Fittleworth C. E. Village School

Fittleworth C. E. Village School


Ash Class

The Teachers in Ash Class are:-


              Miss Porter              and                        Mrs Phillips

Mrs Tudgay is our Learning Support Assistant


 School Closure

Monday 23rd March

Good morning. So this is it, home school! 

If you are unsure what to do with your time then decide to do s few tasks each day. Mix it up, maths, reading, writing, outdoor activities, ICT related things. 

I would definitely suggest starting to write a diary or daily log of what you get up to. 

Try some of the maths from the home learning packs or some of the ICT games listed or on Purple Mash.

Purple Mash has loads of activities for all area of the curriculum. Explore and see what you can do.

Don't forget you can email through Purple Mash. I will check my emails each evening as I think I'll be fairly busy with my 2 girls during the day! 

Make sure you spend time outside, Spring is here and the sun is shining. Make the most of this time and enjoy it. 


Autumn 2019


This term Ash Class will be learning about AFRICA.

 Banana hunt angle game

Rocket angles - using a protractor

Rabbit angle game

 Alien attack angle game

W/C 2nd September

 Welcome back to you all. I hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for a busy term! 

This term we he have an exciting topic and will be learning all about Africa.


This week our focus is timestables. All children need to know the timestables up to 12 x 12 by the end of the year. 

Here are plenty of websites that can help you learn the ones you don't already know.

 Hit the button timestables

Division car game

 Pony Pull division game

Monster division game

Space Invaders division game

Maze monsters multiplication game

Timestable activities

Mixed timestables games

Timestable test

Multiplication test


***Don't forget to keep reading. We expect your to read at least 5 times a week. Make sure you record it in your reading diary.***


***Wednesday 11th September***

There will be a short Parents Meeting after school where we will explain the expectations in Ash Class for this coming year. 

Summer 2019


This term Ash Class will be learning all about Australia.

Try out the timestable timed challenge

Timestable Timed Challenge 


Spring 2019

This term Ash Class will be learning about the Ancient Mayans and Chocolate.

 Ancient Mayan and Chocolate topic web yr4/5 2018-9

Ash class timetable

 Week 9

Here are some multiplication and division games that you can play to help you. You can use your multiplication and division knowledge within your fraction work.

Hit the button multiplication and division

Multiplication and division number fact families

Drag race division

Pony Pull division

Monster division

Space Invader division game

Snake game

Crystal crash - fractions of amounts


Week 8

Maths - this week we are learning to tell the time and convert between analogue and digital clocks and between 12 and 24hr.

Variety of time games

Telling the time - 12 and 24hr

We had a fantastic trip to Le Salon Du Chocolate. We learnt a lot and all the children participated in making the chocolates.























W/C 4th February

In Maths, we have started learning about decimal numbers to 2 decimal places.

Guess the decimal number


W/C 14th January 

The spelling focus for this week are words ending in 'sion'.

In Maths, we are focusing on using our knowledge of addition and subtraction and solving multi step word problems. 


W/C 7th January 2019

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are ready to enjoy this next term.

We would like to welcome Mrs Phillips to Ash Class. She will be teaching on Monday's and Friday's. 


This week in Maths, the focus in rounding to 10, 100 and 1000.

Maze monsters - rounding


This term we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and basing all our work around the story. 



This term we will be learning about World War 2. 

World War 2 Topic Web

Week 13 ( w/c 3rd December)

Monday - Dress rehearsal

Wednesday - Evening performance. 

Thursday - Matinee performace

Week 12 ( w/c 26th November)

1 more week of rehearsals before we need to perform our Christmas production of Cinderella.

Week 11 ( w/c 19th November)

 Last week we had a fantastic evacuation day! We had a visit from someone who was a child evacuee and also a veteran who served in the Royal Navy during D-Day. We were very lucky to have such special visitors come in to see us.



Week 10 (w/c 12th November)


***Our class assembly is at 9am on Wednesday 14th November. Don't forget you need to come dressed as an evacuee and bring your gas mask box. We will then enjoy the day with our special visitors***


Make sure you use this website to help with your timestables

 Timestable games

Week 9 (w/c 5th November)

Cinderella rehearsals have been good this week. Well done to all those who have learnt their song words and their lines. 


