


Phase 1 Jolly Phonics song

This week we are learning three new letter sounds 'o' 'c' and 'k' 

Watch Geraldine learning about 'o'

Watch Geraldine learning about 'c'


In Maths this week we are learning about shapes. We will be naming different shapes and looking at he properties of these shapes. We will also be focusing on the similarities and differences between these shapes. 

Here are some number games we enjoyed playing in class last week. 



W/B 1/10/18

This week the dinosaurs have taken over! We have a wonderful dinosaur jungle (small world) in our classroom and a dinosaur swamp has appeared in our outdoor area. We learnt about one of the largest dinosaurs that roamed the planet, the Argentinosaurus and talked about meat eating dinosaurs (Carnivores) and plant eating dinosaurs (Herbivores) 



This week our focus sounds are 'm' 'd' and 'g'

Geraldine learns m

Geraldine learns d

Geraldine learns g

A fun game to practise SATPIN sounds


This week we have started looking at numbers beyond 10, we have been pegging numbers onto a number line and helping Muddles (our very mathematically confused puppet) to put the numbers into the correct order.

maths games


Don't forget that Thursday the 11th October @ 2pm is our school's Harvest Festival service at St. Mary's church Fittleworth. Everyone is welcome to come and you can pick your child up from school after the service.  


W/B 24/9/18

We have had another busy week in Beech class. The children are settling in really well and have learnt lots of new routines. They did really well getting themselves changed and ready for PE on Monday and we were really lucky to have Lydia join us and teach us some wonderful yoga poses. We would still love to see some wonderful Autumnal treasures you may have found on a walk, conkers, acorns or just some beautiful autumn leaves. We are also beginning to talk about DINOSAURS, which will be our new topic up until half term.



This week our focus sounds are 'p' 'i' and 'n' Don't forget to use your yellow sound books to practise these sounds with your child at home. We have enjoyed watching Geraldine searching for these sounds too! Please click on the links below to watch Geraldine at home. 

Geraldine and Mr Thorne 'p' sounds

Geraldine and Mr Thorne 'i' sounds

     Geraldine and Mr Thorne 'n' sounds 


We are always singing a variety of number songs and are learning to recognise and learn numbers to 10 and beyond. Please use the number cards at home to play number matching games with your children. you could also take pictures of them playing with the cards and stick this into your orange home communication books. 


W/B 17/9/18

We had a great week last week in Beech class. Your children have been working really hard on learning how Beech class works, big school is a little different from playgroup! Although we are still constantly learning through play there are a lot more routines to follow, learning to line up and face the right way, while not talking can all be quite a challenge but I am pleased to say they are all doing so well. I can imagine lots will be very tired when they come home though.


This week we are very excited to be starting our phonics sessions. Today we learnt the 'S' phoneme, the children were brilliant at telling me lots of things that began with S. During the course of the week we will also learn the 'a' phoneme and 't' phoneme. Please use the yellow sound books (in your book bags) to practise these sounds at home and allowed the children draw or attempt to write any words that begin with these sounds. You may want to look through a magazine with your child and cut pictures out of items that start with that sound and stick those in to. Please can you leave the sound books inside your children's book bags so hat we are able to see all the lovely work they have done. Please find the attachment below for the Jolly phonics parent guide.


Jolly Phonics parent guide

 Geraldine is a giraffe who helps us learn our phonics you can share this at home with your child to remind them of the 's' phoneme. A fun video of Geraldine the Giraffe searching for 'S' sounds 

Geraldine searching for 'a' sounds


You will also find inside your book bags your child's first reading book and their reading diaries. These first books will contain no words but are an opportunity to talk about the book together and get to know the characters. There is lots to talk about together on each page and a story to follow. Please can you sign the reading diary to say that you have read the book and write a comment telling us about what your child thought of the book or any comments that they made about the story. PLEASE keep reading diaries and reading books inside your book bags each day so that we can change books and check your reading diaries for any comments. Here's a link to the BBC website which tells you more about each character in the Oxford Reading Tree stories. THE MAGIC KEY


In your book bags you may have already spotted your word wallets and number cards.

Please use your number cards however you wish to help your child practise counting and number recognition. 

The word wallets  contain names of the characters from the Oxford reading tree books, please look at these with your child and read through them together. During the term we will add more words for your child to practise and read with you at home. Please can both the word wallets and number cards stay in the book bags so that we can use them in school too.



WB 10/9/18

All the Beech class children have settled in amazingly well and have coped really well with their first few full days. This week we will be getting used to a WHOLE week of full days! We will be continuing to share our treasure boxes and the children will have time to free flow (self initiated learning). Each child will bring home a rhyming book each night for you to read to them. We will be introducing the children to our reading scheme within the next few weeks.


In Beech class we are really enjoying singing together and wanted to share our favourite songs with you. Please click on the links to hear and see the music videos.

A round of Applause for the Dinosaurs by Nick Cope

The Solar System Song

The Funky Planet Song

oh and of course we couldn't forget The Baby Shark song!!!!

Baby Shark

Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

Have fun singing!


We are going to spend this week settling in and getting to know one another.

If you would link to see our weekly timetable please click here


Please click here for the Parent Guide to the EYFS 


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum (2014) has 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning:

Prime Areas


Specific areas

The curriculum is delivered through topics that change each half term.  The children will take part in whole class, group and one to one adult led and child initiated learning activities. For the remainder of the time they have ‘free flow’. Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously, although some may need adult support, and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.  ‘Free flow’ provides opportunities for children to be active, independent learners and enhances all areas of learning. Observing children during their play provides the foundations for assessment in the Early Years.