Adding and subtracting fractions this week! Check out these games:

Finding equivalent fractions

Adding fractions - Speedway car game

A variety of fraction games

Equivalent fraction bingo

Fraction Fling

Week 8 (w/c 29th October

Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely half term break and are ready to a very busy run up to Christmas!


Over the next 2 weeks we will be focusing on fractions. This week we will be learning to identifying fractions of shapes, order and compare fractions and finding equivalent fractions.


Please make sure you spend time learning your lines and the words for the songs for our Christmas production of Cinderella. 

Make sure you continue to practise your times tables and spellings at home and read and record your reading at least 5 times a week.

Week 7 (w/c 15th October)

***Wednesday - We are off to Chichester Festival Theatre to see the Midnight Gang. We will be back approx 4.30***

***Thursday - Bonfire Building. Don't forget to wear your own clothes and bring suitable shoes/boots to wear ***

Week 6 (w/c 8th October)


This week we have been focusing on our 6, 9 and 7 times tables and division facts. Here are a few websites that you can use to help with your timetables.


Times table song videos

Purple Mash

Week 5 (w/c 1st October)


This week the focus is angles. Acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. We have been exploring the school to see the different angles we can find. Some of the children have been measuring and drawing different angles. 

Angles - Bunny game

Angles - Banana hunt

Angles - alien game

Angles - using a protractor - Rocket game


*** PARENTS CONSULTATIONS Wednesday and Thursday***

Week 4 (w/c 24th September)


This week we've been focusing on subtraction, using the column method and solving problems.


We've been busy writing our evacuee letters to our mothers. We spent some time in partners assessing each others work and helping to edit them.

We have been learning about how the people in WW2 protected themselves from the bombing and focusing on the different types of air raid shelters. 

Week 3 (w/c 17th September)

Don't forget the school photographs will take place on Wednesday.


In Maths this week we have started to focus on addition and using the column method to help us solve word problems.


We have now finished reading The Lion and the Unicorn and will start writing out evacuee letters home.

Week 2 (w/c 10th September)

This week we will be taking part in The Body Coach's School Fitness Week and will be completing his live online work outs.

Internet Safety

All children in KS2 will have a special talk about how to use the internet safely and the dangers of social media and online gaming.

There will also be a parent talk at 2.45pm on Wednesday 12th September.


We continued reading The Lion and the Unicorn and focused on writing a descriptive setting. 

Week 1 (w/c 3rd Sept) - Welcome Back!

Welcome back to you all. I hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for a busy term! 

This term we he have an exciting topic and will be learning all about World War 2.

If you have any interesting stories from relatives who were in the war, we would love to hear them.


In Maths we are focusing on our numbers and place value. Don't forget to keep working on your times tables. 


We have started reading 'The Lion and the Unicorn' by Shirley Hughes. The poor little boy, Lenny, is to be evacuated from London to the countryside. How do you think he is feeling about this? How would you describe his emotions? How would you describe his mother and the feelings that she would be having, saying goodbye to her son?

Mrs Richman will test you on some spellings and will generate lists for you to work through. It is important that you practise these spellings at home. House points will be awared if we are impressed with your effort and see you using some of them in your writing. 

***Don't forget to keep reading. We expect your to read at least 5 times a week. Make sure you record it in your reading diary.***

Purple Mash

You all have Purple Mash log ins so please use these to log on at home. Keep a look out for 'To Do's' for you to complete

***Tuesday 11th September***

There will be a short Parents Meeting after school where we will explain the expectations in Ash Class for this coming year. 

 Here are a variety of websites to help you with your learning. 

Purple Mash                        Online learning - games, To Do's, Maths and Literacy plus other subjects

Maths Zone                         Maths games

Topmarks                           Games and activities to reinforce all areas of the curriculum

Crickweb                            Games and activities to reinforce all areas of the curriculum

BBC Bitesize                        Maths, Literacy and Science activities and games

BBC Skillswise Maths            Maths related games

BBC Skillswise Literacy         Literacy related games

Woodland Junior School       A website that has lots of homework help, topic information, maths and


Literacy games